Stop! How To Know When To Stop Texting A Guy

It’s true when you like someone; you want to talk to them always. Unfortunately, we don’t know when it gets too much and even when we do, we don’t know how to stop texting.


Texting is one of the great ways to communicate and it has become a strong modern love language and it can also become just too much.

Most often after your first date, you want to go on a second date with him, you probably are texting him to keep the spark forgetting that texting is an art that must be mastered. Misuse of it can kill relationships.

The time is now that you learned how to know when to stop texting a guy.

How to know when to stop texting a guy

Dating is a good idea. It’s fun, could be light and it’s something new time after time. But, of course, there are dating rules that you must follow that are not written down anywhere in the world. Though you really don’t have to follow them, but they will help you succeed and land a date and possibly your significant other [S.O].

When we are in love with someone, we have butterflies and get excited, wanting to be around them always. Here’s the problem. I don’t mean you should suppress your feelings, but there are things you must know that make you look eager, clingy, and most likely desperate. You didn’t see that coming right?

It’s great if you really like him but ensure to know your boundaries. Sure, boundaries. The word boundary sounds awful but boundaries are for positive reasons. You’re glued to your phone, thinking that you have access to people round the clock, and that’s a big problem in today’s’ world. There are limits to virtually everything we get involved with. If you’re still wondering how to know when to stop texting a guy, keep these at your finger tips.

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1. You are always the first to text him.
You never ever receive a text from him first, never. It’s always you texting him first when you want to talk to him. If he is into you, he would be texting you first. Though not all the time, but there would be a balance but there’s not.

2. He takes too long to reply.
Girls, it’s really simple: If He replies your text within a couple of minutes or hours, it could be he can’t text while at work or really engaged with something, this is understandable especially if the texts are engaging requiring some level of concentration, then it shows he’s interested in talking to you. But if he takes the entire day to reply to one text and has nothing of value in it, you should stop texting him.


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3. He replies with a word.
With ref to (2) above, if he constantly replies with one or few words like – "Ah yes", "yeah", "lol", "k", "kk", "smiles", "Smiley" etc this isn’t what keeps the conversation going and he knows this. Using one or few words during a conversation is an hint that the person at the other end isn’t interested in the conversation or just tired to continue chatting.

4. He doesn’t take the conversation anywhere.
The conversation is basically him replying to you going on and on and on about whatever it is. It’s like been interrogated, a question is asked and you are to reply. It’s actually not a conversation. Dear, there was never a conversation to begin with.

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5. You are the one doing all the work.
You shouldn’t be doing all of the work in a relationship. It is called partnership — even when it comes to something as simple as texting, yes, texting. If you are the only one reaching out, then he must not care about you as much as you care about him. He must not want to hear from you as badly as you want to hear from him.

6. He replies days later.
This could be related to (2) as well. Well, it’s a good thing h e is not your emergency contact and if he is, I strongly advise you change it because this guy doesn’t respond quickly to your texts. It’s that serious dear. When you love someone, you give them considerable attention and reply their messages as quickly as possible. And if he replies you days later, he is just not into you. From research, everyone has two minutes to reply to a text message. Note that it doesn’t take two days to reply a text.

7. Always giving excuses when you ask him out.
You’ve probably asked him a couple of time if he wants to go out. Possibly he said yes but at the last minute, he often seems to have an emergency. Girl, he doesn’t have the guts to tell you that he’s not interested. Save yourself the stress and stop texting him. Let him come to you if he wants to- sure hun?

8. He doesn’t say hi to you in public.
Funny right? But a lot of people have been through this. A friend shared her experience with me. It’s really a betrayer. This might not be the exact way he hides from you, but he avoids eye contact and pretends to be busy with something in his hand or on a call. He avoids interacting with you in public because he feels that you’ll try to contact him or you are not good enough for him. So, pretending not to see you eliminates the chance for you to talk to him. Hehehe.

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9. He changes his number without notifying you.
Possible his precious phone fell into the toilet or maybe he just don’t want you to have his phone number anymore. If he changes his number without notifying you and not that he doesn’t know how to reach you, know there is a strong reason why he didn’t. He doesn’t want you to know his number because if you knew it, you’d never leave him alone and this points to the fact that you’re probably too clingy.

10. He doesn’t add you on social media platforms.
If he wanted to, he would have added you as a friend. But he didn’t. He doesn’t want you liking his statues/post updates, commenting on his photos, and checking out his friend’s list. This is the reason your friend request has not been accepted. He wants to keep his private life far from you.

11. He glances at his phone.
It is important you stop texting him when you know there is a chance he will glance at his phone, see your name, without reading the text and ignore completely.

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12. His friends know all about you.
It’s good when his friends know about you. If done with love though. But if he’s not replying to you but his friends and they all know about you, that’s not because he loves you. This could be a red flag to watch out for. If he was into you, he would be replying and texting you, making sure you receive desired attention. But he’s not doing so.

You would wonder how his friends know all about you, It’s not strange they all know about, it’s because you’re the girl that won’t let him be.

13. He tells you to stop texting.
This is the highpoint of his pretense. At this level, he can’t take it any longer. He just has to let it out in a harsh and cruel way. If he tells you to stop texting or gives hints that he’s not interested, it’s a crystal clear sign he wants to cut you off completely.

You might have the urge to take it personally, but I will advise against. Don’t get personal about it. You may want to intimidate him or do something to prove a point. But that’s not the point, the point is that you need to back off, stay clear and you just have to stop texting him.

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