How To Be Romantic - 26 Ways To Woo The Girl Of Your Dreams

Guys, remember how hard you tried to woo the most beautiful girl in your class back in high school. How you daydreamed about her and all you could do when you see her is smile sheepishly and say “Hi”


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Well, “hi” is okay only if you know what fellows. Being romantic doesn’t come naturally to all guys. But I’m happy you’re here, reading this article to learn how to romance a woman or how to be romantic shows that you are on the right track and willing to make the effort!

Naturally, ladies love to be romanced. That’s their nature. It’s inbuilt. So, whether you’ve gone out with her for some time and want to show your gratitude or looking for some ideas to try and win the love of your life, then – welcome on-board.

Note that romance doesn’t have to be extravagant or costly non luxurious. It’ll surprise you to know that some of the most romantic gestures don’t cost a penny. In fact, they’re some of the things you do every day but the difference is how and when you say or do what you did.

It doesn’t have to be about the gigantic gesture like buying her a ‘Sport Range Rover’ or a trip to Dubai for dinner but those little cute things that take you no time to prepare and execute that really make her day. Go ahead and put a smile on her face. They’re those little things that count the most.

It’s charming to be romantic (both sexes) and it gives you that warm feeling of love inside. But for most guys with zero no idea where to start, getting romance wrong is pretty much easy than clapping your hands.

Going overboard trying to be romantic could be a serious off point for you especially if you don’t know her that well. And if you do, you could easily be forgiven and given a second chance. Wink!!

How to be romantic - 26 sensitive, yet critical steps that make all the difference.

With technology texting, emails, social media and other means of communication, people forget the simple joy of receiving and reading a hand written letter. Letter that took probably hours to write and likely crossed 7 seas and bridges to get to the receiver. You know that feeling when you’ve got a letter right? It still exists dear. Write her a cute love letter and mail it to her. She’ll love it and you’ll sure earn some points.

2. Give her quality/sensual massage.
Who doesn’t like a quality plus sensual massage? As it is to a guy, so also it is to a lady. Give her a relaxing/sensual massage after a hard day job. Massages have a way of soothing the soul and it provides a calm only her can explain. Your kind/romantic gesture will be duly appreciated!

With reference to #2, sometimes when you perceive she’s having a terrible day, you could send her a nice text to help ease the stress and if her day isn’t terrible, your text will make her glow more.

Something as simple as a caring text asking her about her day is all it takes for a lady to feel romanced, appreciated and loved.

Do you know there’s a text for the moment? Guess this will be discussed some other time.

4. Be her chef tonight.
Women love to eat meals prepared by their significant other especially if it comes at the right time. For instance; if she had a bad day. It’s better if you make her favorite meal too. It’s like you touched somewhere in her heart.

5. Give her a call and ask how her day was.
With reference to #3, sometimes all it takes is a little care and attention. Asking her how her day was and really listening to her answer shows her your interest in what’s going on with her and that you truly care.

“Sometimes, a minute call is all it takes”

We are all caught up with tight schedules, so many things to do with so little time that we forget those that matter to us. Making time for your significant other is very important because they’re the ones that got your back anytime.

For a healthy and happy relationship, creating time to be with your partner is very important. Sometimes you might not be physically present but via social media platforms, you could still make out time for just two. Your partner will appreciate the effort.

7. Tell and show her you appreciate her and follow with #8 if you can.
We get carried away every now and then and don’t know when our partner feels unappreciated. Hence, if you observe your woman feels unappreciated, the best time to change that is now.

Show her that you appreciate her by going the extra mile for her. It could be helping her fix just the sink you know. She’ll feel valued and loved. Make sure you take the time to tell her how much you appreciate everything she does and you could make this special if you can follow through with #8.

We all love being pampered. Common guys, take time out to pamper this special one. You’ll leave her all glowing that day. And guess what? You’ll be the talk when it’s girls’ night. She’s going to tell the tale to her friends and make you the hero – you know the feeling right?

“A simple breakfast in bed is a great way to start anyone’s day”

This will be more effective on weekends. Tell her that she has the day off – Saturday. Then, make sure you take care of everything so she doesn’t have to lift a finger. I mean a complete day off.

You’ll do the laundry, meals, dishes etc. Let her cross her legs in the living room while watching her favorite Tv show. It’s super romantic.

10. Support her by asking - what can I do for you.
It’s an act of kindness and this simple act of asking her what you can do to help her also illustrate your love and support for her.

The simple act of taking the time to tell a person that you love them, and doing it as often as possible, is very romantic indeed. Remember - ladies love to hear you say the word. So say “I Love You” as appropriate.

12. Slip a note into her handbag.
Sneak a cute note into her bag telling her she looks pretty or you miss her. She’ll get a lovely surprise when she finds it, it’ll leave her smiling all day and she’s going to return the kind gesture.

13. Compliment her.
With reference to #12, if you really want to know how to romance a woman, start by telling her how truly beautiful she is. Compliments are always a better way to start a conversation and it’s one of the best ways to leave a woman smiling and at same time, have you in her thought all day long — especially when it is clear she made an effort to look great.

14. Get her favorite perfume.
Gifting your significant other their favorite perfume is a romantic idea. Especially as a surprise. Friday night gift.

15. Make her laugh.
You don’t have to be a comedian to make someone laugh. Laughter absolutely is the best medicine and can be very romantic too. It helps ease tension and relaxes the nerves. If you notice she’s too quiet, make her laugh. Having fun and laughing together brings you closer.

16. Write a poem for her.
Well, this is not for everyone. Though you could get some help with it but it’s more romantic when it’s your idea.

17. Watch the sunrise or the sunset together.
I love beach houses. You’ll get a better picture here. Else, you could sit somewhere serene and beautiful to watch the sun go down. It’s magical and can add some positive vibes to your relationship.


18. Make her a playlist.
Thanks to MP3 players. You can easily make a playlist for her. It’s more romantic if she’s going on a trip alone.  Make a playlist of her favorite songs in a CD, in a MP3 device or in her phone using folder to select her favorite songs and name the folder something to remind her you truly love her and you’ll miss her a lot.

19. Treat her with respect.
Every woman wants to feel respected as you do. So, one of the most important and romantic things you do is always make her feel respected. Don’t talk to her rudely else she’ll gradually withdraw to her shell. I’m sure you don’t want that.

20. Go on a trip with her.
Take her on the trip of a lifetime or a romantic weekend within your state. It’s just a time for two and she’ll truly love it.

21. Be a gentleman.
Open doors for her, buy her flowers and chocolates, pull the chair out for her at dinner and other events, etc. some school of thought call this old fashion, but it still works! By being an old-fashioned romantic gentleman, she’ll know you’re a serious gentleman and she’ll sure love it.

22. Get dressed up and go on a date night.
A fancy date night can be just what you both need to rekindle the romance. It’s not easy to keep romance in a relationship. But date nights do help. So, take her for a fun and romantic date night but don’t get drunk?

23. Be romantically spontaneous.
Spontaneous is also a big deal. We get bored of routines. Hence, romantic gestures are best when they’re spontaneous because they are totally unexpected. It injects adventure, excitement and romance into your relationship all at ones.

24. Send flowers to her workplace.
This is a deal breaker!! If you really want to romance a woman and woo her, flowers are definitely the way to go! It’s a key to numerous doors.

You just brighten up her whole day by sending a bunch of flowers there – preferred her favorite flowers. She’s definitely going to blush, but she’ll appreciate it.

25. Go for a walk.
Taking a troll together holding hands under the stars costs you nothing. Touch has a way of connecting the soul. It is super romantic too.

26. Remember the little things.
Note: Love and affection is really in the very little details especially when it comes to understanding how to romance a woman. Paying attention to the things she likes and remembering the things she tells you will help to create romantic surprises and expressions she’ll really love.

Remember, a woman’s idea of romance is different from another. While some love the luxurious types of romance like being wined and dined and taken care of, others prefer romance to come in the forms of adventures, fun and natural.

From the list above, what works for ‘A’ might not work for ‘B’. You alone know how to romance the woman in your life - your particular woman – your significant other.

By keeping the romance alive you show her how much you truly value and love her. That is something she’ll keep close to her heart.

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