7 Types of Smiles and What They Mean

Do you know real happy people smile about 35 – 50 times a day? While the rest smile about 20 times a day.

the power of smile

Though true frequent smiles will help generate more stronger / positive emotions and that is why we are excited around children because on the average, they smile about 400 times a day. Smiling can also boost your mood greatly.

In everyday social relationship, we smile dozens of times per day. Our senses believe they all mean to convey happiness or all good and positive signal. This could be false. Smiles are pretty complex. They send varying messages depending on the conveyor.
Smile is a makeover expression comprised by flexing the muscles of both ends of ones mouth while showing the front teeth in most cases without vocalization. Smiles are one of the best ways to communicate in any relationship. A true smile is welcoming, it shows peace and love.
Smile is a makeover expression

Understanding the message behind any type of smile is necessary for a healthy relationship. Although smiles are typically associated with happiness, we can use smiles in a variety of ways.

There are different types of smiles and here are the famous ones

1. Duchene or true Smile
A French man named Duchenne is the son of a pirate and a neurologist. He wanted to know more about human facial expressions. This smile is often related to genuine or real happiness and joy. This type of smile is associated with narrowed, happy eyes that leave wrinkles.
Duchene or true Smile shows real happiness

2. Fake Smile
Unlike  Duchenne smile  that has eye involvement, fake smile lacks this credibility. You can easily predict the person is faking the smile if you notice an upturn in the lips either to the right or left. During the time of faking this smile, the lips may remain closed or sometimes slightly opened. Fake smile reveals unhappiness in a person or when we a not in the mood to smile but just have to.
Fake Smile and its meaning

3. Prickly or embarrassed Smile
We feel uncomfortable or embarrassed when people say inappropriate things or gives gestures we don’t like they may engage in an embarrassed smile that is intended to cover up their true feeling of embarrassment. Blushing and the eyebrow is a giveaway here. It will fold while you smile. Sometimes head dipped down and slightly moved to the left is another sign.
4. Sad smile
Smiles could do some magic in hiding our true emotions but with a careful observation, we will be able to tell if it is a smile of sadness. When we do not want others to know our true state emotionally, we consciously or not put up this smile. There is a grave look of sadness even when such a person smile.
5. Flirting smile
People flirt for various reasons. Everything flirting isn’t really sexual. A flirting smile is easily noticed because it comes with other gestures like a wink or other body language to communicate with you.
6. Seductive Smile
When people try to be seductive, they give a slight smile that accompanies direct eye contact, with a slow glance away, while smiling. Submissive behavior is characterized with seductive smile.
7. Ironic Smile
The eyes are easy giveaway here. There is a look of disparagement. It could mean displeasure or even pleasure.
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