Three Vital Relationship Topics People Don’t Like To Discuss

Here are three important topics people should discuss in the beginning of a relationship but they often don’t.

topics people try not to talk about in relationship

1. Faithfulness.

You might need to answer this question; is being faithful hard?

On the second thought, rather than answer this question, I’ll ask another question. Is being faithful easy? If yes, then why do so many people cheat? Have you asked your partner if they’ve always been faithful or what's their thoughts on cheating.

Many people limit their definition of cheating to physical encounters only. They're wrong because most infidelities don’t leap to the physical. It starts somewhere you might not remember. You often work your way up to the physical point like working your way up the management board.

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What about all those things you overlooked, ignored until the inevitable happened? Like the extra DM on WhatsApp, the inappropriate ‘Like’ on a Facebook picture or the “hey, how have you been?” message to an X even though you’re in a new relationship. These are some what virtual right?

Then there is real life scenario the extra flirtatious laugh, touch, or Suggestive look you give or overlook from a person of interest.

Most people will say that being faithful is easy. This is an interesting theory. So then, does it mean that those who are faithful are relatively stronger than those who are not? If so, what makes them so strong?

Could it be they have strong moral? Code of conduct? Ethics? Or do they simply have more will power than their cheat counterparts?

What do you think about this saying "once a cheater, always a cheater" then telling someone who has cheated to stop cheating is like telling a drug addict to stop doing drugs. Yes, you’ve identified a solution, but if it were that simple then no one would cheat.

This is why it’s important to identify the true cause of a cheating partner in order to successfully address the issue rather than make blanket and dismissive statement about cheating partner.

2. Password.

Is your significant other entitled to your social media passwords in a committed relationship?

What are your thoughts? Do you have access to your significant other’s social media accounts? Do they have access to yours? Why or why not? Does not providing your password automatically mean you’re hiding something?

As they say, if you go looking for trouble, you’re bound to find it. In my opinion, you shouldn’t need my passwords because there shouldn’t be anything you ever need to verify. You should be able to ask me a question and expect that I will answer you honestly. If you don’t trust my response, then in my opinion that is the real issue.

3. Argument.

Is arguing a natural part of relationships?

Hmmm, can you genuinely remove arguing from a relationship or do you believe arguing is a natural part of a healthy relationship? Some say yes, but it should not take chunk of the relationship. In order word, it should not occur too often.

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 But what happens if you find arguing detrimental but your partner finds it natural (healthy)?

Less I forget: What is the difference between an argument and a debate?

There are people who've been in relationships where they never argued and they've been in relationships where they argued all the time. However, neither relationship was relatively better than the other.

Sometimes the relationship where they never agued might have benefited from partners putting facts on the table, even if they made them uncomfortable. Conversely, in the relationship where they always agued, there were times when they would make petty arguments into grand stands, because they probably were trying to gain ground based on an important argument.

Obviously a balance in relationship is best, but biting your tongue to maintain peace is often no better than getting everything out of your system in the present in order to have peace in the future.

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