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Depression if not checked quickly can lead to permanent damage to one’s mind. Depression is therefore an emotional disorder which affects virtually every area of life of the person experiencing it.



 From the above, it means that depression is treatable and you should get treatment once noticed.

 It affects how they think, how they act, their feelings. In general, depression results from deep sadness most often and then disapproval of activities of initial interest.

One of the signs to know if depression is crippling in is when you have the feeling of worthlessness running through your mind at same time you feel helpless and hopeless and don’t just know where to turn to or start from.
It is easier to tell if an active person is undergoing depression than someone who is not. Sudden mood swing could be a sign of depression.

From world record, depression is on the increase with millions after million cases recorded annually. In 2017 alone there are about 320 million people living with depression.

Signs of Depression

Anger is one of the easily noticed sign of depression. When one gets angry at the slightest provocation could point towards depression. Sudden Mood Swing could be a sign of depression. Another sign is Physical Pain which includes muscles, joints etc. some people also give signs by their Behavioral Recklessness unconsciously, they just can’t settle down and concentrate on anything. Isolation is another sign. The moment you notice a family member, friend, your colleague at work or spouse isolating themselves, you should note that depression in crippling in and they need help urgently.

Overcoming depression is a gradual process and I don’t promise it is going to be quick and easy. Depression makes one isolates himself. This is not healthy in any form. It implants itself so much that you don’t want to step outside and yet your energy, motivation and faith are always drained.

Many people have lost their jobs, relationships and marriages to depression.

I will say congratulations because you have recognized the fact that you are undergoing depression or you want to help someone out of it and that is a good start. Note that getting out of depression is a gradual process, day after day with some level of dedication, you will have victory over this medical illness.

Your decision to come out of depression is a step and action taken, but it is always hard, it is okay, be strong. Just the thought of getting out of it could be hard too but look down into your inner being; you will realize there is still some amount of strength in there that you could use. Just a little is all that you need.

Handling Depression

1-What Do You Enjoy Doing Most

Some people really love cooking, or Music. Just do what you love and do it for some time. If it is dancing, dance yourself out of sadness. Dancing has a way of bringing out our inner strength. Just have some fun doing what you love most.

2-Time Out

This is to be with nature and allow some sunlight touch your skin. There are several ways of achieving this with no stress; it is just to include it in your routine. Do Outdoor Exercise like hiking, playing lawn tennis, this will increase the amount of sunlight exposure. Take a Walk to the next bus station.

3- Healthy Diet and Life Style

It has been proven medically that what you eat or drink has great and direct effect in how you feel or on your emotions. Stop or reduce greatly your intake of substances with alcohol, caffeine, fatty foods as they can affect the proper functioning of the brain which can also result to mood swing. Meanwhile, endeavor not to skip meal for any reason and small chops in between them.

Vitamins B (folic acid and B-12) are good in at increasing our energy level and fight against depression. You can also take vitamins B Supplements. A natural source is of great value. Example is Beans, Chicken, lots of Fruits, Leafy greens and all of these are readily available and cheap at our local stores.

Sugar: Nobody who does not love sugary foods every now and then. But with our health issue, we should try and stop their intakes or reduce their in takes.

4- Get in torch

This has always play a significant role in the human self help issues but be careful who you hang out with while experiencing depression. It is much easier to talk with someone about how you feel than keeping it to yourself. The fact is that you are in an emotional trauma and you need help. Talk with someone you trust, if possible someone that has gone through similar experience in the past so you could learn how they overcame depression. Don’t isolate yourself.  Do not be ashamed about it, you are not the first person on earth to be going through depression and funny enough they went through it. So also you won’t be the last.

From personal experience, clergy members have been doing a great job here. They help thousands of depressed people come out of it yearly. You could as well talk to a clergy.


If you have followed the tips above diligently and still feel depressed then you should seek for professional help. With the knowledge of the self help for depression above, it will be easier for a professional to help with necessary advice. But have it in mind that depression can be treated.

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  1. Anger is one of the easily noticed sign of depression. When one gets angry at the slightest provocation could point towards depression.



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