Four Kinds Of Women Who May Not Marry In Their Entire Life

There are different habits that may hinder one from getting married early, late or not get married their entire lifetime. But we're not going to talk about “Habits” of a lady but rather about “Kinds” of Ladies that faces late marriage and most times, NO Marriage due to their “kinds”.

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Below are the four kinds of ladies that faces late marriage and the answers that most certainly work:

1. The beautiful lady.
Beautiful ladies are always attractive to the eye. Though they’re victims of multiple relationships - Don’t get me wrong though. Most guys that date beautiful ladies date them for the sake of fun.

They just want the company of a pretty lady they can show off at club, etc. The attractiveness of most ladies makes it difficult for them to keep themselves for a man.
This is as a result of temptations from several men, knocking like there’s n tomorrow.

Their problem: The problem beautiful ladies faces is that most guys don’t really love them for who they are but their beauty and men doubt the ability of beautiful ladies to make a good home. This poses a threat for them to marry because most men consider beautiful ladies as flirts. Most men will rather consider a beautiful lady as side chic.

The solution: Have a picture of the kind of man you want to marry. You’re lucky you are beautiful because you will get lots of proposals from various men. But be ready to identify that man whom you truly like to marry.

Be loyal to him and don’t flirt with other guys cause that can make him feel insecure or jealous when he is not around. He will be proud to marry you if you could add some quality character to your beauty.

2. The perfect lady.
The perfect lady in this case does not imply that the Lady herself is perfect but their expectation of their dream man is too high that they kept being selective on the type of man that they want to settle down with.

Most times, the person they love may not like them and the person that likes them may not be their love. Those perfect ladies always want a “tall, rich, caring and handsome man and such lady might include color in their criteria. Any man that misses out on any of those qualities ends up being rejected like they’re less of a man.

Their problem: The problem such ladies face is that they end up loving the “Container” instead of the “Content”. A guy comes around with all of those quality but lacks character.

The Solution: Accommodate a man who posses at least 50% of the qualities you desire, the rest will develop with love.

3. The career woman.
For these ladies, marriage is not their headache but their career. Their career comes first. Nothing can take the place of their career. They’re hardworking, ambitious and they’re successful in life. They may be feminist. They love the saying “What a man can do, a woman can do better”.

Their problem: The problem of career women is time management. They run everything in life like business including their relationships. They always want to be the Boss in all things and this poses a threat to their man.

“The more masculine a lady behaves, the less attractive she is to a man”.

The solution: Career woman cry in their closet. Though they appear strong like there’s no tears in their dictionary. They silently wish for a man who will love and treat them like a real woman.

The best solution for any career woman is to simply be submissive to a man. Avoid unnecessary arguments with him, be more feminine in your outlook, dress casual, sensual and stop being the boss in the house.

Ask for his opinion on issues that relates to you (personal issues) and as it affects your relationship. You don’t have to always decide for your relationship – where to hangout, etc. let him lead too. These are what you need to make a man marry you if you are a career woman.

Meanwhile, it is important to love a man that understands the nature of your job.

4. The rich man’s daughter.
The rich man’s daughter takes pleasure on her father’s wealth. As far as she’s concern, her father is her hero and no man can replace her fathers’ love and care for her. She believes that every man that is approaching her is after her fathers’ wealth and not her love. Such ladies easily disrespect their man if they have any.

They talk rudely to him especially if he is not financially buoyant. So this makes them unattractive to men who genuinely love them. Men are naturally proud and will not like to mess their hard earned reputation on such cheap insult.

Their Problem: Most rich men’s daughter marry late or marry the wrong man because some men will do all they can including pretense just to get what they want.

The Solution: The Humility of a rich man’s daughter is her greatest weapon to attract the right man. Men will naturally be drawn to you, if you are humble no matter your financial status. Your beauty is secondary.

Have you not met ladies with beauty but no brains?

Jawalis: Please add the following points:

5. The ugly ones.
Stop telling me beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. This is 21st century. Some ladies are damn ugly that all they depend on are BeautyPlus and lots of other beauty enhancement means like Ariza and Nobody. Listen up, No man wants to be waking up everyday with a monkey right by him.

6. The broke.
These Set of women see Relationships as a poverty alleviation scheme. They feel entitled to men’s income and are always demanding for every. (Baby my mother wants to make her hair, baby we don’t have foodstuffs at home, baby please I need to change my phone etc). There are plenty of them here on Nairaland,

Some even said; it’s men responsibility to take care of their financial need meanwhile all they have gotten is just their body between their legs. 

7. Sadist.

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