9 Important Set Up Boundaries For Healthy Relationship

The journey of a thousand mile begins with a step. So also, the journey to a healthy relationship begins with setting important boundaries.

important boundaries in relationship

Boundaries in relationships are not to be mistaken as threat. They are put in place for easy actualization of healthy relationship. These boundaries should be seen as maps to get to your destination easier and faster with little or no effort.

When you view boundaries in relationship as maps and as defense for your relationship, you will feel more secured and trust for your partner.

The fact remains that we are all from different backgrounds and hence different ideology and different boundaries.
As couples, there is every tendency that these boundaries have been communicated unconsciously by our partner during our ignorance. There are important boundaries you must set by discussing and agreeing with your partner on them.

Remember you are not doing this to threaten your partner or drive them crazy but to build a healthy relationship. There will be no healthy relationship without these important boundaries in place.

Here are the 9 Important Boundaries

1- Medium and Time of Communication

This should be the foremost for all couples or partner who yearn for healthy relationship. Love intoxicate sometimes that we call our loved one almost every hour. You have to define the best medium of communicating as well as time to do that.
Some people love reading text messages from their partners instead of calls. I really love texting. It gives an opportunity to express your inner thoughts better. Peradventure, you prefer texting to phone calls; you are responsible to communicate this to your partner. Maybe you love getting text from your partner all day the moment you are not together, it is also the responsibility of your partner to communicate with you on the best possible and convenient time he or she can text. Just know what works best for but of you for better result.

2- What to do on Bed

This could result to conflict if not properly defined. You may wonder why? Your partner might not like the idea of reading on bed. Probably he or she likes the light turned off immediately it is bed time and if boundaries are not set could lead to arguments when it is bed time.

3- Words that can be used on Each Other

This in most case has to do with your background, respect you exhibit and personal preferences. We are all from different background with different experiences. Some people don’t take offense when foul words are used to address them. Probably your spouse is this kind of person or not, it necessitates the setup of boundaries regarding languages or words to be used for your partner and for your kids.

4- What you Share

As good as it sounds to share everything with your partner; some people don’t like the idea an inch. Some is as a result of the nature of their jobs. It is possible letting their partner know of the password of their personal computer will put His or Her job at risk. Whatever the reason is, you have to discuss it with your partner first. If you don’t set these boundaries and your partner innocently cross them, you might feel violated and this could lead to arguments that would have been prevented.

5- What you can’t do for your Partner

For this boundary, it is focused more on attitude. Some people are fond of telling lies and probably you have a lying partner, of cause they expect you support their lying skills or cover for them.
Maybe you don’t want to cover for your addict partner. There are lots of things to consider when setting boundaries regarding your partners’ character or attitude.

6- Social Media Handling

Does your partner like the idea of social media? Is your partner a social media freak?
Clear boundaries are needed when it comes to socializing on social media platforms. Your partner might be the all sharing while you are not for various reasons. Some people enjoy keeping a low profile lifestyle. They don’t want their boss or colleagues to know where they went Friday night or don’t just want the world to know too much about them.  Clear boundaries are really needed.

7- When to Involve a 3rd Part in your Relationship Problem

Some people do not fancy the idea of a 3rd party in their relationship for personal reasons. But a 3rd party might be needed sometimes, so you need to talk things out regarding when a 3rd party should be involved in your relationship matter.

8- How and when to have a Date

Dates are good for couples. It helps to rekindle or reaffirm love. It is a way of creating intimacy. It is a get alone opportunity from the kids. You should agree on a date at least ones a month or twice. Discuss and agree on when and how to have a date which is also dependent on your schedule.

9- Boundaries on Outfits

This has become a must set boundary for everyone seeking healthier relationship. Your partner might like dressing casual always or probably your partner likes dressing as a slay queen and you don’t like the all eye all attention on your partner.
Maybe your partner doesn’t even have a dress sense and needs help.
All of these reasons and more about outfit needs boundary. Even what you put on at home can become an issue if you don’t talk about it.   

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