Relationship Self Help for Men for Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships are ones that always bring out the best in anyone. Though we know there’re no perfect relationships. Healthy relationships make you feel really good almost all the time and generally bring you up.

Peradventure you are about setting out on a relationship; you sure need these self-help tips for a better you in the relationship.

Note that your partner becomes a reflection of your true being. 

relationship help for men

Men are centrical beings and are mostly led by their muscles instead of their head. I mean head upstairs or brains. We love to be at the center of everything and we might be doing it wrongly leaving our relationship to suffer for our centrical nature.

The following will be of great help to men for a healthier relationship.

1. Keep other female friends at arms stretch
The joy of every woman is to feel safe and secure in their relationship. When a woman feels safe, she will be at peace with you, listen to you and always want to be by your side.

One of the ways of achieving this is by keeping female friends and colleagues at arms stretch. No texting or chatting at odd times. Your partner becomes suspicious of your moves when you do the above.

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2. Unlock your gadgets or make your passwords known
If there are no skeleton in your closet you will not lock your gadgets. If it is necessary to lock your gadgets let your partner know the password. Failure to do this can also lead to the feeling of insecurity.

3. Listen
A man that desires a healthier relationship must ensure to listen to his partner. you must know and practice the Techniques for Listening in your Relationships.
Listening is a skill you have to learn.

4. Patient
Men love action. Sorry it is part of the genetic makeup. Men love it when they say something and you act on it immediately, while women gets the information, process it properly before taking actions. Maybe that is why they make tremendous decisions. When you are patient with your partner, you get more loved.

5. Don’t be a mamas big boy
This is perceived by your partner as immaturity. When there is little issue, you report to your mum first before telling your partner – you are so wrong. It should be the other way round.

It is a good thing to have a close relative you can confide in but not everything.
Mothers are awesome, but you have a new mum now.

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6. Be physically present
When with your partner is not the time to plan your next meeting especially if she is discussing with you. During discussions, you have to be physically present and her know by your contributions via words, facial expressions and nods. They help for a healthy relationship.

7. Use positive body languages
Body languages are effective as verbal languages for healthier relationships and you should use as much as possible various positive body languages to your advantage.

8. Express your love for your partner
Women enjoy the feeling of expressed love. Sometimes you think they know you, yes they do but you have to reaffirm it over and over again.
Add some flowers to it when you can. Take her for a walk holding hands.

9. Be her defense
One important role or duty to your partner as a man is to protect her. Don’t let nobody insult her while you stand and watch. I don’t mean you should get into a fight, but there is wisdom for everything. 

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10. Trustworthy
For a healthy relationship to keep striving, the place of trust cannot be over emphasized. Trust is vital for any healthy relationship. Trust is bedrock for a lasting healthy relationship. The moment your partner isn’t sure of your trust anymore, that moment your relationship starts sinking and it sinks pretty fast when trust is the issue.

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You must be trustworthy as a man and it comes by earning it. You must prove that you can be trusted. When there is trust in your relationship, the fear of the unknown will not exist (anxiety).

Relationship anxiety is a terrible thing and I will strongly advice you do all you can to keep this off your relationship.

11. Dates
Most men are not good at remembering dates of their partner. it is very necessary to remember the dates of your partner. Her birth-date should be like your own date too because you don’t have any reason to forget her birth-date even if she understands.

The way she values her date is the same way you should. Set a reminder for her date if need be.

12. Be her reminder
Women love it when you remind them of their personal appointment with the dentist, the gynecologist, the fitness guy and so on. It points to the fact that you care about their well-being. 

13. Don’t be late for dates
Like your resumption time at work, so also you should endeavor to keep to time for dates. Also ensure to have regular dates with your partner. it is a way of expressing your love for your partner.

14. Be proud of your partner
Women are filled with great joy when you put them before yourself. Be proud of her and show it to the world. Talk about your partner when with your friends, it will get to her in some way.

Also talk about how loving and caring she is in front of her friends. They will keep smiling.

15. Keep neat
Neatness plays an essential role in healthy relationship in the sense that it creates a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere.

Keep your hair Tidy, shave all necessary part of your body. Don’t be a man that gets back from work and leaves his shoes in the sitting room and stocks in another part of the house. 

Keep your immediate environment neat. Shall will be proud and talk about you to her friends.

16. Be appreciative
Don’t think it is her duty to prepare the meals while you yours is to have the meal only. The taste of your next meal might depend on your gratitude for the one you had.

Appreciation is a way of asking for more and at the same time encouraging the person to do better.

Your gratitude should not be only when the meal taste great but always.

Note: It should not be for meals only. Yes, I know of the saying that the way to a man’s’ heart is through his stomach. But try as much as possible to show gratitude for every of her efforts, for her advice, for her care, in fact for been your companion.

17. Be open to her and be accountable
Openness is very good for healthy relationships. When you express your inner thoughts in the best possible way, it tells how much you carry her along in the relationship.

Be accountable for your actions. On no account should you shift blame if you want a long lasting and healthier relationship.

18. Check on her
Show you are a real man by saying HI to her during break at work. It shows you have her in mind despite your tight schedule. You can do this by calling or texting. If possible you can video call so she will know where exactly you are. This will increase trust in your relationship. This process can also be used to create a sensual atmosphere for any day.

19. Don’t make all the decisions
Ego is a thing in men and the ability to put your ego under control is important for a healthier relationship.

Try not to be the only making all the decision, endeavor to ask for her opinion and go with her opinion. Sometimes both of you should make a list by deciding together what should be in the list.

Two heads are better than one you know.

20. Be handy
The bosses role is always sweat but not at the expense of your healthier relationship. Women love their man to be handy. 

A lot of women complain of their husband not been handy in the house. Your wife is a help mate and as such you are responsible to assist her in any possible way. Don’t wait until she asks for help before rendering one. Be a handy man and you will see a loving wife.

21. Above all have fun
Over seriousness in a relationship because you want the best out of it will only cause damage to the relationship. Be serious, sure, but not over serious to the extent of not having time for fun.

All work without play makes jack a dull boy.

You should have dedicated time for fun with your partner. Go to the movies together, to the beach. Do something together that will bring out the fun side of your relationship.

What about fun with the guys? You need to create time to be with the guys too for guys talk.
It is very important as you build a healthy relationship with your partner to also keep friends close as they will be needed at some point or the other.

Note that there is no relationship where nobody faults, but when a partner faults, from the above tips, forgiveness will easily come by.

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With love
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