How To Be A Better Girlfriend In 35 Inspiring Ways

The honest truth is that we all want a better partner. We want the perfect or near perfect partner without asking ourselves if we are perfect or working towards perfection. Dear, you can’t have a perfect partner if you don’t work on yourself too.

This means if you want to make your relationship stronger than ever, healthier and as well a happier one, don’t just daydream for a better man but also work on yourself to be a better girl.

The majority of how to be a better girlfriend revolves around being more understanding, appreciative and not overreacting/nagging. A nagging partner is a pain in the xxx.

If you’re thinking perhaps you aren’t the best girlfriend out there, here’re some fundamental things you can do to become a better partner.

1. Stop your nagging, complaining and over demanding attitude.
This has to be first as it is fast becoming the norm among girls. Most ladies see relationship as a means to amount financial freedom. Once you say “HI” to a girl, the next thing is to pour out their woes to you. Everything that has to do with their finance suddenly becomes your responsibility.

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I don’t mean you shouldn’t demand from your partner. But how you go about it is what matter the most. Do you demand from him at his detriment? If he asks you to give him some time – do you go about nagging? Like you couldn’t feed yourself before he came on board.

Nagging will just make your guy play along for peace sakes and it won’t be for long before he throws in the towel.

Replace your nagging attitude with talks and friendly discussions. There’re better ways to handle various situations. Guys hate to have a girlfriend who’s always looking for faults and errors. Consequently, if you love a guy, you want him to win, not to lose. So help him by giving him energy instead of taking the little he has away.

2. Make your boyfriend feel special. 
With reference to #1, make your partner feel very special by not nagging at him at the slightest provocation. Remember every girl wishes to be treated by their boyfriend as the most special one in this world. Do you also know that most of them have forgotten how to treat their boyfriend the same way? Yet they go about nagging and wanting him to make them No1 in his life.

Here’s a little secret - if you want to be an exceptional girlfriend, who desires to stand out from other girls, just make him feel special rather than just waiting for him to make you feel special. Love could be frustrating when it’s a one way thing. So be thoughtful and show him that he’s your priority.

3. Inspire him to be a better man rather than kill his spirit.
It’s interesting when you have a partner that inspires you. You want to be the best because your partner wishes you the best. When a guy is not motivated, the thought of his inspiring partner could be all the strength he needs that moment.

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Though you can’t force your boyfriend to be a better man. However, you can be his role model and inspire him to transform into a better person but not when you do #1 above. So if you want him to grow personally and be a more successful person you dream of, show him how hard work, patience, diligence and discipline work by practicing these virtues yourself, excluding nagging, complaining and too demanding.

4. If he doesn’t ask for advice, lock it up.
Generally, women have a tendency to think it’s their responsibility to provide people with their opinion. It will shock you to know that guys are different creatures. If they don’t ask what you think, there is a good chance they don’t want to know what your thoughts are. Save the advice for a time when it will be needed.

Though, this is not always the case as one guy is slightly different from another. Communication is vital here. Your guy might operate an open door policy which you can voice out your thought anywhere, anytime and anyhow. Understand your man and how best to communicate your thoughts to him.

5. Be concerned but not nosy.
With reference to #4, it is okay to worry about why your boyfriend is withdrawn and maybe upset. But if he doesn’t want to talk about it, you don’t need to meddle it out of him.

Guys aren’t girls; right? They don’t think that letting it all out makes it all better. They can go all the way to keep it all in. If you let him be, when he is ready to talk about it, he’ll let you know. So, stay calm.

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6. Look your best.
Sure - in the eyes of your loving partner, you’re always the most beautiful girl in the world – MBGW. However, you can do better. Add some more spice and be creative by making efforts to always look nice, clean, and well dressed. With this, your guy will admire you more than you could think.

You’ll be smarter to know what your significant other wants you to wear and if possible, your smell - fragrance. Some guys are conservatives and if he is, you know what to do.
Note: It’s not how posh or how physically attractive you think you will look but it is how your guy’s eyes, mind and heart approves.

7. Appreciate him.
Just the way you feel when your partner appreciates you is the same way guys feel too. What a man secretly desire, is the feeling of being appreciated and acknowledged for what he provides – love, etc. He wants to feel that his efforts become useful, meaningful and of course, successful.

Your guy will feel like a winner and do anything for you when you see and appreciate his effort even in his most simple ways.

8. Try not to be critical.
With reference to #4, try not to be too critical in your opinions. This is because men hear suggestions and opinions as being critical except they asked for it. Ladies often have no idea that their little comments/opinion is being registered in a guy’s mind as negative while there’re there with legs crossed and smiling.

The more critical he feels about your contributions, the more he is going to hear criticism out of whatever you say. Try to make your opinions sound more supportive and less negative.

9. Put down the phone.
It could be disrespectful when your partner is talking to you and you’re chatting with a friend over the phone. He’ll feel neglected and you might not like what follows. It’s much easier to be distracted when you have a phone in your hand while your partner needs your attention.

Put the phone down and listen to what he has to say. He could be at a crossed road and in desperate need for a solution.

10. Take a walk when you’re angry.
Before exploding, simply go for a walk. It’s not easy to do yes; but when you take some time to distance yourself from him, you gain calmness and a clear mind to think things through thoroughly.

You might say things you’ll regret later if you react in the heat of that moment.

11. Earn his respect.
Respect is never automated but earned. At every level in life, respect doesn’t come knocking at the door. You just must earn it someway. A better girlfriend doesn’t just demand respect from her guy, but she earns it. In other word, you don’t ask your guy to respect you. Rather, he gives it to you because he sees that you deserve it. Reverse is the case if you do nothing to earn.

Ask yourself this simple question. Why do your respect your man? Is it because of his love for you? Do you love him same way? ...etc. dear, believe in yourself, have a positive personality, and don’t be too girly to show off your capabilities. It’ll make your boyfriend respect you for the person you truly are.

12. Give him some space and freedom. 
with reference to #11, if you want him to respect you, try and give him some space. (a alone time or time with the boys).

Lot of guys feels they’re in a cage after being in a relationship. Sounds funny but true. Know that giving your boyfriend some space does not mean your relationship is in trouble, but it is a necessary boundary for him to have a healthy perspective on the relationship.

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It’s important to give your guy some space because it helps to have a good balance of alone time to process his thoughts and feelings. It’s also a time to think things through as they matter to him and most likely the relationship too.

When you let him have his space and free time, he’ll appreciate the time you are together a lot more.

13. No name calling.
One of the best ways to be a better girlfriend is to avoid name calling by all cost. Don’t call him names or point out his insecurities because we all have at least one. If you do, you’re creating resentment and destroying his self-esteem which will come back to bite you big time.

14. No spying.
It’s tempting to spy on your partner right? But to be the best girlfriend, you shouldn’t. That means staying off his devices (computer and phone) and don’t talk to his friends without his permission.

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15. Intentionally send him to his guys.
Little secret: if you know some of his trusted friends and you noticed your boyfriend is being withdrawn, send him out to them for some downtime/guys time.

The more freedom you give him without any string attached, the more he misses you and wants to get back as soon as possible.

16. Be attentive and not clingy.
What’s the difference between this two? There’s a wide difference. Clingy means you follow him around, constantly asking him questions about his where about, what he’s been up to, search his phone with a mindset, read through his text messages, etc. A good girlfriend is attentive to his need which means if you aren’t in the mood, you pleasure him some way.

17. Be loyal partner.
Everyone of us desire a loyal/faithful partner. Like girls, guys want to be the only one for their significant other. Don’t give your boyfriend any causes for jealousy. Guys are quite sensitive to their woman flirting with other guys except he gives you his approval or you know he has no security issues he’s dealing with. Actually, the best girlfriend should not make eyes at his friends or even get acquainted with other guys in any sense.

18. Recognize he has a mom.
Previously stated, guys/men are big babies and will always be but that doesn’t make you his mom. Don’t tell him what to do like a little child. He knows he shouldn’t smoke in the sitting room already. He has a mom telling him what is good and bad for him. Don’t be his second strict mom.

A good girlfriend remains his girlfriend; she doesn’t give instructions to her man like his mother. Instead she’ll advice him in a girlfriend’s girly way. Wink!!

There’re ways you correct your boyfriend that you sound like his mother and most guys don’t like their girlfriend to sound exactly like their mom even if they share positive characteristic or traits with their mom.

The truth is that guys love to be pampered just like girls. But in a different way.

19. Love his mom.
With reference to #18, it’s unfortunate most girls don’t love their boyfriends’ mom. They see them like competitors. Are they? If you truly love your boyfriend, you should also love his mom.

His mom won’t take your place in his life. Problem arises when you start seeing his mom as an enemy and he notices this trend. He can’t pretend not to know but he’ll likely express his displeasure on you some way. I’m sure you don’t want this to be the case.

There’s a thin line between loving your mom and his. You just have to balance it someway.

20. Ignore the little things.
Don’t allow little things that can be over looked hurt your feelings or affections for your man. Let them go and don’t hold grudges.

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21. Be his adventurous buddy.
What does your boyfriend want to do for fun? Some is to play computer game, watch soccer, go on a sky dive, climb a mountain, go to the movies etc. This is an important question you need to ask yourself because all lasting relationships need to have an element of fun. What’s a relationship with no fun?

22. Be straightforward. 
If your guy asks you what the problem is, tell him straight up. Let him know what you think, how you feel and what you need. Don’t make him guess what is wrong if there is a problem because most guys don’t have that patience. So spill out if he asks what’s wrong.

23. Ensure what you’re saying is heard just the way you want.
The truth is that guys often hear things different from what girls say. A girl might say A while he’ll hear B.

A good girlfriend takes the time to listen to what she is saying and how it is being heard. It’s an art worth training yourself for. Try to put yourself in his position and ask yourself if you would like to be talked to the way you are talking to him, etc.

Girls are very good at talking. They can talk for several hours non-stop and it may take some time to get your boyfriend to talk, but when he does, please listen. But you’re a winner if your boyfriend loves talking too. You’ll flow easily. But pay attention when he wants a tranquil environment. Guys could be funny you know.

Do you realize a man’s biggest accomplishment is making his girlfriend happy? You may not know that your happiness has a huge effect on him.

The saying “Happy wife, happy life” is so real. If you are always miserable / unhappy, then you aren’t considering how your mood is affecting your partner or what it says about your relationship.

26. Know he’s not perfect just like you.
Recognize he is going to make mistakes just like you do and don’t make a big deal of them. A mistake is embarrassing enough without you nagging over his errors.

27. He’s not your girlfriend – treat him differently.
He doesn’t want to hear how Cynthia said something to you about Silva. Save it for the girls. Try to find a common conversation engaging you both. Yes, you could bring in the girly talk, but observe if he’s in the mood for such talks .

28. Venting is ugly.
Venting is really ugly. Either you’re venting to him or to someone else it reflects ugliness. Remember you want to be someone he’s proud to be with.

29. Get along with his family and friends but stay out of family drama.
Varies drama exist in families. It will be wrong to get caught up in family web and don’t fight with members of his family because what they say to him about you sticks.

A good girlfriend will always unite and not divide. Guys want a girlfriend who’s a friend to his siblings and not a dictator. You should not make him choose between you or his family, or put him in a horrible situation with members of his family because of your mess.

30. Just give him a warm hug.
Who doesn’t need one?

31. Be his support.
If your partner has a dream, be supportive. Even if you don’t know how it play out, as long as it is not a harmful one. Believe in him enough to know that he will find his way, and when he does, you will be there to share in the celebration.

32. Send him text messages.
Text messages let him know that you still think about him. Guys want to know they are still attractive and wanted just like you. A good girlfriend boosts his self-confidence and makes him feel good about himself.

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33. Figure out his triggers.
The good part is we all have triggers. Some are pronounced while others aren’t. Take note of those things about you that drive him crazy (in a bad and good way) and try to avoid the bad ones.

Naturally, guys are moved by what they see (good trigger) and you can use this to our advantage.
34. Don’t use him as your dumping ground.
Funny but true; If you had a terrible day, try as much as you can to leave it behind (at work, shopping mall, etc). Often times, we bring in other experiences of our day and take it out on the ones we love most.

35. Be a wife material.
I must say this - Girls may come and go but a girl who’s a wife material is on a different level. Way different.

All girls aren’t girls. A wife material is a woman. Not all girls are women.

Here’s a clearer definition of a wife material - a better girlfriend is a partner who is mature, responsible, and ready to take care of her future children and husband - family.

It’s important to know what your significant other really needs and how you can keep them.
Remember you’re not just a girlfriend, but you have a role in his life and that’s also important.

NB: A good girlfriend is someone that feels good about themselves while making their partner happy too.

The place of trust cannot be ruled out while trying to be a good girlfriend. You have to take the high road and trust with all that you have.

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