Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up on Love

Don’t let your yearning for love burn out easily. Looking for love is always an exciting adventure we all desire. In this adventure, you get to meet new people by going out and having fun dates, and hopefully meet the love of your life you’ve always looked out for.

reasons not to give up hope on love

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Though finding love could be really difficult. There’re times when the adventure of finding love is more frustrating and damaging than fun you seek especially as you get older. Instead of focusing on having an enjoyable night out, you’re wondering why you can’t seem to find the “Right one”.

Having a great relationship means you have to be willing to put in the effort/work. But then, what should you do when you feel like hanging the towel on love? 

Here are six reasons you shouldn’t give up on love:

1. Things worth doing are rarely easy.

Take a close look at this: The best things in life that make us feel proud of ourselves, accomplished, and inspired to do even better are always not easy to achieve. It could be really difficult to accomplish such goals, but fulfilling when we do achieve them.

For instance, getting a university or any degree, getting fit/losing weight, breaking a terrible habit, developing a talent, diving, learning how to speak another language, etc are some of the things that take time to accomplish. However, you feel greatly satisfied when you complete the challenge you’ve set for yourself.

Dear, the same can be said for finding the right relationship. Deciding to wait for someone who fulfills you instead of dating just anyone because you’re lonely takes strength. It also takes great courage to break up a relationship with someone you love but who is in the long run, bad for you.

Patient is a virtue. But you’ll be glad to have it at the end of the day. 

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2. You truly deserve more than settling.

In finding real love, you must be willing to stick it out for your perfect person instead of settling with the next available person. But remember there’s no perfect person out there. When you wait to find that one person, you ensure that your personalities agree to some point and you can live with this person.

The following is about finding real love:

·         Learning the art of simple communication

·         Spending quality time together

·         Sharing similar and few not so similar goals and beliefs. This helps you have individual goals and aspirations. This is important to keep the sanity of your relationship.

·         Find someone you’re attracted to. Find someone who makes you laugh and respects you.

If you haven’t found the above yet, why settle for less? You really deserve the best relationship possible. This is one of the reasons you shouldn’t give up on love yet. Why not wait a little longer to find someone who hits all the check-marks on your list?

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3. Love teaches great lessons.

Hmmm, going through failed relationship can be a devastating, heartbreaking, frustrating, and a miserable experience. Because love is over in your current relationship doesn’t mean love is ever over for you.

Instead of viewing your failed relationships as wastes of time, make a list of everything you learned from that relationship. Recognize your faults, take note of your partners’ faults too and learn from them. You’ll never enjoy a relationship if you chose to remain the way you are. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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Some the things you could learn includes: how to talk about your feelings, that looks aren’t everything, that trust is earned, that communication is vital for a lasting relationship, that respect is key, that trust brings love, etc.

On the negative side; maybe the relationship was a toxic one and you’ve learned that you’re stronger than you could ever imagine and maybe you learned what you don’t want and will not tolerate in your next relationship.

Have a holistic look at love and learn from its’ lessons and treasure them.

4. It only takes one to love.

The next guy could be the one. It only takes one person to steal your heart away and change your world “and they lived happily thereafter”.

You could meet the love of your life in less than a week and live with them for the rest of your life.

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5. You have all the time to improve yourself while being single.

Single-hood is never boring except you want it that way. Single years should be about learning who you are, reinventing yourself and growing from each experience you go through in life.

If your current goal is to get married, why not use this time (single) to grow mentally, emotionally and develop skills that would make you a better partner?

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Such includes the following:

Can you handle your finances well?

Can you cook?

Do you have anger issues?

Do you have selfish tendencies?

Do you have your own house/apartment?

Do you leave alone?

Are you patient?

Do you have a job?

Do you know how to express your feelings well?

Now is the time to do some self-exploration and work on yourself, your friends, family, and your significant other.

6. This is the time to be selfish.

As a single, there’s no better time than now to be a little selfish with everything. It’s never a crime to be a little selfish with your pursuits, focus and your precious energy than while you are single. You’ve got little responsibility at this level.

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Take strides toward your dream career, go on a road trip, travel to wherever you want to and take some time to work on your social life because you sure need to. Though you can still do all these when you’re in a relationship. But note that love has the potential to limit one.

Use this time to your advantage and focus on yourself. Find out who you are when you aren’t part of anybody.

Self-development is good for your mental health and your personal growth in general. Your self-confidence will eventually be appealing to your future partner.

Love could be difficult to find. Sometimes, it could be discouraging in several ways – but don’t give up on love just yet.

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  1. Hy. I do hope you get to see this soon and give me your sincere advise. I love someone who loves another. He says I should give him time for his heart to come to terms with reality (maybe I could b an option for him) Would you advise I wait or forget and move on? Sincere and candid advise please

    1. Hi, so sorry it came very late.
      ...He says I should give him time for his heart to come to terms with reality... I wonder which reality. If he is in love with someone else, let him be and move on. Is he trying to play you with those lines of his? Very possible dear. Don't let him play with your emotions. If he loves you, he'll be with you and if he doesn't, move on. There is more to life than HIM.
      Hope you did the right thing cause my reply came very late. All the best dear.


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