8 Signs Someone Is In Love With You And You Don’t Know

Sometimes it's difficult to tell if someone is secretly in love with you. We have friends of opposite sex who show lots of care and we might be misled to think they are actually in love with us and they might be!

Signs Someone Is Deeply In Love With You And You Don’t Know

Love could play some trick on us sometimes. However, there are ways to tell if someone has stronger feelings than you may realize. A person in love will exhibit certain behaviors. These are the giveaway signs that we do not take seriously since the person involve is a friend.

The person right beside you may be in love with you, and you don’t just know it. Probably you are childhood friends who hang out a lot, have so many things in common, know each other’s secret and you are fully aware if He or She is in a relationship. Unknowingly to you, they have great crush for you.
We take our one special friend for just a friend even if they go the extra mile for us. They are not expressing their feelings to you verbally but showing you through their actions. You should have a second thought for anyone who goes the extra mile for you especially if they are not in a relationship.
Signs someone is in love with you
1. They go the extra mile                                                                                            
Friends don’t go the extra mile except exceptional friends and most likely the ones that are secretly in love. A friend in love will go out of their way to see you happy, be of help when you need one the most, rescue you when you are lost, take you to the hospital when you are ill and don’t leave you there, rather they stay with you. They care about your financial wellbeing, they check on you regularly via call or text, they just want to make sure you are okay and moving on.
2. They have fun with you 

You must have observed that not all your friends you have real fun with. Be sure to pay attention to the person who's always there for you ensuring you have fun in whatever you are doing. When a friend takes it on to ensure you have fun in any task, cheering you up could be love.

3. They pay additional attention to you

We make out time for things and those that are dearer to us. Watch-out for a friend who pays additional attention to you. They want to hear your voice and want to be there for you.

4. Eye contact

If by now you have someone with all the above attributes, when next you're withthe person, note how often your eyes come in contact. There is some amount connection between the eye and our emotions. We look more at the one we are in love with often while communicating. Our eye conveys a powerful message while talking to the one we love. Though, this could be misunderstood especially if the one is shy. When someone is in love with you, they will stare at your eyes more directly and for a longer period of time; they want to be completely present with you," Dr. Flores said. The eye helps in connecting emotionally.

5. They talk about you / introduces you

When someone is in love with you, they just can’t hide it forever, rather they talk about you at the slightest opportunity. They sometimes pass the message across by the type of people they talk / introduce you to (family and friends) even their business partners or bosses. This is done to prove you are safe with them. Nobody wants to be in an unsafe relationship.

6. They are responsive

When someone is responsive to everything about you is a good indicator. When you are not happy they are not happy and when you are happy, they are happy. Your feelings each moment becomes theirs. They can read your mood from afar and respond to it appropriately.

7. They remember tiny details about you

It is not setting reminders for important events, but remembering tiny details about you, mentioned casually while chatting over the social media or while taking a walk together. It could be when they visited and you did something you don’t expect them to remember and they did. Someone in love will remember the very tiny detail about you. They will remember important dates in your life like your birthdate you probably mentioned once, you best meal, color and even your workout days.

8. Do they mention you in the future? 
If they mention you in the future is a sure sign. No one will mention you in their future except they want to spend the rest of their life with you.

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