11 Shocking Signs That Prove You Are In Love

Falling in love is supper amazing. You might not understand what I mean if you’ve not experienced it yet. But trust me, it’s supper cool. When in love, the entire world is ours.

We view the world from a different perspective, the sky is always blue, and the fields are greener.  Life seems much more beautiful, and it gets a new meaning each day.

Emotions are aroused, our passion triggers greatly, sharpening senses. We just come alive, we feel healthier etc.

It has been proven that such reactions are not figment of our imagination. Our body and brain experience an incredible change when we feel the “butterflies in the stomach”.

We suddenly change and experience metamorphosis both physically and emotionally.

Here is what science says about falling in love?

Norwegian scientists have carried out extensive research on what happens to our brain and body when we fall in love. From their findings, at the moment of falling in love, almost twelve different areas of the brain are activated.
In other word, the brain and the body suddenly wake up. You’re imagining it right? Recording by magnetic resonance shows that there is a Neural zone that first reacts when we see the person we are in love with.
The impulses further transmit to different areas of the brain that activate the secretion of the hormone which leads to a series of changes, both physically and psychologically. When Amor hits us, it releases the hormone of happiness – Dopamine, which, among other things, promotes the spread of pupils.
Dopamine stimulates the nerve endings of our eyes. Our muscles begin to crack like dry clay, and pupils are spreading super fast, etc.
We might have different experience of love. For some it represents a sense of peace and serenity, for others, it is filled with great passion. While a few experience some kind of confusion.
Generally here’s how you can surely know that you have fallen in love.
1. They’re special
In a state of love, the level of dopamine concentration increases greatly in the brain. Dopamine in the brain is a chemical that is partly responsible for attention and focus.
In the state of love, the partner becomes special. The one in love has this sweet impression that they’ll not feel towards another person.
2. You want to be together always
True loves always want to be together. This is characterized by emotional dependence by the lovers. It includes possessiveness for some, jealousy, fear of refusal and anxiety due to separation.
3. They’re just perfect
Have you thought of the phrase “love is blind”? Dear, it’s not just a phrase, there’s a lot of truth in it. Take a look at your environs you’ll wonder what connects people.
When in love, people often glorify the partners’ positive sides, neglecting all their faults. All they see is the beautiful side of life in their significant other. They also focus on occurrences or something that reminds them of a loved one and dreams of nice memories.
To a large extent, dopamine plays this vital role which is in charge of increasing the memory under the influence of new stimulus.
4. You want to stay together forever
With reference to #2 above, when in love, we’ll always find reasons to be next to our significant other and dream about a common future together which is key if you so desire a healthy relationship seeking happiness together.
5. You could experience some disorder
Ever wonder why you feel confused or disorganized sometimes when the thought of your significant other runs through your mind?
It’s really amazing. Sometimes you just have to take a moment to get yourself. You find yourself smiling at no one at work, in the street and then suddenly you realize and say ooh, was I smiling?
When we’re deeply in love, we often feel physical and mental instability unconscientiously. It’s like happy hour. We feel Happy, excess energy, sometimes insomnia, loss of appetite, rickety, faster heart beat and sometimes heavy breathing.
All the above is in love. Love is mysterious and the finest thing on earth.
Note: this unstable state can cause people to feel distraught, panic or despair. That’s why love is one of the forms of addiction.
6. Obsessed with them
On average, when deeply in love, we spend up to 84.9% of our waking time at dawn thinking about our significant other.
This is referred to as obsessive-compulsive disorder and it is as a result of reduced serotonin concentration in the brain. Hence, balance is needed.
7. Will this go well with them?
What will you do for love? How far can you go for love? Love has so much positive energy that you sometimes do things without thinking and it plays out well.
When in real love, people are ready to change their daily routine/priorities. They find their habits changed, dress/hair style, behavior, etc. This sign could be hidden. But a closer assessment of your daily activity will tell you how deep you’ve gone in thoughts of this person.
8. You’re out of control
With reference to #6, when in love, people have admitted they can’t control their outbursts of passion.
9. Sex is not all that matter
Sex is important in a state of real love, but emotional connection is more important than satisfying physical needs such as sex. Sex without emotional connection is not fun.
10. You aren’t afraid to take risks with the one you love
Obviously, we take risks with our partner. Risk taking strengthens the connection between partners.
A research has shown that such partners feel that their love makes them more protected, happier and flexible. It gives better understanding of each other.
11. You’re willing to give everything
Lovers often feel compassion for their loved one, their happiness, aspirations and pain as their own and they’re willing to sacrifice everything for their significant other. 
Honoré de Balzac - “Love is like war: easy to begin but very hard to stop.”

Picture: Pexels
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