Annoying 30 Habits That Every Girl Hate – Men Watch Out!

Like annoying girlfriend moments, there are also annoying boyfriend moments. There are several things guys do in their relationships that can get under the skin of their significant other.


Here is a list of such habits

1. When you are always or too possessive.
This could a red flag in the relationship. It makes ladies feel unsafe. You might want to check your possessiveness.

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2. Calling her names like, “Dude”, Hey or “Bro.”

3. Farting with little or no shame and then act like it didn't happen. And not expect you to be like, "...Hun?" What was that?

4. Leaving dirty socks on the floor with no intent of picking them up like she’s your maid.

5. When you flirt with other women living her in the dark.
As a man, flirting with other women, vis a vis, could be complicated in relationship. Hence, be sure your significant other is much secured so this could actually add some flavor to your relationship.

Girls like other girls envy their man!!!

6. Constantly ordering her around like she’s got nothing else to do with herself.

7. Pretending you’re listening when you’re obviously not.
She “Can you switch off the light? Please switch off the light. Honey, I'm pregnant.”

He “OMG, really? Awesome. I’m going to be a father.

She “now I’ve got your attention, COULD YOU SWITCH OFF THE LIGHT?

8. Burping (Belch).
It’s not a crime to burp. But do you have to make it loud? It could be a form of distraction for your significant other you know.
9. When you are too clingy.
Just like guys, ladies don’t like the idea of a clingy guy. Ladies sometimes need their personal space. Give them some guys.

10. Not knowing how to do even the simplest domestic tasks could be frustrating.

11. Talking about your crazy ex.

12. Leaving the sink un-kept with mustache stubble.

13. When you don't understand her passion.
Take time out to understand what drives your significant other. What does she love doing with little or no external help. What’s her hobby? You might just end up loving it if you could take time out to see her do what she loves the most.

14. Leaving the drawer / wardrobe open after getting something out.

15. Being way more into talking on the phone than texting.
First of all, texts are the best modern love letter. They leave a lasting feeling. You can always go back to remind yourself of what was discussed. It gives enough space to express your thought in best possible language. Thanks to numerous social media platforms.

16. Having the incredible ability to fall asleep literally anywhere at any time. Especially when she less expected you to.

17. Leaving a ton of dirty boxers with no plan for laundry.

18. Getting annoyed when she wears your boxer. Common dude!!

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19. When you care so much about your looks and care less about hers.

20. When you defecate with the door wide open, ew.

21. When you leave toothpaste in the sink every morning.

22. When she ask you to pick up something for her on the way home, and you never get the right thing.

23. When you say you're going to call, but conveniently didn’t. By and large, a game console or live football game is to blame. Sorry ladies!!

24. When you don't notice she’s gotten a completely new hair ‘do and it’s because of you, you know?

25. When you ask if she’s going to eat something and take it off her plate / menu before she reply your question.

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26. When you use her toothbrush like it’s okay.

27. Dismissing her feelings like they don’t matter much by saying, “It’s not a big deal,” can we talk about this some other time? or, “You’re overreacting.”…

28. When you act as if you don’t know how to properly stack the dishwasher.

29. Pride!!! You Never want to be the first to initiate making up after a huge fight. Wake up dude and apologize.
30. When your significant other is talking to you about something extremely important and you abruptly drift off into a world of football, news, or straight up falls asleep.


31. Unappreciative guy

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