Qualities To Lookout For In A Man Who’d Make A Great Partner

Trust me, there’re guys you should avoid like the plague. However, there’re also good guys than you might imagine. In my opinion, there’re certain qualities to lookout for in a prospective partner which will help you find someone who isn’t a complete waste of your precious time.

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You stand a better chance of being a healthy relationship if you know a few of these qualities or if at all possible, all of them.

Note that being aware of what to lookout for in a prospective partner is always useful.

It’s okay to have bad experiences as they’re not your intentions. But assuming guys are all the same, is wrong. You just don’t know what to lookout for and you might continue in this path of bad experiences if you don’t take a moment and look out for specifics in a prospective partner.

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Qualities to look out for in a man:

1. His basic core values.

We all have our core values and if you don’t go close, you might not know his too. Try as much as you can to know a man’s core value before jumping into a relationship with him. A guy who loves his family, respects everyone around him and treats people how he wants to be treated is a guy you want to stick with.

2. Good sense of humor.

Sense of humor is a vital ingredient in having a healthy relationship. You need someone who can make you laugh and who’s always able to laugh at himself. It’s an all different level to see a guy make fun about himself. Means he’s relaxed, not ashamed and he is vulnerable with you, which is a good one. Good jokes and a quick one liner from him will have you smiling for several hours.

A guy who doesn’t seem able to string few funny words together is not someone you want to roll through life with.

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3. If he’s truthful/responsible/trustworthy.

If you can’t trust him, then, it’s a waste of precious time.

Take a moment and imagine a relationship with zero trust. How do you think it’ll look like?

Let me paint the picture for you: You’ll constantly be on the edge, you’ll be paranoid and certainly convinced that he’s out there getting naughty with someone else.

Being able to trust a guy is key. In fact it’s one of the biggest qualities to lookout for. So always listen to your gut on determining if he’s trustworthy and responsible.

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4. Generosity/kindness.

I’m not saying he should be willing to give every last penny he owns to whoever asked. A guy who is generous/kind to a degree is a man you want to be with.

It tells a lot about his view point of life and what’s really important.

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5. Determination/focus.

When he wants something, does he go for it with passion? It’s an attractive quality in a man with prospect. It’s something you should definitely be on the lookout for.

6. If he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

With reference to #2, this is one of the qualities to lookout for in a man. It’s important to stick to a man you can be comfortable with and laugh out with any time of the day.

A normal, down to earth guy is one who doesn’t take himself too seriously.

7. How he treats animals.

Another one that is very important to some people is how a guy treats animals. Though this is not peculiar to guy. For some ladies, a guy must treat animals with love and respect for him to be a true man 

8. How he treats the women in his life.

This is an easy giveaway for ladies. Take a close look at how he treats his mother and sisters to find out the type of person he is. Is he a protective and caring guy or not? A guy who treats the women in his life with care, respect and love is someone you should have in your life. This should be among your standard for a man because he’s sure going to behave or treat you just the way he treats the other women in his life.

9. Intelligence.

On this point, you don’t have to look out for the highest IQ in the world. All you need is someone who you can have an intelligent conversation with about something or anything other than the weather or meals.

Having an intelligent partner will help you never to be bored and have to resort to talking about the same thing every day.

10. A guy who wants to learn and better himself. Read: 11 Signs He’s Willing To Change

11. A supportive guy.

Having a supportive guy in your life is one of the biggest blessings. It gives you the intensity to reach for the stars. It’s definitely one of the top qualities to look for in a man if you have goals and ambitions.

12. He has future plans.

It’s a good feeling when you’re with a guy with plans for tomorrow and he’s working towards each gradually. It’s not a great sign when a guy has no idea what he wants in life. It’s more painful when he doesn’t seem to care that he has no plan for his tomorrow. A general direction is always something to lookout for as a lady and looking for how you fit-in in his plan.

13. Generally caring and kind.

With reference to #8 and #11, you need someone in your life who is generally caring and who shows kindness to those around him. This is one of the qualities to look for in a man you want to spend the rest of your life with.

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14. Observe if he’s money-centered.

Money is important but it’s not the “all and all”.A guy who focuses on love and experiences is a far better bet than a guy who only cares about money and focuses his entire life on getting more money only. So you need someone who doesn’t care too much about money nor be irresponsible with it.

15. Polite.

A guy who shows respect/polite to everyone around him should be super-attractive to you. The means treating everyone, including the waiter or caregiver with respect. It means talking to the door man politely.

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16. A good listener.

It is crucial to find yourself a good listener. A good listener will likely give great advice when needed. Dear, you don’t need a guy who has one ear on what you’re saying and one ear on football commentary on the TV. 

17.Is he a protective guy?

A guy who is protective of those he cares about in his life is one of the best qualities to lookout for in a man. You’ll definitely feel safe and loved.

The idea here is to bear in mind the things you want in a man as the choice of one is different from another. So, when you meet someone, you’re not wasting precious time with someone who is just not right for you. With this, it also means that when you finally meet the right guy, you’ll know pretty fast.

Understanding what to look for versus what not to put up with is the key.

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