How to Handle a Workaholic Husband for Healthy Relationship

The trend keeps skyrocketing. So many husbands don’t act like one anymore. Lots of fathers just answer the title ‘father’. They barely know anything about their children. They are up very early and rush out the house for work. They return from work when the kids are on bed.

workaholic husband

They hardly remember a thing of their wife. It does not mean they don’t love their family.
We recognize the fact that husbands / fathers are the head of the home and also providers. But it should not be at the detriment of their relationship / marriage.

Though workaholic husbands can be attributed to two main things or causes

1. Workaholic husbands could be as a result of the economy. Families are trying very hard to meet end means. Here having a workaholic husband could be needful but for a while because you will feel the vacuum he leave behind soon and their inability to know and understand their kids. Don’t blame him; he is trying to live up the man in him.

2. This is more of a negative reason which is inferiority complex. Some workaholic husband do so just to feel important and be recognized by their boss etc. they get so engross with job or projects that they forget important things like their wife and kids. It doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate their family but the feeling of importance to the outside world is what they are after either consciously or unconsciously.

The funniest part is that virtually all workaholic get great amount of love and respect from their immediate community / environment, from friends and probably from extended families. Then you wonder why a wife of such husband who is perceived to be a great man will say he is not caring or he is absent in the relationship. The workaholic husband will say: hey that’s not fair, I buy you the best cars, and you go shopping in the best places around and so on.

Psychological, the mind of a workaholic husband is wired to just keep working so the family will not lack, not knowing he is causing more damages by raising kids who don’t know their father or raising kids with no fatherly touch or impact in their lives and having a wife who is emotionally depressed and lonely.

Workaholic husband is a strong provider who sees it as the ultimate for a happy family.
Hey dear, he needs your help out of this dilemma.

How to handle a workaholic husband for healthy relationship are listed below

1- Stop Nagging

 You will only succeed in driving him more and farther away when you nag at him and hoping your nags will make him come to his senses and realize your emotional trauma. All workaholics {male and female} are emotionally unavailable. All they care about is work, work and work. They see nothing wrong with this since they get fulfillment from what they do.
They truly do not know they are hurting your emotions except you make them know and nagging is not part of it. You need to constantly talk to him in a calm atmosphere and with the right tone.

2- Get Involved Together

This rest totally on you because a workaholic won’t think anything else other than his work. Talk with him and plan out a suitable timetable to do things together. This could be doing the dishes or preparing meals at agreed time. While doing something together, make him see the importance of a family by your body language and tone used to discuss.

3- Know His Work / Projects

When you understand his type of job, you will be able to know the best way to help him out. You will be able to know if there is pressure on him and the amount of pressure too. If he brings work home, volunteer to help him. Even if you have no idea of the work, tell him to tell you what to do.

4- Don’t Compare Him with other Husbands

This has become one of the greatest mistake women do in marriages. Women always desire a better husband. But to compare him with another man is an error. You only make your husband defensive when you say don’t you see Julianas husband? He is always home for dinner early. He takes their kids to the playground every Saturday. So what is your problem?
Dear, julianas husband might not be under pressure from work like you husband do. You don’t know his working hours etc.
In fact, you hurt yourself the most when you compare your husband to another man. This also how the level of anger vs love in your relationship.

5- Do Not Neglect
You only add salt to the wound if you decide to neglect your husband as a result of his workaholics. Neglect is not the way out. When you neglect your husband, people will ask him out there if his wife is home, is she okay? All this will amount to negative thoughts in him. The feeling of neglect from a man has great consequences.
Keep your husband neat and tidy. Dress him up as your big baby and while you do this, with a smile always tell him how much you and the kids love him. Gradually it will sink to his senses that you need him around.

6- Making New Friends

I am not in total support of making new friends. It can cause relationship anxiety if not well handled. Making new friends could also point or seen as neglect by your husband. It is like you go do your work while I hang out with my friends. So if not handled with wisdom, it could have a negative impact on your marriage.

7- Compulsory Dates

A workaholic will not have sufficient time for anything other than his work as earlier stated. It is your responsibility to fix compulsory dates with him. Send him reminders of your date with appealing words.

8- Gratitude

If asked a workaholic why he works so much is answer will be to make his family happy, to enable his kids attend good schools etc. So you see to a large extent he is not really selfish to his family some way from his point of view.  He is doing his family a huge favor.
So be grateful to your workaholic husband. Tell him thank you for providing this and that for you and for his kids. We are really grateful but want to ask if you could come home early tomorrow or could you please take the kids out tomorrow. There are several other ways of helping him realize how much he has not been around emotionally for you and for the kids.

9- Define Your Value in His Life

There are lots of ways to prove your worth or value in the life of your husband. You may think this is not worth the shot. Just do it and see the result.
Men aside women love been pampered and cared for. Wake him up for work early, remind him of his meetings and check on him via calls or text messages during break at work. Randomly gift him and not only on his birthday. Give him a massage when you feel he is really exhausted and tensed etc. be kind to him and always tell him how much you and the kids love him.

A workaholic husband could result to loneliness and self-pity. However, it is your responsibility to help him realize how far he has drifted away from what you once had from your marital vows.

Feel free to add more to the above listed in the comment box below.

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