Signs He Is Catching Feelings For You And Falling Hard

Guys can be confusing creatures sometimes. Puzzled if he like you or not? If you’re searching for vital signs he’s falling hard for you, you’re at the right place.


It’s quite confusing sometimes to know where you stand in a relationship at the early stage especially if you’ve being in the friend zone for a long time. To help you deal with the confusion, it’s best to try and figure out where you stand.

I’m sure you don’t want to ask the guy outright like ‘hey, do you love me? What feelings do you have for me? Instead, I’ll suggest you look out for signs he’s falling head over heels.

The truth is that the first few months of any new relationship can be confusing or puzzling and could leave you in some serious doubt about everything including your friend zone.

You might even ask yourself “if it’s even a relationship”? You’re not sure if you’re exclusive, and you’re confused about asking. You’re not sure of its destination and you’re really terrified to even drop hints of your feelings regarding the relationship.

Sometimes you just want to fast forward past those first few months and get to the comfortable zone where you’re sure of your place in your partners’ life.

To be honest, those first few months are pretty exciting too. They’re full of mystery, charm, fun, etc. Once you’ve been together a few years you might find yourself thinking back reflectively about those fun first few months.

Here are the signs he’s catching feelings for you

Note that these signs are not in any particular format or arrangement. Some signs are more obvious than others. What is important is that you look for more than a sign, maybe two or more before drawing a conclusion and you’re on solid ground. Take a pen and tick as many of these signs he’s catching feelings for you.

1. He spends his spare time with you.
Let’s be honest, most guys have many friends to hangout with or be alone if they so choose. They only have to snap their fingers and their friends come running especially when there’re freebies. Now, if this guy is choosing to spend his spare time with you, that’s a great deal. Of course, he shouldn’t spend all his time with you, but if you notice he’s spending more and more of his spare time by your side or on phone calls/text and chat, you’re 100% onto a winner plus other signs.

2. He pays attention to little details.
Did you tell him something insignificant that happened when you were a child? Or something you witnessed when you were out? If he remembers it a few weeks down the line, that’s a great sign and a big deal you want to hold on to. Simply remembering little details about you means he’s paying attention. Even if it’s your appointment with the dentist, gynecologist or the hairstylist, you should not take those for granted.

3. You’re always catching his eyes taking a glance.
It’s so true that you can’t catch the eye of someone who’s not looking at you in the first place. So if he’s staring at you in a cute way, that’s a clear sign there’s something building up deep within him and that’s some serious feelings for you.

Note that there is cute staring and altogether weird staring. Cute staring will leave you blushing/feeling shy and at same time, wanting more glances while the weird stare will make you uncomfortable or irritated. So let’s hope you get the former, and not the latter glances.

4. He kisses you with meaning.
There is a difference between kissing someone and actually kissing someone. If there is definite passion behind his kisses then he’s trying to communicate his feelings non-verbally. If you feel the same, pick up the pace and show him how much you care in return and if you don’t feel same way, kindly notify him some way.

There’re different types of kisses:
·        A kiss on the forehead is a gentle expression of admiration.
·        A kiss on the hand shows your admiration and passion for someone.
·        French kiss is for your emotions with or without tongue.
·         Single lip kiss is a suggestive kiss that lets the other person know that you are very into them. etc.

5. He looks for no reason at all to touch you.
Does he touch your arm at random, play with your hair, stroke your face, poke your noise, etc. He’s finding excuses to touch you because he just can’t believe his luck and maybe your skin is so tender for him. If he’s pretty cuddly and touchy feely, that is one of the signs he’s catching some feelings. Note that some guys aren’t into touches. So if your soon to be partner isn’t touching you, don’t be upset because that’s fine too. He’ll definitely have a way of sending signals. All you have to do is watch closely for other signs.

6. His friends and family, if not all know something about you.
If you meet his friends and family and they know your job in detail, favorite TV show or series, your best food, etc, he’s been talking to them about how great you are.

7. You receive cute good morning or random texts.
If someone texts you, it is because they thought of you else why will they waste their time and energy texting you? It could be because they want to tell you something in particular or just want to know how you’re fairing. So, if you’re getting some nice, spicy texts, that’s a sign that he can’t get you out of his mind like you encompass his totality.

8. He lets his guard down.
Generally, guys don’t talk about how they feel with just anyone. Guys tend to keep to themselves how they feel. Guys have to trust you first before letting their guard down. This is because they’re not sure how you’ll receive this vital information. So, if he is happy to be a little vulnerable from time to time around you, which most guys won’t permit, e.g. he doesn’t mind talking about his feelings a little, what he’d like to do with you, etc, then he’s certainly into you and looking forward to exploring with you.

Note: If his guard drops around you, occasionally or not is a great sign. But be sure to listen, don’t laugh and be supportive else he won’t tell you how he feels next time. Let him know he can trust you enough to talk about anything and at anytime. Guys want to know you’ll always listen when they come talking just the way ladies do. Sometimes just listening and being a gentle piece in his life is enough to get him to open up even deep and secret things.

9. You are the only one he is talking to.
Most guys are talking to a few other girls beside you at the same time. This is normal for most single guys. However, if you’re the only one he’s talking to in a flirty kind of way and he spends most of his time with you physically or over the phone calling, texting or chatting with, is one of the big signs he’s catching some real good feelings.

What you should bother about now is whether you’re talking to anyone else or not because this is a two way thing.

10. He lets you know he misses you.
If he sends text telling you that he misses you is a deal breaker. This is because someone who doesn’t care isn’t going to bother sending this type of text. Pay attention to what he says because sometimes he won’t come out straight that he misses you. Instead you’ll have to read in between the lines. So, this is another good sign he’s catching some sweet feelings and thinking deeply about you too.

11. He mentions you in his future.
This is not just talking about being engaged or weddings and the like, but about the future in some way that reflects the two of you spending the rest of your lives together, that’s a clear-cut sign he has you in his future. It might be a comment as a joke or a serious comment. What’s important is that he mentioned you in his future. It’s like having a secured number/shirt in a football team.

12. He shows others and brags you’re with him.
There’s a tiny line between showing off and being controlling. Having a controlling behavior includes manipulation. If you notice him holding your hand when you’re in public, picks your hair, helps with your bag/pulse, standing a little closer like a private bodyguard when there are other guys around is a great sign too.

These nice gestures tell other guys to stay clear “she’s taken.” Contrary to this, if he’s being controlling, you should probably let him go because it’s a typical sign of a toxic relationship and find someone a little more respectful so you can have some peace.

The main signs he’s catching feelings might not be all that obvious at first. When combined together as a whole, it points to a relationship moving towards the comfortable stage.

When guys start showing signs they’re catching feelings, approach with caution. This is because not all guys find it easy to open up and be vulnerable to a lady. Carefully looking for these vital signs means you can feel your way into his heart and help you to relax into it.

It is important you feel the same way when these signs come your way and be sure to reflect them back and show your affection too except you don’t feel same way. Be open with your own feelings too.

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