20 Signs He Does Not Love You: 3 Will Shock You

Toxic relationship is characterized by giving all and getting nothing in return. When you are in love, your heart plays tricks on you. In our quest to find love, we often get into relationships that are not healthy.

signs he no longer love me

Most times, our friends and family recognize these signs that he doesn’t love you before we begin to. You are blind folded by certain qualities or attributes you see in your partner which may not actually mean he has them but made up. Yes made up qualities are possible when we crave for attention and or affection.

20 signs he doesn’t love you that you have ignored

1. Does he fight fair when you fight?

Fights!!! are inevitable in any relationship and sometimes needed to have a stronger relationship but it shouldn’t get nasty. Names/names calling should not be used when fighting because feelings could really be hurt by words.

2. He picks fights with you over nothing

Some things really are not worth fighting over. You need to value your relationship more than winning an argument guys.

3. He threatens to leave all the time

Refer to (1) and (2) above, if he loves you, he won’t threaten to leave you at the slightest provocation. It is unfair to threaten your significant other with walking away as a way of getting what you want. This could also mean manipulation.

4. He doesn’t listen when you talk about your day

If you get home from work and want to talk about your day, does he really listen? or pretends to listen? Does he interrupt rudely? A good way to tell if he is listening is if he actually engages with your story and asks relevant questions when appropriate.

5. Does he ask you about your day

Possibly you have not noticed he doesn’t ask how your day was. You may just naturally begin talking about your day without him asking. Next time, take note: and if he doesn’t ask about your day repeatedly, is a sure-fire sign he doesn’t love you.

6. He doesn’t make an effort to talk to you when you are apart

Life factors like jobs, school etc can separate couples for short periods of time. During this period, relationships could be tried. And so we make conscious effort to stay together via proper means of communication like texting, calls and social media platforms. So if the effort to stay connected is one-sided, then he likely doesn’t love you.

Planning is very important in all we do. Plan about everything from bottom to top. Both partners should have a plan about children, retirement, living arrangement etc so if you talk to him about the future, and he shuts down, could mean a bigger problem “he doesn’t love you”. If he loved you, he would have you in the picture

8. He forgets about important dates
Important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, appointments etc should not be forgotten especially if they mean a lot to your significant other.
9. He forgets about important events
Here I don’t mean birthdays or anniversaries, I am referring to other events in your life like big meeting at work and he forgets that it ever occurred, he’s clearly not concerned about the big events in your life and so doesn’t love.

Relationships are about loving each other unconditionally because of our flaws. You may wonder why. If he makes fun of you about anything, deliberately and frequently, especially in a manner that puts you down/hurts your emotions, he doesn’t love you.

11. They keep your relationship a secret

It is not normal to keep a relationship secret. Except he has something up his sleeves. If he keeps your relationship a secret, both on social media and in real-life, but doesn’t want you to keep it a secret, then it’s one of those big red flag in relationships and a sign of a possessive man. “He doesn’t love you”.

Relationships don’t work out on their own. It is your responsibility to make them what you want. You must make conscious effort to make sure it works. Love don’t just happen, people make them happen. Sometimes it gets rough and if he doesn’t try, then he doesn’t love you.

13. He never apologize when wrong

Pride could be destructive and if his pride is more important than your relationship, maybe you should pick up your bag and hit the road ASAP. Apologies are difficult but they need to be done if you truly love your significant other and want a healthy relationship.

14. He keeps you away from his family

Refer to (11), if you’ve been together for a while, you should have met at least few of his family members else “he doesn’t love you”

15. You have not met his friends and he doesn’t want to meet yours

Do you know this might be more important than meeting his family? This is because his friends and your friends can be completely brutal and honest about who they truly are. Remember your friends are like your eagle eye, they see little things you don’t see in the one you love and can tell if it is a danger sign or not.  This is another red flag in relationships.

16. They don’t support your dreams

I have always said relationship is partnership. What he wants in life is important, and so is yours. For a successful relationship, both partners must support each other’s goals and aspirations. If you seem to give all of your support to him and receive none in return, “he doesn’t love you”.

17. They joke about your passions

Passions are like inner flames. They make you who you are. If he doesn’t respect your passions, as a hair stylist etc then he doesn’t love you.

18. You are not a priority

If you truly love someone, they will become your priority. If your significant other places other things before you like his friends, etc, is a sure sign he doesn’t love you.

19. What does his eye say? “I love you or not”

The best sign to tell if he loves you are in his eyes. Look him in the eyes, you will know if he loves you. There is a burning desire in the eyes of someone looking at the person they truly love and cherish.

20. No physical sign of affection
For a healthy relationship, the place of physical affection cannot be over emphasized. If he doesn’t hug you, hold your hand while walking, or give you pecks and kisses when necessary, then he might not be that into you.
Note that these signs could be difficult to notice or agree if a friend gives you an hint when you are deeply in love, but they are so real and can latter lead to emotional trauma when you know what you desire and can’t just get it.
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