Emotions- Ways Of Expressing Our Inner Thoughts

It’s one thing to be loved, it’s another to love. Our feelings most of the time is a reflection of our inner thoughts and minds which cannot be understood except expressed in one form or the other and this gives birth to various types of emotions.

 emotions and our expressions

Emotions are strong ways of expressing our inner thoughts. These thought could be the way we feel about somebody (for your siblings, the love of your life etc.), these expressions are almost certainly beyond our control except conscious effort is put in place, that control is possible.

 For example, when you start having some thought about a friend (opposite sex) either consciously or not you start calling or texting the person more frequent than ever just to say Hi. These continuous expressions of positive emotions like these leads to increase in affection and love.
It is so obvious that there are Positive and Negative Emotions that are expressed daily by each individual. 

Our emotions each day is greatly influenced by our activities, the type of encounter we had and so on. It means that our emotions at specific time define our current state of mind at that time.

There is a feeling of a new car bought, there is a feeling of being a graduate, there is a feeling of a new born baby in the family, there is a feeling of being in love for the very first time, there is a feeling of being accepted by your pear group and there is also a feeling of losing a loved one. All of these are somewhat expressed by our emotions.

Note that both positive and negative emotions are feed-backs of something experienced.

Emotions could be misinterpreted as attitude.
From investigations, certain consistency in once emotion could signify that it was passed down from either of the parents or grandparents.
From investigation also, children from homes where love is well expressed and not unnecessary pampering of the child, tend to easily love others. 

What Are Emotions? 

If you careful read the above, you could define emotions in various ways. There is no particular definition for this powerful tool.
Here, emotions are sensation originating from ones environments, temperament, or relationships with others, (feed-backs).
It is the feedback sent from our brain which is mostly expressed in our faces and composure.

Here is a list of the various type of emotions expressed ether facially or by our composure: 

1                    Joy or Bliss which Is feeling happy
2                    Surprise or Astonishment which is unpreparedness for something
3                    Fear which is the feeling of being afraid
4                    Disgust or Repulsion which is the feeling of something isn’t right
5                    Anger which is the feeling of being angry
6                    Sadness which is the feeling of being sad
7                    Trust which is the feeling of being accepted
8                    Anticipation which is the feeling of being expecting or positively looking forward to something

I will draw your attention to our surrounding. This factor as related to emotions has been ignored for too long. Our environment / surrounding plays a great roll in influencing our emotions daily. Noisy surrounding has its own emotional impact so also is a calm and serene surrounding.

Another aspect that has been ignored is our work place design. Our work place design should be done with certain considerations as it affects our health and state of mind. Right state of the mind will yield better output and keep the staff in good shape. Employers should design work place / stations with tools that will improve the emotional level of the employee positively. If the work place is not well lightened, it should be, so staffs don’t scramble on themselves. 

There are people who return from work daily and feel the world is crumbling on them everyday. This could be as a result of a poorly designed workplace and this is not good emotionally.

You will hear from me soon. 
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