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Respect and love is inseparable in a healthy relationship. We are complex being with great desire to love and to be loved yet filled with flaws and in need to be understood by others.
When you keep failing in a thing it points that you should change how you do what you do.

respect in relationship

If your relationships have been failing, you should check what you do in the relationship that facilitates its breaking.

There is never going to be a perfect human on the surface of the earth, though we thrive for perfection each day. You must ensure to work with your partner for a healthier relationship by avoiding things that will push your partner to the wall.

Here is the list of Don’t for Healthy Relationships

1- Don’t Capitalize on your Partners Weaknesses

Most people in relationships are fond of this great error. They capitalize on their partners weaknesses and expect their partners love to increase. Nobody likes that attitude displayed towards them. You are to encourage your partner in their area of strength while working on their weakness to be better.
Scolding your partner will only destroy your relationship. There are other ways of correcting your partner or telling them what you want or expect them to do at each point of time and be gentle when correcting your partner.

2- Don’t Retaliate

It is in the human nature to retaliate any wrong done to us. But where is the place of love if you do this. Some people go to the extent of saving every wrong done by their partner in their storage devices and use them against their partner when the need arises. This is relationship immaturity. when your partner apologizes for any wrong, you have no reason what so ever to revisit that wrong with the intention to use it against them. Don’t retaliate, it HURTS!

3- Don’t Over React

Over reaction or taking things out of proportion will change the direction of your relationship towards dead end.  A lot of people don’t consider the aftermath of an event before they react. When your partner does something wrong, take a moment to reflect what they did, think about what you will respond with and the possible effect or outcome of your response to your healthy relationship.
Don’t amplify events in your relationship because events are meant to occur.

4- Don’t Threaten your Partner with Breakups

When you allow sentiment in your relationship, you are no longer in control but emotions.
Don’t threaten your partner with breakups because they did not do what you ask them to do.
Ask yourself this; what if you threaten your partner with breakups and he / she agrees, is that how you will keep breaking up other relationships?
Unnecessary threats may lead to relationship anxiety.

5- Don’t be Possessive
This in most cases points towards insecurity and trust in one of the partner.

Your partner feels horrible each time you act like this. Though they might not tell, you until they do something drastic. If you are at the early stage of your relationship and a partner is been possessive, you should be careful about the future.

6- Don’t Expect Nothing but Love
Love is respect, love cares and love covers a multitude of wrong.  When you lose sight of this, you are heading for a great disappointment. A lot of people are in various relationships because they are looking for a Means to an end.
They fall in love with the bank details of a person instead of the personality, love and respect they get.
When in a relationship for love sake every other thing flow.

7- Don’t be Tight Fisted

Relationship and love has something in common which is giving and sharing. If you cannot share, you cannot give. These two are building blocks for a healthy relationship. So give your fist a break and let go time after time.

8- Don’t take Issues Out

I know before you got into that relationship you had friends and of course family. Now that you are in that relationship, your partner becomes your best friend and first family member. That is why you are advised to marry friend (friendship in marriage). When your partner becomes your best friend, you will easily open up to them just the way you do with your friends.
Ensure to discuss issues first together and if need be before seeking help outside. This keeps the integrity of your relationship intact.

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