15 Signs Of Unhappy People Hidden Behind Happy Smile

When everyone says, “I’m fine,” it can be really hard to tell if they aren’t. So, what are the signs of an unhappy person.


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Sure you want to help your friends and family be as happy as they can be. But without knowing the signs of an unhappy person, you will not be able to help them and can’t be there when they need you the most.

The first step to helping others is to examine yourself if you are unhappy! You may be unhappy yourself without knowing or you could, but in such denial that you don’t realize it.
Hence the first step to being happier is to know the signs of an unhappy person and once you see it, you can move on.

Why unhappy people are difficult to spot

We all assume to easily notice when a loved one is unhappy. But from analysis, when people are upset, disappointed, or feeling ordinary, they try not to show it off.

Be true to yourself: How many times have you felt down yet still told everyone you were fine?

Anyone can be unhappy for various reasons such as money, job, illness and the list goes on. But like most people, those feelings are often bottled up so that you can put a happy face on.
But, with all the efforts to seem okay, unhappiness tends to sneak out in some other ways and can be spotted only if you’re observant.

There are peculiar personality traits or behaviors that are giveaway signs of an unhappy person. You have to be aware of them both in your life and someone else’s in order to point it out and hopefully move on.

The signs of an unhappy person

Most often, we see this more in teenagers because they go through a lot and this stage of life is actually a critical one in most cases as they are often at crossroads coupled with development of their body, hence they tend to be easily irritable. But as we get older, we become better at holding back in stressful and or annoying moments.

It’s obvious that someone who is unhappy will find it bit difficult to control themselves in times like these despite been advanced in age and one of the sign of an unhappy person at this level would be uncontrollable snapping at the smallest mistake caused by another or constantly being annoyed for no genuine or substantial reason.

Fear is a human nature but can be brought under control. Many have a touch of fear about so many things consciously or not. They fear for their futures, some fear failure and therefore afraid to try something new, etc.

In the case of someone who’s unhappy, they already feel down, so they are in a position where the fear takes over and gets the best hold of them. They are afraid to live their life to the fullest, can’t take a step out the door. They totally avoid taking risks. They’re the ones that only see the bad things that could ever possible happen. They’re just allergic to all the wonderful things life has to offer.

With reference to #2, someone who’s insecure/lacks self-belief may not be entirely unhappy. Low self-esteem can affect every aspect of life and spread unhappiness too.

An insecure person who struggles with their appearance may be more nervous about a job interview or some other things.

Insecurity can lead people not wanting to speak up in a meeting or draw attention to themselves. They always want to hide in their shells.

We all have insecurities / fear. It is human nature.
But, if you notice you’re constantly struggling with insecurities and it’s negatively impacting your life, you may very well be an unhappy person.

4. Anger
Unhappy person reflect their unhappiness onto the world and everyone around them. They get angry at the slightest provocation. If this is a recurrent issue, check it, the person might just be unhappy with themselves and the entire world.

5. Indifference/coldness/lack of sympathy
Watch out for these replies “I don’t know,” I don’t care or “whatever” because unhappy people may answer every question with them.

Realizing how unhappiness isn’t a good feeling, unhappy people try to avoid its’ feelings, they try not to care anymore.

6. Want to stay busy.
With reference to #5, this is a direct opposite of it. Some people that are unhappy roll back on work and of cause socialization. While others try to stay as busy as possible. They are the ones that will always be the last to leave the office, they are the ones that will always volunteer to work extra time plus weekend jobs even if they aren’t getting paid for the job.

Are you the type that is always looking for parties and attends uninvited? Always staying late into the night etc could be signs of unhappiness.

With reference to #5, they may cut themselves off from those around them. They always want to isolate themselves. They terminate appointments unnecessarily, avoid seeing or talking to people as much as possible. Some go as far as not getting a job that involves daily interaction with people.

If you ever notice someone tries to avoid you at all cost, and you just can’t think of a valid reason for what they do, they may be unhappy and don’t want you asking how they are doing.
This will eventually lead to loneliness and if married, -complications.

8. Deficient in effort.
When a person is always deficient in effort is another sign of unhappiness. Constant lack of effort with everything from work, diet, or even basic cleaning. They always appear un-kept to even to events etc.

9. Jealousy
So much has been said on jealousy in several of my post. Jealousy is a bad look on everyone and everything. Though it may not be from a place of hatred, but it always look that way.

Jealousy in most cases comes from a person who is unhappy with themselves/their current status.

They don’t have control in their lives so instead of focusing on that, they put others down for being different.

People who are unhappy with their position at work, their job or the fact that they are not in a relationship might spread rumors about someone who is in a productive relationship just to see it crash or complain about a coworker who’s due for promotion so they don’t get it out of bitterness.

10. Severe pain
We know that severe bodily pains or fatigue can be caused by medical conditions. But if you observe some of the other signs listed here with them always complaining of tiredness, headaches, migraine etc could be another sign of an unhappy person.

11. Excessive weight gain or loss
When you observe excessive weight gain or loss coupled with other signs listed here could be a sign of another unhappy folk.

Don’t forget that sudden weight gain or weight loss within a short period can be attributed to medical issues.

12. Feeling unfulfilled
With reference to #11, someone can gain or loss weight excessively as a result of feeling unfulfilled. Though it’s never a crime to constantly want more or expecting more from life. But one could become unhappy if they don’t get their desires.

Hence, if you know someone feeling unfulfilled with their marriage, job or keeping good rapport, and are not doing anything to change them, they are likely unhappy people.

13. Constantly waiting
Happy people always make good things happen. If they don’t like a particular thing, they step out and get it fixed. On the other hand, unhappy people will always dwell in their unhappiness. They constantly wait for happiness to find them.

They may not like their current status or relationships, but they never do anything to change it. They’re constantly waiting for something good to happen to them. They lack the zeal to take a bold step!

14. Too much drinking
Maybe your team won the EPL or you got engaged, but if heavy drinking is becoming a daily routine, then unhappiness isn’t far from being the cause and if not dealt with, will soon become a serious problem.

People have various reasons for drinking and some say is to forget their sorrows/pains. Well, you may feel good at the moment but soon, it does more harm than expected good. What of the morning hangover?

Seek for help if you’ve become a habitual/heavy drinker.

15. Hypercritical
Someone constantly and derives pleasure at looking down on other people is likely unhappy. You may be unhappy person if you fear being judged by others.

So don’t be deceived by those happy smiles on those beautiful faces, it could be disguise of unhappiness.
If you’re one of those, seek help if not be of help to someone in need.

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