The Negative Effect Of A Toxic Relationship

You are in charge of how you react to events around you. From your siblings - your colleagues at work, from your parents - your spouse and the list is endless.

what is toxic relationship

It is therefore important to stay happy and focus your strength on important things and people in your life and it is your call who stays in your life.
Not all toxic relationships started toxic. It is very possible the relationship was healthy and very productive but along the line it became toxic. You might be in a toxic relationship unknowingly.
What is Toxic Relationship?
A toxic relationship is any relationship that is not favorable to you or others. The bases of any relationship, be it a healthy one or not, are most generally established upon common admiration, respect and love but can become unhealthy.
There is a vast difference between a bad relationship and a toxic one. It is the venomous environment that distinguishes them. Toxic relationship out rightly prevents productivity in the life of its victim.
Inability to communicate properly with your spouse can lead to a toxic relationship with time. Healthy boundaries are necessary to prevent your relationship from becoming a toxic one.
Just like narcissist, unhealthy individuals (mind sick) can target and prey upon others for their own personal gains. It is a imbalanced desire for a relationship. The unhealthy one is seeking to emotionally and psychologically drain others. They pretend to truly love their prey until they start acting out for their own interest. These individuals could be amazingly charming and know how to maneuver their way into any relationship that they perceive as beneficial. 
Note that most individuals who are toxic are not aware of their own toxic nature. They live in their own world. They care more of themselves and do not care about the interest of others including their second half.
More on toxic relationships

1. Toxic relationships lack the expression of approval or emotional support because of the break in communication

2. Toxic relationships are imbalanced, unfavorable, and unaware. It is completely one-sided

3. Toxic relationships are characterized as lacking any honest, ethical, or positive principles
4. Toxic relationships could lead to domestic violence
5. The harm of toxic relationships is that they are not only unpleasant to be around, but are also poisonous, leading to an emotional, psychological, and possibly physical death
6.Toxic relationships makes its victim leave in constant fear 
7. When a toxic relationship becomes poisonous, it is attacking every aspect of the persons involved
8. Toxic relationships can be hazardous leading to anxiety and probably purposeful harm of self and others
9.Toxic personality types are habitually mischievous
You must be mindful who you let into your life.

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