29 Clear Signs That She Is In Love With You

Does she really love me? Do you always feel she’s giving you mixed signals? Are you scared of being in the friend zone? Could you be misinterpreting signs from her? Possibly there are women flocking around you at your workplace, the gym or in your classroom.


Some may be talking to you very easily as friends do while others won't notice you – like you don’t even exist. It hurts right?

Remember in high school when you do all you can for the most beautiful girl in your class to notice you and at the end of the day it’s like a wasted venture and even feel like not going to school the next day?

The following will help you get a better idea of what she’s thinking about you and if she’s truly into you.

1. She loves being your playmate – true love.
You can always count on her to play with you when you’re lonely. Not only when you need someone to play with but when you also when you feel down or need a shoulder to lean on. You love sharing secret with her and she’s sure your gossip-mate.

You don’t have to rethink before counting on her on any issue. She fights with you over ridiculous things but will never leave you for any man. She always apologizes and signs her texts with a heart.

You just love her for being your bestie. What else do you really want from a partner? Being best friends is the first phase of love.

2. She blushes when she’s with you.
Blushing could mean she loves you and has a tingling feeling when you come around. It’s an uncontrolled expression of love. She feels extremely shy when you are with her. She doesn’t know what to say, what to do, or how to conduct herself. She loves acting a bit crazy in front of you – which is actually not intentional. She loves feeling those butterflies in her stomach when you make eye contact with her.

She blushes so much that her cheeks automatically turn red. She will also try to avoid eye contact with you while conversing. She acts childish just to look cute. She wants to grab your attention and for you to love her just the way she is. She could act wired at your presence and for some ladies, they become completely mute. This is because they can’t breathe because of you. They’re so much in love with you.

3. She spends time with you – because love and time go hand-in-hand.
In any relationship, spending quality time is important for obvious reasons. If you are not giving time to each other physically and otherwise how can you be sure about the other person? What they actually are.

When she doesn’t hesitate about asking for your time is a sign she wants you to know about her. She loves taking you out on a date. She loves watching movies with you. She loves going on long walks with you. And she will show you signs each and every time that she loves to spend time with you. What matters to her most is just YOU.

4. She breaks the ice first - Sign to notice when someone take efforts for you.
Most often, it’s men that initiate the conversation. But watch her signs of taking the initiative to start the conversation and if she always takes the initiative to talk to you, to know how your day went, to know how you’re doing, etc, then don’t let her go. She will display every sign that shows how much she loves to talk to you.

Note: If she is showing you such signs, you are really special to her.

5. You're both on the same page.
Love is such an emotion that goes through various tests. Make sure you both stay on the same page with your relationship expectations. Ensure you’re very clear with one another from the onset.

Watch her signs to know whether or not she also feels and wants the same things. Being on different pages leads you nowhere in a relationship. Partners should be each other's complement and not opposite.

6. She seeks your counsel and values them.
It’s one thing to seek a person’s advice and it’s another to follow through. If she’s always making sure to ask about your opinion, it’s because she has feelings for you. She will show you signs that your opinions matter to her as well.

Also, if she shares her every issue with you and seeks your guidance, it’s pretty clear then. More also, she loves it when you guide her – when you suggest what is right or wrong for her. She loves when you show interest in her. She wants you to reciprocate by valuing her opinions.

7. Every occasion is a special one.
It doesn’t matter if it’s your birthday or your first month anniversary together, your first job or your first show on Tv, she never forgets to make it a special one for you.

In addition, she gives you surprises for no reason. She’ll always find a way to make you feel special. These signs clearly show she loves you with her whole heart and constantly reminds you with her actions.

8. She makes effort to look good just for you.
Women are naturally stubborn and sometimes get dressed up just to make other girls or guys around you jealous. Getting all 10 from a boyfriend isn't an easy task. Note: When she put extra effort to dress according to your tastes, you're definitely the only one she is trying to impress. She always keeps in mind what sort of dress/color you would like or what would make you happy. She does her best to be pretty just for you because she feels loved when you appreciate her. She loves it when you compliment her – when you can’t take your eyes off her.

9. When you’re her top priority.
She doesn’t give a second thought when it comes to you – it’s you first. You and your relationship with her are the top priority. Her first thought in the morning is you, noon is you and you’re the last thing in her mind before going to bed.

She loves making memories with you because relationship is all about keeping lovely memories. She is foolishly crazy for you and she will do anything just to be with you. She may not tell you verbally, but she will give you signs to show you how much you mean to her.

Note that being a priority is one of the must-watch signs of love in a relationship. Hence, it is very important to make your partner your priority.

10. If she wants to know all about you.
One of the ways to know if your girl loves you is if she loves listening to you talk. She wants to know about your family, your friends, your work, your childhood memories, your likes and dislikes, your interests, your hobbies, your turnoffs and turn-on’s and  everything in-between.

Trust me, guys; finding such girl and making her a partner is a blessing. Aren't these signs enough to know whether or not a girl is in love with you? Sure they are.

11. She loves hanging out with you.
She asks you to be with her wherever she is going not minding the time of the day or place. She wants to explore the city and the world with you; she wants to do new things only with you. She loves your company because it’s always the best and she is comfortable with you. She doesn’t feel insecure or not sure of her love for you by giving other guys unnecessary signal like she’s expecting them to also ask her out. She also watches your signs to see if you also want the same from her. She wants to hold your hand and go on adventures with just you. These signs show how much she adores you.

12. You both share likes/dislikes.
If she’s deeply into you, she’ll take note of your likes and dislike. Be it music, food, games, movies or anything and now, it’s hers’ too. She wants to be compatible with you at all level. She just loves to adopt your positive habit as hers. She will watch your favorite sports when possible; whether it's football or basketball. Your favorite meal becomes her favorite too. You should be feeling on top of the world if these signs are that of your girlfriend.

13. Her friends/especially best friend approves of you.
Every girl shares secrets with her best friend and she always listens to them for guidance. They are also the ones they cry to when they have challenges in their relationship. You will always be her topic of conversation if her friends approves of you.

Note that her friends/best friend is watching your every move. They’re her watch dog over you. Her friends will observe how much you love her and your behavior towards her. You are a winner if her best friend likes you.

Jealousy is a sign of true love in a relationship – though not always. Never show your interest in other girls in front of her. Because if you do, you’re so gone! She feels jealous when you enjoy the company of other ladies instead of her and when you compliment other girls. She will not tell you, but you just have to watch out for her signs of jealousy. It’s obvious that when a woman truly loves you, she doesn’t want to share you with anyone else.

15. She shows signs of good intimate partner.
When it comes to enjoying your relationship, intimacy is a key factor. Intimacy plays a very important role in a healthy relationship. Intimacy helps your love grow stronger.

Note if she tries every sexy way possible to impress you. She doesn’t shy away from trying something new with you. Some of the signs while being intimate includes the following: the specific way she kisses you, the way she teases you or those hand-picked words she uses to address you, you just enjoy and love to get intimate with her. She never shilly-shally while making physical contact with you.

16. She trusts you with her mind, body, and soul.
What more can you ask for than trust from your partner. There’re so many things attached to love that makes it so and trust is one of it. Your partner cannot love you completely if they don’t trust you. It is very important to make your partner trust you by what you do, what you say, the kind of friends you keep and the places you go.

You can’t be walking with your partner and stir at other people lustfully or touching other people in suggestive ways and expect your partner to think all is
okay when they are not around you.

For any relationship, trust plays a very important role.

17. She hardly forgets what you said.
You might want to be careful because girls remember virtually everything you say.
Note: If a girl is not interested in you, she’ll not mind what you say to her or how you treat her. But if she is into you, she will remember everything you told her. She never forgets what you have said one minute ago or even five years ago. She concentrates on every little word you said. Guys! Watch your words before speaking in front of your lady.

18. She accepts you just the way you are.
Always remember: there is someone out there who will not ask you to change a thing about you – who will adore, accept and love you the way you are. Whether with a bad habit of over eating or sleeping or some of your behavior really irritates her, but yet she accepts you the way you are. She never judges you. She will accept and love you for who you are. She understands perfectly that you’re different from her.

19. She flirts only with you.
Note if she’s a one man woman. If she is, then she knows the real meaning of love. She knows flirting with other guys could create a problem and you’re her only man.

She never stares at other guys, she definitely never goes on a date with another guy. She doesn’t care what other guys think of her or if anyone else likes her because her eyes are on you! And trust me, it feels good when you know you’re her first and only choice.

20. She shows up when you need her most.
If she is the person you think to call when something is wrong, there’s no question that you might be deeply in love her.

But if she is the person who actually shows up when things are going wrong, then she might be deeply in love with you too.

“Pay twice as much attention to how someone treats you than what they say. Anybody can say they love you, but behavior doesn’t lie. If someone says they value you, but their actions indicate otherwise, trust their behavior” - Christine Scott-Hudson.

Note: If she cares for you with action, then she might be a keeper.

Life is really complicated, but it is made easier when we have people in our lives that we can trust. If you feel like she is someone you can count on and she has told you so, you might have the girl of your dreams standing right in front of you.

21. She is your biggest fan.
When you are playing soccer game with your friends or you are preparing a meal or whatever, she is cheering you on from the sidelines and gets in on the action as much as possible not bothered by the presence of your friends.

Jonathan Bennett - “A partner who loves you will always do their best to truly support you”

22. She does her best to make you feel better.
According to Dr. Suzana E. Flores, “when someone is in love, they tend to show strong empathy”
Someone in love will care about your feelings and your well-being. If he or she is able to show empathy, not only do they have your back but they most certainly have strong feelings for you too.

She cares about what happens to you and doesn’t joke with your feelings.

If she is showing up for you, helping you get over whatever it is you need to get over, and is trying to make you laugh in the process, she’s absolutely into you.
When life gives you lemons, she shows up and helps you make lemonade.

23. She puts in the work.
Note if you’ve had a fight and you can see that she wants to work things out between you two. Every relationship has its ups and downs. You might feel like she is perfect until you have a fight.
If you can see that she is working to ensure that you remain close even after a fight, she loves you.

When you’re in love, you consider your partner’s point of view, even if you’re in an argument - Susan Trombetti.
“Someone who is completely in love with you will allow themselves to take a step back and put your ideas at the forefront.”

24. She blushes when she sees you.
With reference to #2, she might seem uncomfortable around you, but that’s not what’s really going on. What’s really going on is that her body is giving way her best kept secrets and she is trying to keep her feelings at bay.

 “Feet typically point in the direction they want to go, so if someone’s feet are pointed toward you, that’s good. If they’re pointed away from you, that’s bad. If someone’s feet are pointed in toward each other, that ‘pigeon toes’ stance is actually a good sign, since it’s a subconscious attempt to shrink in size and appear harmless, approachable … which may very well mean someone likes you, a lot.” – Bustle.

25. She talks to her friends and family about you.
There’s nothing wrong for someone in love to seek counsel from friends and if you’ve caught wind of the fact that she brings up your name around her friends and family, YOU’RE IN.

Also, if she introduces you to her family, that’s a great sign that she sees a future with you - MARRIAGE.
Wanting to show you off and to get approval from family (parents)/friends, means that they care for you enough to see a future with you.

She might be looking for approval from her friends because she feels unsure of her feelings toward you.

Kailen Rosenberg, a sign of being in love is if “they’ll also go out of their way to connect you with their own friends and connections to help make your life or work way easier.”

26. She is really interested in your life.
You can tell she cares about what happens to you, even if it comes out wrong sometimes. She’s just genuinely interested in your life because she likes spending time with you.

27. She flirts with you at any given opportunity.
With reference to #19, one of the easiest ways to tell if she’s into you like you’re into her, is to pay attention to her flirting.

If you’re flirting together, you’re probably laughing and have fun. If she can’t help herself but laugh, then that’s a good sign.
Does she flirt with you? Does she seem shy? Does she worry about what she’ll say in front of you? Does she get embarrassed  when she messes up in front of you? These are signs that she is in love because she wants you to think only the best of her.

 “You are more likely to be interested in some kind of relationship with a person if you initiate any kind of humor towards them. If the other person is also interested, they should be more likely to perceive you as humorous and respond favorably (laugh), even if you’re objectively not all that funny.

“However, if they’re really not interested, then they probably won’t find humor in what you say, even if it’s your best material” - Professor Norman Li

28. She loves cooking your favorite meal.
To win a man’s heart, the stomach is the way – so they say - but might just be true. And she knows this enough to cook your favorite meal for you.

Note if she puts extra attention towards your meal. She keeps asking about your favorite dish and loves to cook it for you. Note that this might be her way of showing love and affection for you.

29. Signs of pure and true love.
With reference to #20, when you get sick, she takes care of you like a mother would. She calms your nerves and pampers you like her big baby. When you have a challenge, she makes sure you don’t go through it all alone. You find her as your back support.

She cheers you up when you are in bad mood. She’ll be with you just to make you smile.
Everyone wants the perfect partner. Everybody needs true love in their life.
Ensure to notice small signs of care and love because they show how much a person is into you. Small signs of jealousy and even arguments can prove how much a person loves you.
Make her special, appreciate her efforts. She is unique and deserves every worthy of your attention and love. She is giving you the love you are searching for. You should not be asking for more.

These small signs are worth noticing in relationships.

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