Understanding The Human Emotional Changes

Question from a reader
Hello Jude, I came across your post on emotions and it is a laudable one I must say.

My marriage is about 3 years now and I still don’t understand my wife’s emotional needs. I try as much as possible to understand her emotions but most often I am so wrong and when I try to persuade her, she gets agitated. How can you help this situation?

Good to hear from you peter.

Understanding the human emotional changes is like going back to school for most people. In other word, you have to make very serious conscious effort to know when these changes happen.

For you I will say you are lucky to know when she experience these changes but don’t know how to harness the information which includes the meaning attached to the feeling expressed.

The human science is a different topic and vast.
Your inability to understand her emotional changes could be as a result of sudden or frequent changes going on in her mind.

emotions and changes

ADVICE: Try to know what triggers her emotions or causes her mood swing. Mood swing is when ones mood changes erratically mostly from one extreme to another. Someone can’t be feeling joyful and you won’t know it. So if by the time you know she is happy and want to reflect it and some way she has changed, that is mood swing.

There are factors responsible for mood swing and we are going to list them. So check if any of them can be traced in her.
Mood swing is a serious mental issue that needs careful attention because the person exhibiting this behavior might not know themselves. This makes it more difficult to help the person.

Read a calm mind is a healthy mind

Some of the causes of mood swing are:
  • Alcohol 
  •  Drug abuse 
  •  Hormonal imbalance 
  •  Energy level of an individual can also result to mood swing 
  •  Lack of sleep (insomnia) 
  •  Unhealthy diet 
  •  Depression 
  •  Too much sugar
Knowing what triggers or cause mood swing in an individual is a great milestone towards recovery.

Like emotions as discussed in our previous post is more of an unconscious reflection of our inner thoughts and mind.

Hope this is helpful

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