16 Ways To Seduce Someone With Words

You think speaking to someone you like would be an easy task right? Well, not always. You’re both humans; hence you can interact on that basis alone, so you think. But it’s not always the case. And this is why you may find yourself wondering how to seduce someone with words and not come across as a clumsy mess.

seduction method for everyone

Some people find it extremely difficult to talk to someone they are interested in without shivering feet, shaking or sweaty hands and stumbling over words. If you find yourself in this category, know that you’re not alone.

But, it’s important to realize that the key to speaking to someone you like and getting a positive response is about the words you say and how you say them.

Remember that everyone likes different things. It is difficult to find a set of individual with no difference in what they like and dislike.

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Note: One thing to keep in mind when trying to seduce or have a conversation with someone you like is that we don’t all like the same things. A word that might be sexy and sounds wonderful to A might not do anything to another. In fact, it might sound rude and insulting to B. You really have to get to know the person first in some ways so you’ll learn and know what sounds sexy to them or not.

You’ll have to know what they like most in knowing how to seduce them with words. Really, it’s all about being able to bring that person’s fantasies to life in their mind.

How to seduce someone with words

1. Use the commanding power of humor.

OMG! Humor is very powerful. It has a commanding power that virtually, know one can ignore. And we’re speaking for many when we say that the key to seduction is HUMOR. Often, when you make someone laugh, with or without hidden intentions, you’ve got them hook, line, and sinker! That is, you’ve got their attention. What more do you need?

That doesn’t mean throwing in all your best jokes as though you’re doing a stand-up TV comedy show. It means using humor here and there to make the conversation fun, at the same time, light, and sexy in an indirect way! That is by not getting naughty about it.

2. It makes no sense going over the top.

With reference to #1, in seducing someone with words, it is very important to know when the conversation is over and done with. Else your sense of humor becomes worthless. Initially, it was like a joke which is funny at first, but when you explain it too many times, it loses it’s shine and it’s no longer humorous.

Simple, witty, short and sharp is far better than long and drawn out. Leave them wanting more! Have you noticed that’s what comedians do? They take a bow when you expect more. So, leave them wondering when they’re going to see you again. They won’t be able to resist you next time. But if you end up devaluing your humor, they’ll run from you or just endure the annoying time with you.

3. Be honest.

Why would you try and be someone you’re not? It’s really annoying and everyone can see through it easily. While you might wonder why being genuine is going to seduce someone, remember that being genuine means you’re building a bond of trust, and that’s one of the sexiest thing ever!

Yes, flashiness and cockiness might be alluring at first, but if you want to seduce someone over the long-term, and avoid quick hook ups, being yourself is always the way to go about it.

4. Always compliment them.

This is the biggest and easiest way to seduce most people. If you want to seduce someone with words, those words should be complimentary and they should be genuine. This doesn’t mean listing all their points like hair, nails, legs, looks, etc. Instead, make the odd complimentary remark about their hair, clothes, how you admire the job they do, etc.

If you can make them feel like the most special person alive in those short minutes you have a conversation, they’re certainly going to want to come back for more. That’s how the brain works.

5. Don’t speak about their looks.

It seems extremely difficult to try and seduce someone without mentioning how great they look. And in fact, it’ll be more effective if you avoid talking about their appearance. Yes you can.

You should talk more about their individuality. Tell them they’re really funny, tell them they’re smart, and then ask about their thoughts on a controversial topic. This might not seem very seductive, but never underestimate the power of complimenting the mind. When you talk about someone’s personality, they naturally flow with the conversation.

6. Steer clear of sarcasm.

Sarcasm is hilarious, but not everyone ‘gets it’. And if you’re trying to seduce someone who doesn’t really see the funny side of sarcasm, you’re more likely to offend them than get their attention in a positive way. And I’m sure you don’t want that.

Instead of been sarcastic, just stick to observations and compliment them for their personality and have a nice conversation. These are all far more effective than sarcasm, which can come at a later date, once you’ve got to know them better.

7. What is your body language saying?

Learning how to seduce someone with words is about what your body is saying as well.

Mirror them, making sure your body language isn’t closed or defensive. Then throw in the odd flirtatious look, light touch on the arm which has seduction written all over it.

8. Asking suggestive questions are a great deal in the art of seduction.

It is very important you don’t make your hidden agenda know from the start. Your aim is to point or steer their mind in a naughty direction without them knowing it. They might still figure it out, but not right from the start.

Be careful with this method, though, because it can make you seem like you’re just trying to get laid.

9. Tell them you like their passionate and spirited side.

Sometimes we all like to feel naughty. We might not like to go about flaunting that side of ourselves, but we all have it. Therefore, if you talk about something they get passionate about, tell them you bet they can get pretty feisty.

It’s a great way to admire their passionate side while also making them feel a little dirty. If you say this in a flirty way, you’ll have them to yourself in no time.

10. Indirect compliments.

These are compliments they won’t really know are compliments right away. While they’re talking, you could ask them to repeat something because you were distracted. But, make sure you’ve been looking at them this whole time.

You can even say something along the lines of, “I’m sorry, my thoughts were elsewhere. What did you say?” They might not realize what you mean right away but they’ll pick up on the hints if you add some flirting to your line.

11. Say you’re nervous, if you are.

With reference to #3, one of the best ways to seduce someone is by admitting your nerves are shaking. Yes, confidence is sexy, but it shows you’re human to say that you’re nervous, and it’s also ultra-flattering at the same time.

If someone is a little nervous to speak to you, that’s got to make you feel good, right? It also make you have a soft spot for the person. You naturally want to encourage the person to speak up while they take their time.

12. Watch the tone of your voice.

With reference to #7, you also should think about the way you’re speaking and not just the words you choose. If you want to seduce someone, yes you should be genuine and add in some humor, but you also need to be a little sexy as well.

Keep your voice low. Make sure your tone is controlled, even and not shaking.

13. Bend forward but don’t touch.

This is all about the atmosphere. It’s not so much the exact words you say but rather, how you say them. Lean in close and keep that voice low. Don’t touch them, though. This keeps them on their toe. They don’t know what to expect.

Just get close enough to be a little more intimate than just talking with a friend.

Then lean over and say what you have to say. This not only makes them feel special because you’ve moved in very close, but it also makes your words seem like they’re meant for only them, which is sexy.

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14. Be encouraging and supportive.

If you end up talking about their life goals and dreams, ensure to be supportive of them. Tell them you can definitely see them accomplishing those things they’ve set for themselves. Tell them they seem like the devoted, hardworking type. Even if they’re not, they’ll love hearing that from you.

If you’re wondering how to seduce someone with words in a subtle way, this is another great way of complimenting something that’s not their looks. Those types of compliments always mean more and seduce people more than you could think.

15. Try to know them on a deeper level.

You have to know someone a little better than you might think in order to seduce them with just your words. That’s because you need to know what they like and dislike, what they find sexy and what makes them excited.

Knowing the above will help you tailor your actions and in-actions so they’ll be turned on.

16. Compliment their reasoning.

Speaking of complimenting someone’s mind, this is by far the best thing you can say. It’s very simple yet a very powerful phrase. After you are done discussing something, lean in and tell them you like the way they think.

In learning how to seduce someone, practice is the real deal.

Try to speak to random people and see their reactions. Don’t lead them on. It means having general conversations and using what you experience as a learning camber.

Seduction is something developed over time. No one is born superior to another when it comes to mastering this art. Yes, some people are more confident than others and that certainly helps.

Put simply, if you don’t try, you’re never going to know.

Mastering how to seduce someone with words is all about choosing those words carefully, knowing how to say them in the right way, and what to avoid saying. Stick to neutral topics, but always compliment them as much as you can, without going over the top.

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