What Is The Meaning Of Love – Defining True Love

Can you define love? is there difference between love and true love? The definition of love is unclear and yet, so simple. We all fall in love, but do we understand the true meaning of love?

The meaning of love can’t really be explained, it has to be experienced.


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The definition of love may be two sentences long, but what does love really mean and how does it work? How does it make you feel? ….still thinking!

The meaning of love


Is it the feeling that makes you want to jump out with JOY? Is it that touch that makes you want to skip across the clouds?

I wonder if it is love when I feel happy to see her face, or is it love when I crave and enjoy her company, or is it love when I embrace her with so much passion?

It’s strange but words seem to only try to find the meaning of love.

I don’t know if I’m in love, I ask myself all the time if I’m in love – like am I in love? It’s funny right?

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The definition of love - Defining emotions

I really don’t know the definition of love because no one has ever showed me what love really is – like “hey, this is love”. They say it is felt when I embrace my lover, when we hold palms, spend quality time together, care for each other, stay in touch as possible, etc.

They say it is heard in the rustle of the leaves, in the cool breeze, in the words of the special person in my life, in their tone, words they use in addressing me, etc

They say love is to be seen in the beauty of the world, in the depth of my lover’s eyes, in their smile, on the face of my lover, etc.

Or as some say, love is to be tasted, like sweet candy that melts in my mouth, or the way I melt when my lips meet her lips…OMGee!

I don’t know what the definition of love is, but does love mean sacrifices and pain? Or is it love when I hurt myself for her love?

Hmmmm, if that is true love, then perhaps, I’m not in love at all. I have never felt like I have sacrificed anything for her, I have readily given up anything that I could give up to make her happy. Is that love, maybe.

So, what then is love?

Possibly I still don’t know what love is, because no one has ever told me exactly what love is. I’ve only read about love in books, in the movies and listened to songs that try to explain the meaning of love – I love soft songs...

I’ve heard songs that say love is like a river, cloud, some songs that say love is like an undying flame, sweet warm feeling, butterfly in your belly and yet others that say love is like a warm breeze. How can love be so many different things at a time and yet be the same?

But I do know that my world stops when I think about her. I burn inside and warmth fills within me as she clasps my hand in hers. I lose sight of the world when I gaze into her eyes. I don’t know what it is that makes me weak when she hugs me. She makes me feel special when she’s around me. But I did tell her that I love her, but I’ve been thinking about that ever since the day I told her that, is it really love?

Experiencing love

I could never explain it, but I know the closest word that could explain what I feel for her is… LOVE.

But ‘love’ is too small a word to explain everything I feel for her... You know what I mean right? The meaning of love is just too simple. I just couldn’t find it justifiable to explain so many intangible feelings in a little four letter word – “LOVE”. But I did anyways and on that night, the sun shone brightly and the bliss of our first kiss felt like a never ending fairy tale.

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It was a feeling that I still can’t describe. I wondered if that was how love felt, like a beautiful sight that just can’t be explained even in a million words, but I knew it was special – is love that special feeling?

Understanding love through another’s eyes

Mr Felix, a father and a good friend, when asked the meaning of love;

He told me, “Jude, you know you’re in love when you have a reason to come back home, a reason to justify your existence. You’ll know you’re in love when you can’t imagine living without this one person and you’ll do anything to have them by your side. You cannot see love, you cannot feel love, but you can feel a bond when you’re around this one person, and you just cannot explain it but it makes you feel special and taken care of. Love, my friend, is what makes you want to wake up tomorrow.”

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That was nothing like the definition of love, but yet, it made more sense than anything else that defined love. Give it a second thought…

What he said made me understand the real meaning of love. I could only imagine...

So was that love? I think it was, and I wonder if I feel the same way - hmmmmm. I wonder if I feel like waking up every morning to a brand new day just because I had love in my life – you wouldn’t know right? Smiles...

Your exceptional definition of love

I think love is something like our fingerprints. No one can understand what another person’s definition of love is, nor can anyone ever replicate another person’s love.

Perhaps love is just a word we use when we have to define a feeling that just can’t be described, a feeling that no one else can understand but you. Love has similar interpretation or meaning but the feeling of it is what it is.

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I sometimes find myself contemplating about love, and what I feel. I hear a lot of people saying that love is a scientific blah! and some more blah!!… and another thousand pages of more scientific blah!!!! But then, I think love is something that is more than just science, it’s a reason that makes us believe that there is something absolutely beyond our control.

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Love is spiritual. In fact, it’s a religion that you really begin to believe in. Love is something that just can’t be explained in a million journals, but it can bring tears of joy in your eyes when you read a letter/text of a few words from your significant other. Strange, right? Love, love, love… full of so much power.

Example of a romantic letter/note/text

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I know I feel warm when I look at you and I like staring at your face, as you sit down and laugh watching your favorite Tv shows. I adore the way you sing. I still can’t take my eyes off you as you dance while watching #AmTurnUp and #Owambe. You’re so beautiful as the morning sun and your calm is like the sun setting on a mountain clef. Your voice calm my nerves like a gentle breeze on the beach…you’re amazing – forever love.

Time is put on hold when I'm around you, in fact the world stands still at your presence and hours with you is like a minute... your presence is so overwhelming - I love you sunshine.

The memories that define my love

I still remember my first visit. I was excited and so was she I could see it in her eyes. We were like two little sparrows, indulging in the delight of isolation and romantic togetherness – this is the part I’ll close my eyes…

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I remember the days when we’re way apart and I missed her. I remember when I sat down by myself, I missed her more – it was really lonely, like I was shut out in an alien land like in the movies. I guess that was love, what else could that be? I longed to see her everyday. I remember the way her voice made my heart jump or should I say skip like a lamb? Smiles… it feels like she’s a thousand miles away and yet she still touches my heart. Am I shut out now?

But we’ve moved ahead and we’ve been there for each other. She knows I still love her just as much as I used to, but I wish I could let her know that all over again. Love is best felt when we try to please our partner and they can see and appreciate our feelings towards them, isn’t it? I can only promise her that the love I have for her will always be no matter our differences - #LoveCoversAll.

I can only promise her that I will love her forever and ever, as long as I can still see her, and hear her… in my heart. Her pictures are a real view of this damsel.

I really do love her more than I could love anyone else.

I want to lose my sleep over her happiness and I want to sing a soft song in her ears until she falls asleep as she rests her head over my shoulders/chest. Thinking…I need to learn how to sing, smiles...

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So Is this true love?

Maybe this is what love means or maybe what I feel for her is more than just love, maybe it’s something that I would never be able to really explain. It’s beyond words.

But if LOVE is the only word that I can use to describe the ocean of emotions that swell within my heart, then so be it. But I want her to know that this four letter word is still too small to explain all that I feel for her and make up for all the times I’ve missed with her.

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But if she would understand all that I want to say, when I say that I love her, then I would just want to say that I would love her forever.

If I were given a chance, then I would love her for longer, as long as I can feel LOVE.

She is the only person who makes me feel so special and I can’t imagine living without her. I want her to know that I still remember every single moment I’ve shared with her.

I just want her to know that, come rain or shine, I would love her. After all, she is the real definition of love for me through the good and the bad.

And if someone were to ask me what love is, all I’d have to do is look straight at her and say to the person, that’s LOVE, because there’s no other way to define love.


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  1. It would have been nice if it was all that matters or if it was at least a strong point to forever. As much as it brings with it respect, faith, hopes n resolution to attaining it's purpose at all cost, it seems not to be all that matters afterall. Your memories are nice. I'd rather not have memories cos they'd hurt instead. Like walking on broken glasses. Maybe more like dying alive.
    As much as some of us wish it was all that matters since it's the focal point, it unfortunately isn't all.


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