8 Reasons For Personal Space In Your Relationship

I feel like I am choking in this relationship!”What do you mean? “I just want to be around you. Is that too much to ask?”“No or yes…but we need some time apart, too. Remember too much everything is bad.”

reasons for space in relationships

Does this sound like you?

Personal space is an essential, and never a luxury. It is great being with your partner; hence the need to understanding why personal space is important in achieving a healthy relationship. The earlier you realize that every relationship is a balancing act with personal space - between personalities, wants and needs, and between spending time together and giving yourselves time apart, the better for the relationship. Personal space in a relationship does not mean there should break in communication or separating for awhile. It is rather giving your spouse a break within specific times. You must understand your partners emotional needs if you really want to know when they need their space.

Remember it is normal from time to time to be in need of our space and there are enormous benefits to this.

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Here are the reasons for personal space in your relationship

1. Individual uniqueness

Our significant other halves are wonderful. They want to enjoy every bit of what their partner enjoys and this could result to misunderstanding. You don’t have to enjoy everything your partner does. This is because we are unique. What gets my fantasy might not get yours. Don’t be afraid to tell your partner “honey, while you watch soccer with the guys, I will be with the girls at the saloon”. This is the most mature way of merging two individual interests that don’t mesh, so it is a win-win.

2. Personal self-esteem 

You may wonder at this but being able to participate in other / personal interests is a good way to develop great self-esteem, which enables us to live our dreams thereby yielding better communication and happiness in the relationship. “When your partner is happy, you are happy”.

3. Stronger couple

Being individuals working as a team will make you better and stronger. Friends and family are important in having a balanced relationship. Note that you have to set boundaries for them else they will unconsciously take over your relationship. Strong couples keep friends because most of the time, they are the ones you talk about as couples. You feel concerned of their well-being. If you’re together all the time, what is there to talk about? It is fun to hear what your partner did today, and tell them what you did as well. This keeps communication between you and your significant other stronger, enjoying a loving and trusting relationship while working as a team. “Remember you are”

4. Individualism in happiness

Individualism in relationship is one thing that still exists. Though you might have similar interest, do things alike and the likes, yet you are an individual. Being an individual and being able to “do your own thing without hurting your partner” means being a happier and more fully realized person in your own right yielding better relationship.

5. Too much of being together suffocates

Truth be told, too much of everything is bad. Keeping the spark in your relationship means giving some space. Most often, we try to be something we aren’t when our other half is around us. We want to be superman or batman. This is good but too much of it will hurt the relationship. You should both create time not to be together. “you go visit your parents while I stay with the kids”.

6. Trust

Too much time together will lead to unhealthy relationship. Frankly, It is not healthy to spend too much time together. If you always want to be by your partner because you worry what they will say to your friends or family or at an event, is a sign that you’re spending too much time together. It is more or less feeling that you can’t trust your partner to fend for themselves. Such relationships can turn toxic very quickly.

7. Emotions

You need to create personal space in your relationship so you could have a better understanding of your partners emotional needs and for you not to be exhausted emotionally too. 

8. Sense of identity

Defining oneself solely in terms of the relationship is a mistake. You have a name in the relationship therefore you must keep a sense of identity in your relationship. This does not make you a narcissist rather it helps you sail the relationship to better waters.

Personal space is one of the surest keys to a healthy relationship. Absence of it could be catastrophic. Giving your partner some space could be the greatest gift you can ever give them.

Personal space can be anything from a quiet bath after a long day to a weekend away with friends. So go ahead and ask for some space.

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