Emotionless Men-Welcome to the world of a Woman

Women are wired completely different. They are direct and accurate with their expressions and their emotions.They easily express their emotions verbally. Men are the complete opposite.  A lot of men do not know how to put their emotions to words.

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To an extent, the feeling that it is a man’s’ world gets into their head so badly that when they express their emotions verbally, it makes them feel less of a man.
Men are not actually emotionless. It is the means or medium they use in expressing their emotions that differ. Though few men do express their emotions verbally and this is very good towards building a healthy relationship.

Emotions are inner thoughts or feelings that are expressed verbally or non-verbally.

Paying closer attention to the way and manner men chose to express their emotion is as important as when you want your man to notice your emotional language. Remember that the medium of expressing emotions in both sexes are different. So it is different among men.

A hand pick of men express their emotions verbally while vast majority don’t express their emotions that way. As usual, women expect their partner to express their emotions just the way they do.

Being a provider alone is a lot of burden placed on men. They have to put great effort to work, meat up with family expenses and also save / plan for the future from same income in some cases.
So don’t hurt yourself if your man does not express his emotions verbally or directly.

To understand your partners emotional needs or emotions at any time depends on your ability to study and analyze their emotional language to your advantage for a healthy relationship.

Here are some ways men show their Emotions.

You are to carefully observe these expressions as they could be hidden. In other words, you might not notice quickly.

1- Silence

When a man is silent, let him alone. Like the saying ‘ let sleeping dog lie ‘ just let him alone if you want peace. It doesn’t mean you will not show care and support by finding out what the problem is. If he says nothing or doesn’t answer, give him some space. It obviously means he has a lot running through his mind and he needs time and space to think through things. Unlike women, they might want to think through things thoroughly before informing their partner or asking for their opinion. Don’t take offense at his refusal to inform you initially. Do ask when you notice he is calm and relaxed.

To show your care and support while he is thinking through, serve him a glass of water. It will help relax his nerves.

2- Increased Time in Study

More time in study could point to a lot of things emotionally. Apart from truly studying, he could be in study thinking critically about a decision to make and its’ impact and so needs a serene environment. He could also be tired of hearing your voice and just want some peace. Probably the latter is the case; you should find a way of not over talking or talking at the top of your voice. It is better to discuss the issue at a later time when he is ready to talk of the extra time spent at the study.

3- Over Time at Work

This is another way men express their emotions. If there are no financial challenges in the home and he decides to work over time or extra time, something is definitely up his sleeves.

4- Video Games

This is used by most natural video game lovers. They use it to release tons of aggression. If you take proper observation of the type of game they play at certain time will give you an insight of the level of anger they are experiencing.
Don’t interrupt a man when he is venting on his video game. It could be detrimental to your relationship. As foolish as it may sound, it is so REAL.

5- Work Outs

Work outs are common in guys but become a pointer at an emotional challenge when it is done unusually. Observe if they work out more than the usual time or at odd hours like way into the night and all that. The way they work out gives a signal of emotional challenge.

Working out is the best way of letting out aggression.

Show your support by not asking question immediately; rather give him a bottle of water.
Remember water is life.

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