How To Deal With A Dry Texter

One word answers are equal time wasters and it’s time to wave goodbye to time wasters as they keep dry texting. Gosh, it hurts. It’s actually rude to dry text often.


Communication is a two way thing. Both parties put in the same amount of effort, asking questions back and forth, creating a long-running chat which helps them get to know each other, their thoughts and entertain one another in a more relaxing way. Dry texting isn’t two way.

So, if you’re receiving nothing back but ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘ok’, ‘k’, or even worse, (nothing-no reply) when you simply care, what are you supposed to think?

Lazy? Maybe that’s what you’re supposed to think, shortly followed by ‘time waster’ and then you type back ‘k, bye.’

Dry texting gives someone the cold shoulder without actually having the guts to admit it, or simply being a terrible communicator. Dry texting is like cold war. Could it be that this person has zero social skill? Hmmm, still thinking.

Personally, I would prefer someone didn’t text me back at all than text me back in a dry way especially if I’ve put in some effort in the text. I’m not saying you should reply with a full paragraph, but a little more substance to your message would be nice! Don’t you think so?

I mean, come on, I put some thoughts/care into my text/chat. Why shouldn’t you?

How to respond to dry texting:

So you’ve notice someone messaging you back with one word answers like ‘yes’, ‘yep’, ‘no’, ‘ok’, ‘k’, to the point where you literally cannot think of anything else to say to continue the conversation, it’s high time you became so dry like them with your texts that they literally evaporate… Stop texting them back or use their words ‘yes’, ‘yep’, ‘no’, ‘ok’, ‘k’,!

I’m being a little unfair, right? But it’s really annoying. It could be that the person is a little busy at that moment and doesn’t have the time to tap out a proper reply. That’s fine if it’s not a recurring behavior. But I do expect a better reply next time, or to receive a surprise text later that day in response.

Dry texting situations are fine because we all have different activities in our lives. But if you’ve noticed that answers from this individual are always this thin and dry, then you should question why you’re even wasting your precious time texting them.

Likely and understandable reasons for dry texting:

Here are few situations in which dry texting are understandable.

It’s possible the person you sent a text is busy at the moment they receive your text and rather than not answer it at all, they acknowledge it with a quick one word reply like ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘ok’, ‘k’. In some ways, that’s better than leaving the text unread, but it becomes unforgivable when it continues and they don’t even bother to apologize for what they did later.

Another possibility is that you’ve had a fight recently and they are still not cool with you.

They’re still a little upset with you or they’re angry about fighting with you.

Well, we’ve all done this at some point, right? Some people, when they’ve had an argument with their partner and they messaged something totally off topic, they’ll be so angry that their partner didn’t text them with a sincere apology that they often use the dreaded ‘k’ reply.

In such scenario, expect the dry texting to end when the argument is properly forgiven.
For me, those are the only reasons that could signal dry texting won’t become a big deal. The rest of the time, I don’t feel comfortable or lack tolerance for dry texting.

We’re all guilty of dry texting occasionally, but if you notice the texts you receive from a specific person are always the same “one word format” and they leave you pondering about what to say next or leaves you thinking if what you said or information passed across is useful to them or not.

It’s more annoying when you know the information sent to them is valuable to them and they reply with one word-k. Put simply, you’re wasting your time. They don’t deserve your time and efforts a bit.

In that case, stop texting them or use their *one word* to reply them as well and see what happens next. If they’re simply a lazy texter, they’ll likely notice.

If they’re just lazy texter they’ll probably add to the word count as a result of your initial silence and peradventure they don’t bother to text after that point, you can get rid of them or put them in their place and only reach out to them with just a word “Hi”.

Do they care?

If the person you’ve texted is someone you want to know romantically and you really care for and go out of your way when it has to do with them and you want to step things up a little, tread carefully with this move. If this person sends you dry texts always, does it mean they’re just not that into you?

I hate to say it, but probably – A big YES.

Don’t forget they could be stressed by something in their life, work or they could be lazy texters, but that isn’t an excuse for RUDENESS.

It will surprise you to know that dry texting is the epitome of communication rudeness. Ask
yourself whether you really want someone so disrespectful in your life. Of course not!

It’s like keeping you hanging on in many ways. Take a closer look at it. They reply with a word and you are confused if they love you or not and sometimes you make excuses for their dry texting because you have feelings for them.

If they’re not into you, but they’re still replying in a dry way, they’re not ghosting you, but they’re not really grabbing the string you’ve left dangling either. It’s a tease. It’s not something you should have time for and the day you decide to reply them in such manner and put your feelings for them on hold, you’ll feel great.

Stop giving excuses for their dry texting:

Let’s be practical here. Do you know that the shyest person on the planet has far more confidence when texting? So that’s never something you should accept as an excuse for dry texting.

It really comes down to you understanding that this person isn’t worth your time and effort in any bit, whether they’re actually into you or not. Hence go find someone who knows how to have a normal two way conversation and appreciates your time and efforts.

Moreover, how are you supposed to know someone with a ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘okay’, sure replies? It’s not going to work so walk!

Dry texting shows a total lack of respect and it’s not something I would like in a potential partner. You can’t be together all the time, so communication via text is something you should have in your life especially in this era when we have easy access to phone and the internet.

As mentioned earlier, it is understandable if they’re busy and they should find time to give a proper reply when they’re less busy. They should also create time to reply texts that demand immediate replies.

Texts are supposed to ping into your inbox and make you smile, maybe even laugh out loud and take you by surprise especially lovely good morning text from someone special.

So, is it NO tolerance to dry texting?

Personally, I’m afraid so. It’s a yes, yes for me. You probably feel differently about it. I like a two way conversation with someone where I don’t feel like a constant bother with my presence.

If I say ‘Hi’ and went on to ask how your day went and so on, I expect some reasonable reply from you and not just ‘cool’ or ‘fine’. For goodness sakes, it’s called conversation.

If you’re in the wrong of dry texting on a regular basis, you need to rectify the attitude or habit immediately. You could be pushing people out of your life without realizing it.

Maybe you don’t understand that what you’re doing is rude. I’m sure you know now and sending one word answers to texts, especially when someone has carefully thought about what to say and maybe drafted it beforehand shows a total lack of thought, care and it shows your level of rudeness for that person.

Being more aware of your texting habits can enhance your friendships and relationships. At the end of the day, texting is fun and also for serious talk. Back and forth jokes, gifs, etc. Who doesn’t love all of that during a boring day at work or elsewhere?

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