11 Ways You Might Be Disrespecting Your Husband

Do you know that a man’s greatest need is respect? Many women are guilty of this. Though it might be occasional, but disrespect is disrespect.

disrespectful wife

If a woman is willing to learn to respect her significant other when he is not perfect, he will definitely open up to her and be ready to change for best. Unfortunately, most women are willing to show respect, but they want their other half to be worthy of it and that is not always the case.

Respect is too great a need for a man to have it come and go based on his performance.

Here are the things women do to disrespect their husband without knowing

1. Interrupting your husband

One of the easiest ways to let someone know that you don’t care about what they are saying is to interrupt them (rudely). Most ladies tend to do this without thinking. It comes like a spark especially when you are stressed out. This is a serious issue because it shows a level of unconscious self-interest. This can lead to communication breakdown which will eventually lead to relationship anxiety.

2. Emotional manipulation 

ways women manipulate men emotionally

There is a difference in what you are saying to help your marriage and what you are saying to control your marriage. No man wants to be controlled. Nobody says you should not express your feelings about a thing, just be true about them. Some emotional manipulation women use to control their significant other includes: Mood swings (it is fine, I don’t really care, the silent treatment, crying for attention etc. soon 
he will notice and careless.

3. Using aggression

Human anger is destructive and using aggression to respond to a fight is not supper healthy. Using aggression to respond could also mean his presence or words irritates you badly. Let us be slow to anger

4. Undermining your husband 

With reference to (1) above, undermining your husband is really not healthy. You undermine his emotions by manipulation, you undermine his temperament with aggression. Unfortunately, this is so real in a lot of marriages and dear you are really looking for trouble with your hands.

You teach your children their father is not competent hence deserve no respect when you undermine him in front of them. You teach your children to consciously disrespect him when you frequently overrule his decisions in their presence. Soon, your children will react same way to you and eventually bring discord and conflict into your home. Lots of women think they are doing the right thing by devaluing their husband’s words.

5. Holding grudges against your husband

It is very easy to throw past failures at your husbands face when he upset you. the level at which this is done vary from woman to woman. What is the point throwing back past mistakes of your husband right in his face. An ongoing issue should be resolved promptly and left behind as soon as possible and if it is a past issue that has been resolved, let it die.

6. Excluding him in decisions

So many wives are good at this. Scheduling events little or not without your husbands consent means you excluded him from that decision. You have to make deliberate effort to always include your husband in every decision. Note this is not about asking permission rather it is about remembering to include him in discussions you make; Personal inclusive.

7. Incomplete engagement in discussions

break in communication between couples

Women are not the only ones who like to talk and want to be heard: men too. Women feel terrible when they deserve full attention when they talk and you don’t give them. Men feel same and may express it in a different way you wouldn’t like. Try to give as much attention to your husband when he is discussing with you about his day or work else he will feel you don’t just care about his whole life forgetting you might be stressed out. If you cannot listen at the moment, let him know.

8. Comparing your husband/marriages

Any marriage without contentment is a time bomb waiting to explode. Men feel the need to fix things, work harder, do all they can to ensure their marriage gets a boost when their significant other display discontentment and they keep fixing until they feel like there is nothing more that they can do and just want to give up. The more time and energy you focus on comparing your marriages or husbands to that of other people, consciously or not telling him who he isn’t or who he needs to be, mounting unnecessary pressure on him, the more he drifts away.

9. Acting his mother 

I know it is highly damaging being a wife and a mother. But you are not his mother. If you are regularly telling your husband what’s best for him; is an excellent idea. But don’t tell him like you are his mother. Tell him as a wife please. Continuous behavior like this will make him feel he has lost his personal space, feels he is still living with his parents instead of his wife. This could also make a man feel unqualified as your protector.

10. Criticism

Frequent criticism will make your husband feel less and less of a man which will make him feel not good enough for you. And when a man starts feeling not good enough for you, there is more in his heart than you can ever know. I don’t mean you should not criticize your husband, but your praises should output your criticism. Words have the power to destroy or build anyone.

So be careful with the words you use to address your significant other. Challenge yourself to always praise your significant other for every little effort they put in. this will make them better and more productive.

11. Well planned Provoking

Do you provoke your husband intentionally in a subtle way? Do you think he doesn’t know? Do you push his buttons for the sake of attention and you think he is so dumb? Do you say provocative words or use certain words he doesn’t want to hear to test his response? Do you nag at him at the slightest opportunity? Do you compare your next door neighbors’ husband who is handy at home with your husband who is not and probably works 60-80 hours a week? You are sure playing with fire. Keep it up.

Note this formular:
Women = love
Men = respect

Respect, in all forms, speaks volumes to a men and often results in them feeling worthy of their wife’s cares.

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