How Do I Know If My Boyfriend Is Cheating On Me

If you feel your guy is pulling some shady shit, chances are he is cheating on you. Trust your guts — but when in doubt, see if he's indulging in any of these monkeyshines.


Here are the 25 signs he's cheating on you

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1. His phone battery seems to die more than the average person. Hence making him unreachable for long and odd hours.

2. He puts his phone on airplane mode too often. There’s nothing wrong to put your phone on airplane mode when necessary. But for a cheating guy, he does that when he is with another girl and don’t want you to disturb his fun.

What reason does he give for going offline? Have you ever thought of it? Does he complain of low battery often? Do you think he is telling the truth? What time of the day is he not available, etc.

3. With reference to #2, if you notice he takes his phone with him every time he goes to the bathroom when you’re around, then something doesn’t add up. He is certainly hiding something from you.

4. With reference to #3, if you observe He scrolls through your phone like an FBI agent whenever you’re together, means he doubts your loyalty because he isn’t loyal too.

Though this might not always be the case as some guys do this for insecurity reasons. They’re loyal but are not 100% sure of your loyalty and to help them trust you, they keep checking your phone and socials for any suspicious activity. This might as well be a red flag some people can’t deal with.

5. He gives you enough attention to keep you around but not enough to actually move forward. He might have a genuine reason for this. “He might not be cheating on you”

6. The ratio of his boy/girlfriends is like 1:10. He has more friends that are girls than you do, and he only has a few guy friends. When a guy is flocked by girls, chances are; he’s a cheat.

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7. You don’t know most of his friends. If you hang out with your significant other often and you know he has lot of friends and yet you haven't met most of them, claiming they're busy but finds time to hang out with them, is a typical red flag. He doesn’t want you to know them so his shady deeds won’t be exposed someway.

8. He gives flimsy reasons why you can't meet up with him. Like he's not sure when he'll be off work etc.

9. Every time you call him out on something, he acts funny or turn it on you. For instance: you asked him why he went MIA – (Missing In Action), he turns it around on you, saying you're stalking him or you don’t give him breathing space etc.

10. With reference to #9, you never know where he is. He suddenly goes off the radar without notice. You can’t reach him on his mobile, socials, etc. He has refused adding you on Find My Friends. Why? He’s got something up his sleeves.

11. He refers to himself as a loner. Guys who do this care less about you. A loner will always be one.


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12. He stops being intimate. Where does a relationship stand without being intimate? I’m not referring to sexual intimacy but intimacy of love and care.

13. He takes forever to reply your text/social chats. Possibly because he's texting and chatting with countless other hot girls, so it takes a while for him to get back to you like a customer care agent.

14. His middle name is LIE. He lies about everything. Even when it doesn't really seem to matter. The truth is stirring at his face, yet he prefers to lie.

15. He can't commit to you or to future plans with you, even things like what you're going to do with him on Saturday or when to meet for your date night. He is so much unreliable. It’s better to trust a total stranger to commit than your significant other. What’s the point then?

16. With reference to #15, he occasionally agrees to plans, then backs out later — like telling you he can come to your rehearsals and then acts weird when you try to call a cab for him.

17. He prefers to follow semi-half naked, sexy blond on his socials.

18. He has a lot of numbers in his phone without names or creepy/funny names so you don’t suspect. You can bet those numbers/names are attached to girls he’s flirting with.

19. You find alarming texts in his phone like "Hey, have you been tested?" let me ask- what comes to your mind? You just might be right and need to get tested too!!

20. He’s supper smart with his devices and has his text messages linked to his iPad and stored in the finance folder to keep things safe. He’s good - SHADY!

21. You know tinder app right? You should be worried if he comes up on your friend's Tinder.

22. When you pick up his phone to do something really harmless like check the time/date he freaks out, snatches his phone away from you with some flimsy excuse like "I’ve got some embarrassing text" or "mobiles are really personal you know!"

23. If you approach your partner in a calmly and sincere way about the thought that something seems off in the relationship or you’re not comfortable with the way things are going and they suddenly becomes hash, boiling with anger and make you feel insecure or turn it against you, it's because they’re gradually drifting away and focusing on someone else.

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24. He likes touching – not you though but your friends. You need to worry if he hugs your friends way more than you. From analysis, he should hug you more since you two are in a relationship and spend more time together. So why is he found of or finds your friends more interesting?


Does this mean you should not introduce your significant other to your friends? You should dear. This will help you know him better and get reasonable feedback from your friends.

25. Caught in questionable situations/positions with other girls. I don’t think you want an explanation for this. Right?


A caring relationship involves talking things out in a reasonable way, caring about one another's feelings while trying to resolve issues in a constructive and healthy way.

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