How To Help Your Older Significant Other Relax In An Unusual Way

In most relationships, the man is always older. This is because most men feel or believe they’ll get better respect and love from their younger partner.


This is not always the case as relationship is all about maturity and understanding. Respect and love will easily come by when both parties are matured to a reasonable level.

As we grow older, we become more nervous and hence in need of regular exercises and rest. We often put our partner under undue pressure unconsciously by the things we do in the house. This is why proper communication and understanding is inevitable if you want to enjoy your relationship.

Women are good talking and once they see their partner, they want to let it all out without studying him to see if he’s stressed or not. Even when not stressed, he might not be in the mood. Maybe he just wants to be left alone for awhile to reconfigure his mind that he’s not at the office anymore.

You might find this hilarious but it’s so true. I get home sometimes and all I want that moment is to have a nap. Bringing up a talk at such moments could be annoying or you might not like the way I’ll respond to whatever you say.

Just like women, men do have mood swings too. So don’t think it’s your right only to swing moods.

Arinola BA speaks more on this:

One thing my husband and I do for each other is to look out for each other.

Sometimes, I can sense that my husband needs to rest so I take him to our room, massage him (not with the intention of seducing him oh; this kind of massage is not the erotic one: this one is just a massage for godly reasons. I am not that bad nah), and get him to sleep.

He hands over his phones to me during such times and tells me to respond to
whoever calls or sends a message because he just wants to sleep.

My husband is over ten years older, so I am even more serious about making sure he gets enough rest.

I have tried to get him to stop doing the grocery shopping but he has refused.

Look out for your spouse, especially if you are the much younger spouse.

The older a person gets, the more exercise and rest they need.

I personally don't let anybody stress my husband, and that includes our sons.

His health and well-being matter to me.

As a wife, don't stress your husband.

Let him rest.

Massage him to relax him.

Ask him what you can do for him.

Put his head on your chest and rub his head down to his back. Try and see if your husband likes it. It's so relaxing.

I know that in our generation, cooking for your man is no longer in vogue but please, try and make him feel important (whatever that means to you).

Men should also not stress their wives.

Make life more pleasant for your partner.

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