14 Causes, Effects and Healing Of Low Self-esteem

Self-image, (self-worth) is at the core of our existence because it affects all areas of our life. In fact, that is the basis of our dominion on earth and seeking dominion over other planets. Low self-esteem is loss of confidence in ones self.

Self-esteem is a basic human need that influences the way we think, feel, decide and act. It is therefore the sum total of two (2) things “self-confidence and self-respect”.

This is the feeling of personal capacity or competence and a need of respect from others which entails recognition, acceptance, status and appreciation based on your capabilities.


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It is a feeling of personal worth. We all have the feeling of self-respect which is basically an inner self-esteem that leads to self-actualization (the realization of ones potentials).
Self-esteem is also known as self-assurance, self-regards, faith in oneself and trust in ones ability. Self-esteem does not mean one is a Narcissist.

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Self-esteem is also the reflection of a person’s overall evaluation or appraisal of own worth. This includes both positive and negative evaluation of self. It encompasses beliefs and emotions.
Self-esteem is about how much you value, love, and accept yourself as a person. For instance: feeling good about yourself, seeing yourself in a positive way that is realistic and to appreciate your own worth.

It is also to a large extent how much you feel valued, loved, accepted and thought well of by others. For example: To feel you are likeable and loveable.

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Considerable level of self-esteem is necessary for every type of relationship. It helps you determine what you are good at (your strength) and acknowledging what you are not good at (your weaknesses) and work towards getting better. It is also to take pride in your God given skills, abilities, talents and accomplishments.

Low self-esteem

It is a negative evaluation of ones worth in terms of your beliefs and emotions. This negative self-evaluation affects everything in the life of its victim.

Feelings of a low self-esteem victim

1. They always feel as if no one will like them for who they are.
2. They feel as if no one will accept them for what they stand for.
3. They feel as if they cannot do well in anything.
4. They always feel timid even if they know better than the other person.

Low self-esteem is caused by two things majorly

1. How you see yourself and
2. How others see you or treat you.
Others include:
3. Background / Home
4. Peer pressure
6. Unrealistic expectations
7. Intimidation / Bullying
8. Sickness/disease
9. Discouragement
10. Physical appearance
11. Inferiority complex
12. Socioeconomic status
13. Past errors and mistakes
14. Ignorance
15. Academic challenge
16. Abuses (Sexual, emotional or physical)

From research, children from homes were they are encouraged to express themselves, their emotions, were they are encouraged to speak up are hardly affected by low self-esteem. Low self-esteem shows the psychological state of a person. A person experiencing low self-esteem will find it difficult to manage situations and this might lead to depression and possibly fear of the unknown.

Effects of low self-esteem
2. Drug abuse
3. Defensiveness
4. Detachment
5. Dependence on others
6. Domineering attitude
7. Self-consciousness
8. Pessimism
9. Self-imposed isolation
10. Hostility
11. Envy
12. Blaming others for their own mistakes/errors
13. Judgmental attitude
14. Feeling rejected
15. Worriness
16. Negative utterances
17. Fear
18. Perfectionism
19. Insecure
20. Feeling insignificant
21. Feeling inadequate
22. Feeling dissatisfied
23. In some cases becomes a narcissist.
24. Relationship anxiety

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Healing of low self-esteem
2. Believe in your inner abilities
3. Work and speak out on all your new ideas and opinions
4. Be open to criticism
5. Invest into learning new skills
6. See challenges as opportunities to be a better you
7. See mistakes as a learning process
8. Embrace your talents and uniqueness
9. Avoid comparison with others
10. Know your worth
12. Be courageous
13. Grow from the inside out
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14. Think positive
15 Have realistic goals
16. Aim to accomplish a task per time.
17. Get a new hobby

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