Do I Really Like Him? The 22 Most Important Signs To Know For Sure

If you’re one of those wondering, why do I like him so much, you’re sure not alone here. But what’s it about him? I’m certain there were days where you’d sit down, legs crossed and staring at the ceiling while asking myself, why do I like him? Why him? What makes him different from other guys?


Love is a wonderful thing and can make you feel a cluster of heady emotions. You know that feeling right?

The reality of love and its’ journey to falling in love is not always a smooth ride. It can be really confusing at some point.

Most often it’s a game of luck. Someone catches your eye and it’s an instant positive attraction. In such scenario, there’s zero doubt in your mind that you like them.

Note: that’s not always the case. You might sometimes be confused about how you feel about this person. Do you really like him? Do you like him only as a friend? Do you like him so much that you see him in your future? These are conditions that needs definite answers which you alone can answer knowing compromises must be met at some point.

When it comes to dating, it is important to get to know yourself first. This is the first right step to loving someone else. This will save you a lot of heartache and confusion later.

So, if you’re questioning yourself why you like him, look no further. It’s time you looked at some of the reasons.  This will help you understand your feelings better and where they are coming from.

Why do I like him! Here are the reasons to your question.

1. You get jealous at the thought of him being with another lady.
If you feel jealousy thinking about him with another lady, that means you truly like him.

In the animal kingdom, this is called territorial protection/defense. And when you start feeling territorial about someone, you know it’s not a joke you like them.

You want to be that special one in his life. No-no to sharing formula.

2. There’s difference between liking someone and finding him attractive.
With reference to #1, it could be difficult to determine if you really like someone or if you only find them attractive. Most of the time this has to do with looks.

In other word; you might like someone yet not attracted to them, vice var sal.
This feeling could be complicated.

3. He makes you laugh.
This is really important. Generally, one of the reasons why we like someone is because they make us laugh. And, of course, this makes you feel good and happy. It helps to make you feel loved and relaxed. Nobody likes to stay in a tensed environment. So, naturally, you’re going to develop stronger feelings for this guy that make you laugh. If he makes you laugh and you’re smiling all day, this is why you like him.

Note: Among all the funny guys around, there’s this one you’re attracted to. He might not be the funniest amongst them but there’s something different about him. What’s that thing?

4. Why are you questioning your feelings in the first place?
If you don’t trust yourself and your feelings, you need to spend some time to sought them out.
Start with asking yourself why you are questioning those feelings in the first place and where they might be coming from – The source.

Are you questioning yourself because you are worried about what it might look like if it turned out great?

5. Write them down.
With reference to #3 and #4 above, taking the time to write down what you are thinking is necessary. Make a list of all the reasons you think you like him. Don’t think no reason is important at this level. What’s so special about this guy? What makes your heart skip at the thought of him? What comes to your mind when you think about him?

Write it all down and get it out of your head so you can make sense of it.

6. Do you feel natural when you’re around him?
Sure, it’s normal to feel dizzy/not composed or too cautious trying to avoid mistakes during the first few times you hang out with him. Dear, that’s the attraction talking. But once that wears off, does it feel natural? If it doesn’t feel natural, then there’s a question mark about the whole thing.

Do you feel at home with him? How relaxed do you feel when with him? If it feels forced, then you don’t really like him and you should retrace your tracks. It’s natural to feel a calm connection with the right person. Hence, if you don’t feel this inner calmness, you might want to check it.

NB: It’s really about being with someone you can be yourself with.

7. How much do you know him?
It’s worthy to note that in thinking about why you like him, you also think about how much you know him.

What do you know of his life, His job, dreams and aspirations? How much do you know about the people he hangs around with?

What are people saying about him? What’s his reputation? Is he a bit of a bad/good person?

8. Do you really like him? Or you’re just lonely?
Do you only think of him when you’re alone? Or does he fill your thoughts even when you’re surrounded by a crowd?

Test it: Occupy yourself with things you enjoy and surround yourself with friends. If you still think about him after all of that, then you truly like him.

9. Everyone likes him.
With reference to #7, what are people saying about him? You probably liked him before he met your friends or family, right? But knowing that they approve your relationship makes you feel even more loved. Everybody around you has given the golden seal of approval. Hence, you’re more relaxed.

10. How often do you think of him?
There’s a thin line between love and crush. So, if you find yourself only thinking of him in passing, then it’s most likely you’re just crushing on him.

But if most of the time he’s on your mind like 24/7 and you just can’t stop thinking about him and wants the best for him, then that’s a all different level.

Is he the one you think about before going to bed and the first you think about when you wake up? Do you compare him to your other dates? On a scale of 1-10, do you score him 9 or even 10? Do you find yourself glued to your device waiting for his call or replies? Is he the one you think about when you’re upset or when you need someone to make you feel better? Then, no doubt you truly like him.

11. You see him as a serious partner.
You don’t see him as just some guy or any guy. You have the future planned out in your head already. You see him as your boyfriend come husband. And sure these thoughts fuel your feelings for him 100% which makes sense.

12. You treat him specially.
This includes the level of respect you show him. How you respond to him etc.

13. Its’ real if you can’t imagine a day without him.
How much has he occupied your heart that you can’t imagine a day without him? He has managed to take over your world with positive feelings.

Does he make you so happy? Is your day so much different when he makes contact?

On the contrary, if you think you can go by without him, or if you think you’re better off without him, then he is most likely not the one for you.

Think about what difference it will make in your life if he’s suddenly gone.

14. How long did you crush on him?
Time creates the difference between a crush and real love. This is because crush fizzles out. You could crush on someone while you love another person.

If you had crush on him for awhile, then you most likely have feelings for him.

15. He’s honest.
You want a partner who’s honest with you right? You don’t want to feel like there’s something they’re hiding from you.

His honesty makes you feel relaxed, and that’s how it should be. If you feel comfortable/relaxed with him, that could be a reason for liking him.

16. You see a future with him.
This is a big deal because it doesn’t always happen. There are some guys you meet that you know right off isn’t relationship or husband material.

If you can picture yourself having a deeper relationship with this person, then your feelings are very real. Once you start having such feelings about him, know this isn’t a simple case of attraction. It’s way deeper than you think.

Its’ super cool to imagine your kids with him in a non weird way.

17. Hear what your friends have to say about him.
Your friends are more observant than you think. Friends are like our watch dog. They see what we don’t see at times we need to see the most and they’re also the people who know you the best.

They’ll notice if you’ve been behaving strangely recently. They also know when you are into a guy and when you’re just having a crush on him.

So, go ahead and ask your trusted friends what they think.
Note: Take their opinions into consideration but don’t let them influence your feelings because you’re still the best person to decide if you like him or not.

18. You go all out for him.
You can easily tell you’re into someone when you go all out for them. So, do you do things for this person you don’t normally do for other people? Are you changing your schedule to make time for him? Have you told your family about him or you’ve already introduced him.

If you’re going all out and putting effort towards making him happy, then be sure you want him for the long haul-marriage.

19. You can talk just about anything with him.
When you’re in a conversation with him one-on-one or over the phone, you two really talk – like talk. Not only about how your day was, but about personal things. When you feel like you can talk to him just about anything, and he’ll listen to you without judging you.

20. He’s got your back.
There’re times we all need a shoulder to cry on, someone to talk to right and even when we’re doing fine. If this guy is always there for you these moments, he’s a fine gentleman and that’s one of the reasons you like him so much and sure that makes you feel squashy inside.

21. He’s charming/flirts with you in a good way.
With reference to #20, he’s one gentle and charming guy who knows how to flirt positively. He’s turning up your sexual side/chemistry, and you’re losing your mind just in a good way.

It’s chemistry that makes two people attracted to each other and when there’s chemistry, it’s pretty difficult to resist them.

22. You’re attracted to him.
One of the reasons you like him is because you find him attractive. Right? There’s something about his face, his body; the whole symmetry turns you on. The thought of him sets you on fire. He may not look like Brad Pitt or a huge pocket like Jay-Z, but he doesn’t have to.

Why! Because you like him. Attractiveness is completely personal. What you find attractive someone else may not, and that’s perfectly fine because he’s just for you and not everyone’s.

23. He cares about your safety.
He makes sure you get home safely, doesn’t let people talk down at you. And when you’re around him, you feel safe. It’s one of the reasons you like him.

Don’t make decisions without all of the information you need. Talk to him. See if you like who he is as a person, or if you just like the idea of who he is in your mind.
NB:  These aren’t the same.

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