11 Signs He’s Willing To Change

Ladies are constantly holding onto the keenness or expectation that he'll change from his negative ways. But he ends up making the same mistakes over and over again. This makes the future of the relationship go dim gradually and eventually turns out to be an unrealistic one.


At this point, unless he comes to reality with himself and truly decides to change, ladies aren’t willing to stick around much longer. A Man who's going to constantly be at his best or at least to the best of his abilities, is what ladies desperately seek for. Not someone who’s constantly making the same old mistakes when you've repeatedly told him that what he's doing is totally unacceptable.

If he promised to change, his actions won’t be different from his words. You’ll definitely see his words in his actions. It’s not possible to simply promise to improve, without actually putting in the effort.

Change is effort seen in action and not change heard in words.

Here’s a list to know he’s actually willing to change.

1. He puts in the effort.
We all say we're going to change our ways, yet our actions don't often reflect our words. However, if you notice that your significant other is really willing to change, that’s the real deal and you should hold on to that.

There is a great chance that your relationship is actually going to grow or improve significantly. You should hold on to this because a man that puts in the effort is a man worth waiting for.


If a man puts in the effort at changing, within a short time, you'll notice that he's slowly changing his ways. He'll stop making reoccurring mistakes and will instead shift his energy towards fixing the relationship instead of letting it slip.

If you noticed he’s changing his actions towards you and the relationship as he promised to, be patient with him because these changes could be pretty slow. Though it all depend on every man. The most important of them all is that he’s changing his ways.

It's probably because he realized that the relationship is actually going downhill. He'll have to act fast if he actually wants to keep things going.

2. He stops the lies.
You didn’t see this coming right? With reference to #1, the lies disappears gradually. You start seeing a different man. You'll notice that your significant other is becoming transparent each passing day. You'll no longer have to take out time to read his mind trying to know what his thoughts are as he'll be completely open on how he's feeling like an open book.

You need hope for your relationship? Here’s the best hope ever. He's starting to realize that his words and actions actually have an impact on you and the relationship. He realizes he'll have to be completely honest with you if he wants the best out the relationship.

Accept your significant others honesty and do reflect his hard work with kindness/appreciations if you want it to last!

3. He realizes his faults and he’s willing to change.
With reference to #1, you’re certain your relationship has a future if your partner realizes he was the one at fault, apologizes and he’s willing to change where and when necessary. If a man is able to admit that he was the one who was wrong without shame, the relationship actually has a meaning to him and sure has the power to stand the test of time.

It’s obvious everyone avoids admitting that they were wrong. Nobody wants to be in the negative. When he admits where he went wrong and grow from his mistakes, is a good sign that your relationship actually has a future.

Sure: admitting we were wrong has never been easy or anyone. Hence, you should show your appreciation each time he is willing to take the blame.

4. He regrets his wrongs/fault on his face.
With reference to #3, if he's truly sorry, you'll notice right away. Moreover, women are quick to notice such body languages.

His face will be covered with regret as he truly feels terrible about his wrong doings. You'll notice sadness in his face each time he looks into your eyes. That's because he's deeply worried about what he has done, and wondering in his mind how possible it is to undo those wrongs.

This is the best time to go easy on him. Be sure you notice he's filled with regret then tell him that you forgive him in order to ease the pain because he's already beating himself over what happened and doesn't need you to do so as well. If you do that: you just might regret it.

Meanwhile, show you forgive him by showing some kindness, give him a hug, a peck and assure him you’ll stand by him as he works on himself – thereby improving the relationship.

5. He’s repentant over his mistakes.
With reference to #3, if it seems like he's persistently trying to figure out a way for you to fully forgive his past mistakes. He’s not sure you have forgiven him, or are silently holding onto anger and patiently waiting to remind him of his imperfection.

Again, your relationship have a very bright future if he’s completely willing to change his ways as he's more than embarrassed over whatever has happened.

You’ll do yourself and your partner some good if you let him know you truly forgive his mistakes and mean it if you truly do.

6. He stops been a player just for you.
Some guys aren’t cut out for relationship. They see it as a burden. Is that so? Yes it could be some ways! But now he's grown and evolved into a good partner. He's given up his playboy role and he’s investing time and effort in making things work.


You know: when someone finds the love of their life, including a playboy, they're willing to go all the way and transform into a brand new person that their significant other will love and respect.

You should be glad your relationship has direction/ hope if your partner has become an open book. So transparent you don’t need to doubt his transformation.

7. He does away with his bad habits.
With reference to #6, not only being a player is bad. There’re lots of other bad habits out there and if he realizes that the only way to actually improve his relationship is to leave those habits behind, it's super cool.

Probably you’ve discussed with him about his bad habit that are not cool with you and surprisingly, he’s willing to change knowing that’s the only way to keep you.

If he takes the step to let go of those bad habits, it’s super cool and crystal clear he is ready to be the best for you.

8. His friends are cool and are helping him change.
Sweet right? It’s not always easy to change ourselves without external help. Sometimes it takes the help of good friends to be our best.

Give credit to his friends if you notice they’re positive influence on him because this will reflect on him and in your relationship. And if his friends are not, it’ll reflect on him and in your relationship.

9. He promises to change.
If he promises to change, is a step towards perfection and you should give room for some delays. In reality, all it actually takes realizing there’s a problem, accepting his fault and telling you he's going to change from his bad ways.

Though his actions might not correspond to his actual statement yet, it's still a start. He's giving you his word that he's going to change his ways. Rather than trying to push him to change immediately, which in most cases, it’s impossible because behaviors aren’t switches that you could turn on or off whenever it pleases you to. Give him some time. It's actually gigantic progress that he's willing to improve on who he is just for you and for a better relationship.

10. He’s listening.
It’s exciting when our significant other does listen to us. He's wholly present and involved in the conversation and not just giving a nod. He’s interested in what you have to say no matter how insignificant it might be.

You know how it feels like to express your feelings to someone who is absent at the conversation. So, you are lucky if your partner takes interest in the conversation.

One of the easiest ways to know he's actually listening is by his input and sometimes, body languages. You sure don’t want him to stay completely quiet the whole time right?

If he's actually listening and adding some insightful comments, he's a keeper!

11. He puts himself second most of the time.
A relationship has compromises and in the process, will have to put our partner first. Hence, if you notice your partner putting you prior to himself time after time, it means the relationship is most certainly healthy!

He understands that in order for a relationship to work, you have to put your partner first. Vice versa.

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