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More than 92% of the total human population are worried about tomorrow today. It is still morning today and you are already worried about tomorrow forgetting that the provision for tomorrow has already been provided for “Food for Thought”. 

Some people are so over anxious that they are worried for fear. Can you phantom that? What more is left of a man that is worried for fear? You may not understand this but worry has twisted peoples mind that they can’t think straight any more.


Many people go about their daily lives walking down the street, drive their car, fly the planes with all manner of thoughts / Anxiety running through their minds with no hold back.

Most of us worry about the unknown; they feel their worry of the unknown will automatically fix tomorrow only to wake up tomorrow to realize they are still worrying about the next day. Worry is okay but when properly channeled.

Anxiety therefore is the worry / fear of the unknown. We worry about a lot of things ranging from our Relationships, Money, Health, Academics, and our Work and so on. Why won’t you be fired when you have been nurturing the fear of been fired several months before hand. 

Why will your Relationship not keep failing when all you do all day is allow thoughts of failed relationships by others have fun in your mind.

Why will your health not deteriorate when you worry day after day of how the health care system of your nation has failed, how the health care reforms only favors the rich in your country and so on. The more you worry about certain things in life if not all, without proper channeling of your inner strength, the more the person deteriorates.

In this post, some important tips will be provided to help you manage and eventually conquer ANXIETY: Note that anxiety does no good to you physical, spiritually, mentally and in other area of life.


From our previous post (ways to handle unrequited love) we see that exercise has a way of releasing the feel good endorphin. It makes feel awesome and it has so many other benefit. Take your time to go through it.

In anxiety, a routine cardiovascular exercise is very important. It helps to reduce anxiety greatly. (Quick walk of 45 minutes to an hour is recommended). Other form of exercise that can help includes the following: Biking, Dancing, Basketball, Tennis, Swimming, Just to mention a few.


They are the most powerful tools given to man even before existence.  If nobody encourages you, you have to encourage yourself with positive word. Positive words are filled with supernatural vitamins. As you say these words into yourself physically, the vitamins in them are injected into your spirit being or inner thoughts and therefore release strength to our minds leading to a new being.  Get the right word to address your anxiety which is just a feeling like any other feeling. The height you place this feeling makes it called anxiety. (It is just a feeling), so shake it off.

3-Take a Break and Take a Deep Breath

This process is very simple and as well effective. Leave whatever you are doing even Driving, step on the break and take a deep breath. This will automatically put off your fight mood to a more relaxed one. Repeat the process over and over again and you will realize what you missed. Inhale slowly and exhale slowly too. It is indeed a powerful tool.

4-Inappropriate Sleep / Insufficient Sleep

Check your sleep. Do you get enough sleep? How soon do you fall asleep when you lay on the bed?  When your mind is greatly troubled you can’t sleep. It is a natural phenomenon. Lack of sleep or insufficient sleep can activate anxiety in anyone (old or young). So you need to get some good sleep. Try and engage in some relaxing exercise before bed tie. This should be done at least 4 hours before bed time or earlier. You can take a Walk, play Tennis, Football, Basketball or any exercise of your choice.

‘I personally like football’ every part of my body is put to work, thereafter, have a warm bath, eat light, watch TV for some time and then it is bed time. (PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION).

5-Stay in Touch and Mind What You Take in

Staying in touch with family and friends during such emotional challenges has really proved to be effective in overcoming anxiety. Let trusted family and friend know what you are going through. Remember I said trusted family and friends, it is for a reason.  They will help your condition greatly. They should be around you as often as possible, go out together, and just do things together that are engaging. 

Read more on Emotions here

When engaged with family and friends, please be mindful of what you take in (eat or drink), don’t get carried away with their love. You should for no reason take anything that has alcohol and drugs because they will only give a short term relief, also no caffeine.

6-Acknowledge the Anxiety

Knowing you have anxiety could give birth to a way out of it quickly. Once you can identify the course of the anxiety then addressing it becomes easy.
Once identified, follow the steps above with all measure of calmness in your spirit.

If need be, contact a therapist as soon as possible.

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  1. Hmmm anxiety is ravaging lifes. This is good. Really helpful. Thank you.


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