What’s He Thinking? How To Know He’s Interested In You

Don’t waste any more time pondering if a guy is into you or not. Rather look for the signs that point to how to know he has feelings for you through his texts.


You may think it’s difficult to know through his text, it’s not. All you need do is to learn what to look out for in his text because there are specific signs he’ll be dropping whether he means it or not.

It’s time ladies save themselves countless hours/days of wasted time trying to figure out what a guy thinks about them. And in the end, if you still don’t know what’s going on, why don’t you ask him? Yes, most ladies feel it’s the duty of the guy to approach first but there are ways you could ask without presenting yourself cheap because this is the number one reason must ladies don’t initiate first.

I know you want him to make a move and you want him to come to you like a real man and say those words you’ve been yawning to hear him say. What if he’s a shy guy? How long will you wait for him to come talk to you? Sometimes, you need to sort things out on your own. If not, you can end up waiting forever and I’m certain that’s what you don’t want to happen.

You need to get to the bottom of it and decide what you want to do. There are ways to help him ease the tension so he can approach you. Sometimes, you might need to reduce your bar and some other times, raise them.

A simple good morning with a lovely smile can make the shyest guy build confidence and make that move he has been rehearsing for months now.

It’s Time To Read Those Texts More Closely And Know He’s Interested

1. He texts you before going to sleep. This is a giveaway sign of someone who cares deeply about you. It means you were in their thought all through the day and can’t go to bed without reaching out to you. They may simply ask “how are you?” “hope your day wasn’t stressful”? etc but it goes deeper than the surface. It shows some level of connection from his end and it’s for you to join by turning your switch on.

2. He texts without reason. Yeah! It’s so true. Guys send text for no reason. But there’s a reason for it. Just that at that moment, they can’t really express how they feel towards you – LOVE.

3. He texts back almost immediately. This is a great sign he’s deeply into you. it’s like he’s watching his phone waiting for your text to pop up.

Note that if a guy doesn’t like you, he won’t reply your text quickly because he’s not getting anything out of it – there’s no connection whatever. But if he likes you, he’s not going to leave you on “seen.” No way. He’s going to make sure he replies to your messages right away. And if he can’t reply immediately, he’ll let you know rather than dry texting.

Note! Only those who are interested in you will care.

4. He sends you “good morning” texts. This is so cute. With reference to #3, if a guy doesn’t like you, he’s never ever going to send you any text, let alone a good morning text. Dear, good morning text is meant for love birds.

Emotions are attached to good morning text. In most cases, it’s just a text saying, “good morning,” but he wants to wish you a good morning with deeper meaning. It’s a way of telling you he’s thinking of you.

5. He wants you to know him by talking about his life. When this particular guy talks with you, it’s not just on the surface conversation. He talks about his life and tells you about his challenges, his fears and more intimate details than other guys. There’s no guy on earth that’ll talk about their private life unless they really want the lady to get to know them.

6. He asks you questions. With reference to #5, if a guy doesn’t like you, he won’t care about you. He’s not going to ask you questions or get to know you either. But if he likes you, then asking you questions will be one of his priorities. He wants to know how your day went, if you’ve had lunch, etc. He wants to get to know you even if it’s over text.

7. He texts you when something important happens. If he sees you as someone important in his life, you’re most likely the first to know what goes on in his life and that’s a big deal. It doesn’t matter the size of the news, you’re the first person he wants to share it with. Be it a job offer or just anything news to him. If that happens, that’s a great sign he sees you as someone important in his life.

8. He uses flirting emojis. Don’t be offended if he doesn’t use emojis. Not all guys are into using emojis. Your guy could stick strictly to words and still deeply in love with you. See if he’s using flirty ones like lot of winky faces, heart, etc.

9. He sends you funny pictures, videos/links. When you are texting each other, he has no problem sending you funny pictures, videos and YouTube links to things he thinks you’ll like. It’s a great sign that he wants to make you laugh and he sure cares about you and he really wants you to be happy.

10. He texts you first. Another great sign is if texts you first. If a guy doesn’t want to talk to you, he’s never going to start a conversation with you; it’s as simple as that. In fact; no one will start a conversation with if they don’t find you interesting someway. Note! He doesn’t need to be the one to always text first else he’ll stop soon.

11. You can’t stop texting each other. By this sign, it’s pretty clear he’s into you. It’s written on the wall he’s deeply in love with you. If you are texting each other all day, all night, then it’s time to accept that you have something going on and for some ladies, this is the right time to ask some intentional questions. The bond between you two is well formed.

12. He doesn’t send you multiple texts in a row. With reference to #11, when you are texting, he’s not panicking and sending you three or four texts in a row with you replying none of the previous text he sent. Sending multiple texts does show that he’s into, but also shows a negative side of him - insecurity.

13. You have inside jokes “own jokes”. Inside jokes are those jokes formed only between people who are close to each other. He knows what makes you laugh and knows how to touch your heart.
Don’t forget that laughter is a part of bonding.

14. He carries on with his plans with you. It’s a great sign if he commits to agreed plans and if need be for any change, he lets you know beforehand.
Guys commit to plans if and only if they’re into you and that’s because they want to spend time with you. And why would a guy want to spend time with you?

It’s simple: because he is deeply into you.

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