How To Beat Narcissists At Their Games

Narcissist yarn for excessive attention and admiration from people around them, hence they have troubled relationships. 

How to Win Narcissists To Your Side

A narcissist is someone who suffers from narcissistic personality disorder. A narcissist is someone with an extreme amount of self-love. They love themselves much more than they care about anyone.
They are great in attention seeking and have regards for those that show them much attention including their spouse. A narcissist so derive satisfaction from admiration of others. They make you sick sometimes, but here is how to beat them at their game.
1. They rarely or don’t change
In the mind of a narcissist, you are the one who needs to change. You must realize and accept them the way they are. Trying to effect changes in their attitudes is like trying to change the direction of flow of a river. This doesn’t mean you should not give it a shot, but it is best handled by a therapist.
2. Master their behaviors.
Generally, narcissist use fear to control others, they can’t admit faults, have negative reactions to criticism and always want to exploit others. You need to understand their behaviors as it varies from one narcissist to another.
3. Hide your emotions. 
Narcissists are excellent feeding off of others information. They gather information from you including emotions and find ways to use them against you for their benefits. They are good at manipulating peoples mind using their own information. Shorting them out by not giving vital information about yourself will make them stay away from you.
4, Cut off from them. 
You might not be able to hide your emotions from them because they are sooth talkers. They can make you spill it all out before you know it. They are generally alluring. At this junction, you might want to cut off completely including emotionally else the manipulation continues. Note that they will do all within their reach to keep you as much as they need you. So you have to make conscious effort in keeping them where they belong.
Separating from a narcissist might not be possible in your case for various reasons, hence tolerance. Gentleness, kindness and love could be all they need from you. Narcissists are not necessarily awful people, as this disorder could be genetic, caused by environment or negative childhood experiences. Give them a chance to feel the importance of relationships through gentleness, kindness and love. Nevertheless, be fully aware of their tricks.
6. Team player
Team mates don’t use I like a narcissist do. Be a good team mate by sing WE instead of I. This will make them feel loved and important. But ensure you don’t give out vital information about yourself. This will also make a narcissist want to be around you because you make them feel important. Use this opportunity to let them know how much you love them and wish they could change.
7. Appreciate good behavior.
Ensure to appreciate a narcissist for every good behavior. When they show compassion or concern for others’ or do the unexpected good, appreciate them with positive compliments.
It is good to try to help someone suffering from NPD. But remember to put yourself first because they are narcissist. They are basically looking for what they can gain from you.
There are different levels of NPD. A full blown one is almost a waste of your time trying to change them. At this point, please refer to a therapist for any shot.
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