My Wish this Christmas to the World-Candle Light

The entire world is getting darker by the day. The need for we all to turn on our candle light cannot be overemphasized. If there is a time to turn on our candle light it is obviously now, especially in this season.

Christmas wish

The world today is questioned with ‘Does love still exists? Everyone is concerned with their self. {Me myself and I}. Nobody wants to care for the needy, the man down the street who is homeless, the hungry. So many people are out there seeking help. You don’t have to be one of the worlds’ millionaires like Bill Gates, Aliko Dangote, Rihanna, Nicolas Cage, Kenya West or Jay-Z before you can give a helping hand. A hot cup of coffee handed over to someone down town in New York City, California, in Lagos Nigeria, Nairobi Kenya or somewhere in South Africa could do it. A bowl of rice given to someone hungry could save a life. You wouldn’t know until you do it.

The tension and anxiety in the world keeps skyrocketing, hence the need to turn on our candle light this Christmas.

The holiday is to reconnect with love by reuniting with our lost friends, family and relationships / marriages. Let your love this Christmas be like a candle light. Let it so shine to the world so it could be a brighter place where there will be love seen and felt in the air. Love is an amazing gift that is contagious.

Your warm smile could be all a soul needs to make it through the night. A sweater for a homeless this winter could be all a soul needs to make it through the next year.
If you think your situation is terrible, why don’t you take a drive down town. Many need medical attention urgently but can’t afford the bill - give a helping hand if you can.

If the world would turn on their candle light, the world will be peaceful. As little as candle light is, so powerful is its attracting force.

A candle light in a darkroom brightens the room. When you add another candle light, it gets brighter. The more candle lights you have on, the more brighter the room.

Just as a candle light provides light, it also provides sweet fragrance. You don’t have to be an elaborated chandelier before you could hold up a candle for the world. Start by being a source of light to your immediate environment in the best possible little way. You don’t need the press to do this. Every little kindness shown is a light on a chandelier. The good part is that there is a candle in everyone. We only decide if to turn it on or not. Some are turned on but not burning brightly. They are dim and it is almost not of use. You could change this by making it burn bright if you use the proper wax / paraffin and  a good wick.

The season of Christmas brings the fire of love in everyone. Let your candle light lite up that of another’s.

Note: My wish this Christmas to the world is to seek out the helpless, the needy, the depressed and confused.

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With Love.
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