12 Ways To Bond With Your Partner For Better Relationship

Hmm, do you remember when you first start dating? How you spend lots of time getting to know the one you fell for. How you go on dates with your partner and you both talk for several hours without looking at the time.

Your mind keep racing each time you remember this person. You think of fun and exciting things you want to do with them, while building a stronger relationship foundation which is essential.

You ask your partner questions about their life to get a better understanding of them. Am I talking to myself? Probably not.

You ask about their past, wanting to know every little detail about them. You question their future, hoping you could picture yourself right at the center of it.

Do you realize your love for one another is growing rapidly?  But hey, something else is happening as well. Consciously or not, you two are bonding pretty well. Like serious chemistry buildup. You just want to hear their voice. They just make you smile and take the pain and stress of the day away.

This is why, most often, the beginning of a relationship is so lovely because your bonding game is so on point.

Fast forward - As romantic relationships moves out of the honeymoon stage and into the realistic, “like hey this is my real me” This is the stage where you know virtually everything about them. "sitting around in your pants and watching Tv shows together", “This is the stage you set boundaries if you haven’t done that”, you forget something vital. You forget to bond.

Don't get me wrong, watching TV together is one of the greatest ways to bong with your partner. This is one of my good time. But it’s also important to truly bond and engage with your significant other.

We often get caught up with work and family that we forget who’s standing right in front of us.

Bonding in relationship / marriage is never ending. There is no stopping at it. If you truly desire happiness in your relationship, bonding should be one of your priorities. True bonding involves both parties.

So if you’re having a stronger bond with your cell phone, television, game cursor etc., and less connected to your significant other when they’re present, you sure need some of these bonding activities to get your game on.

Here are the bonding activities you need to get involve with your partner

I have written extensively on date nights. Date nights are essentials for a strong relationship. It has a way of drawing partners closer, it helps to rebound.

If your date nights are always to sit and watch “Gangaa” then it might be time to have a date night revolution. Please don’t get me wrong, you can use Tv shows as your date night if it’s well planned.

I mean in a special way, maybe for the final episode of the show that you’ve been longing to watch and not every Wednesday show.

You need to incorporate some date nights where you are actually talking and getting response and not all about the Tv show.

2. Do something new
Keeping the love flame burning could be difficult but with determination from both partners, it could be a walk over. One of the best ways to bond with your partner is by doing something new together.

Whether it’s trying a type of food you’ve both never tried before to redesigning your interior without external help etc.

Doing something new and fun pack can bring some much needed newness into the relationship.

3. Teach your partner something new
With reference to #2, one of the best ways to have a stronger bond is to teach your partner something new.

Let it be fun and less seriousness attached to it. Teach your partner something they would find interesting. This means you have to do some kind of research as to what they like and find interesting. Though, it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes you can develop their interest for something if you make it fun.

For instance: your significant other might ot know how to speak Italiano, but could make them have interest in the language when you speak with them in Italiano and telling them the English version of it.

You could teach your significant other how to play an instrument, cook, etc if you add fun to your teaching technique.

4. Go on a trip
I love going on a trip. It’s a way of leaving your comfort zone and try something new. Trips also help you learn new things and make new friends.

For partners going on a trip, it helps them have stronger bond, learn new things which might include food, languages etc. We tend to know a person better when we travel with them.

Maybe for some reasons you can’t travel far, you could try spending the weekend together in a hotel within your state.

5. Try play some games
With reference to #alloftheabove, playing around is one of my favorite ways to reconnect.

But you have to be careful with playing of games especially if you’re competitive. This idea could get you into some trouble. So if you’re going to play games, for the same team. I mean you and your partner should play on a team against another couple.

But if there’s no team to play against as couples, then don’t try #5.

On the other hand, if you’re cool, then playing opposite your partner can be a great way to reconnect, laugh and enjoy each other’s company plus touching.

6. Touch
Wow, who doesn’t like feeling the warmth of a loving person? Wink!!
While doing all mentioned above, add touch time after time. Like touch a little while washing the vegetables, playing game, on a trip, the list is endless.

Touch has a comforting energy. It’s a way to reassure your partner you care for them.

7. Become intimate
If you are feeling disconnected and distant, it’s likely to show up in your daily life. The way you say ‘hi’, etc. Build a stronger connection again by becoming more intimate. Try out new places, new food together, watch a movie together etc and touch each other often.

8. Gifts
Hmmm, some people won’t reconnect unless gifted. Know your partner and what turns them. Not just gifting them, sometimes the right gift is what matters the most. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but the heart that gifted.

9. Revive good memories
I don’t mean living in the negative past. Reviving positive memories help in bonding with your partner over and over again.

Talking about happy memories from the past can be a great way to bond. You can recreate your first date if you can recall how it went. Watch that interesting movie you watched 3 years ago that made her cry or made your partner remember some old good time etc.

Don’t leave the past in the past. Just recreate it if you can.

10. Words
Words are so so strong that they can reply in our minds for ages. What are you saying to your significant other? Are you destroying their self-confidence by always questioning their decision? Are they happy in the relationship the way you call them negative names?

You might call your partner fat jokingly and if she has little confidence, this will play in her mind negatively and will make you two drift apart slowly.

Use positive words in every situation when addressing your significant other.

11. Be kind! It’s super romantic
Omonode Nyerhovwo  – “ Let me tell you how. There’s no one who receives or sees kindness and doesn’t fall in love. There’s no one who meets a need and is not pleased he/she has solved a problem.

Romantic is show of love.
Love is happiness.”

12. Couples therapy
Many people are scared of Couples Therapy. They don’t just want to hear you say it. They dread of it. Couples therapy is highly recommended for couple that has become extra distant and can’t figure out how to reconnect with themselves.

This could be as a result of unresolved issues that would be helpful to work through.

Note: In relationships, learning is endless. There’s no graduating in marriage school. Hence, regular bonding is needed.

Bonding is one of the ways to keep relationships sweet.

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