How To Know He Doesn't Care

What more do you expect when your partner care less about you. He behaves sometimes like you don’t even exist, like a furniture left to rot. Most often we're holding onto the hope that he'll change.


Yep, it’s good to have our hopes high but he just ends up making the same old mistakes. You try to get reach out to him but it's as if you're unable to.

You’re not going to sit down with your legs crossed and let him threat you like scrap in the dungeon. There’re signs he doesn’t care and you probably didn’t notice these annoying behaviors for obvious reasons. You're not going to let him get away with these bad behaviors any longer right? Get ready to keep a close eye on him to pick up these signs. He better get ready to change his ways, or you're out of the picture.

Keep a close eye on the 12 signs that simply show he doesn’t care about you.

1. Pride is written all over him.
Probably he wasn’t like that but he has more money, looking more handsome and gets all the attention from other girls. Yep, it feels great right? This has gotten into his head and he's not willing to take some humility any longer even if it's for the betterment of the relationship. He has become so pompous and spoilt like a spoilt brat and everything always has to go his way and that he's not willing to change for anyone – this could be life threatening.

He's so used to always being on top that he isn't willing to put himself down for absolutely no one.

While he probably still adores you, he won't change who he is for the betterment of the relationship which is essential. It's best to leave him and his pride, as things are not going to change around him anytime soon.

2. Why do you want him to change?
Hahaha! With reference to #1, it’s written in the wall already. If you notice that his ego/pride is talking too much or too loud, then the relationship is OVER.

The truth is that he totally adores and values himself way more than the relationship and he’s not willing to change for anyone, not even you. Does he really love you? He has put in the effort to build himself into the person he always wanted to be and isn't about to let anyone get in the way of that forgetting that the best way of building self is also building his relationship.

With ego on the wheels, he makes a ton of mistakes, but he's completely blind to them. He's convinced that he knows what he's doing and no other opinion count none should he change for anyone.

His mindset - At this point, if you're not willing to appreciate who he is, then he'll move onto someone else who does love his foolishness. Trust me; this is the last person you want to be in a relationship with as he'll never change come rain, come shine.

3. Growing resentment.
If you notice his passive aggressive behavior is only increasing daily, that's because the resentment is growing at alarming rate. His past relationship issues are taking a toll on him as he's not over them yet. He hasn't exactly forgotten his woes in his previous relationship.
He's strongly holding onto a ton of negative energy from the past. This will cause his resentment to manifest every now and then by dropping passive aggressive comment and or body languages that should be history.

It’s not possible for your relationship to move on in such atmosphere until he forgives the past and move on because everyone has a story.

If he continues in this behavior, he's sure going to push you completely away from him.

4. He’s focused on something else.
If you notice his mind is somewhere else, you've totally lost him. He's in his own world right in his head and isn't going to care about what's going on in his personal life including relationship. This could result from constant fights and drama in the relationship that he's looking for something else to take his mind off such reality.

At this point, everything has gotten to be too much for him and while a ton of it is most likely his fault, it seems like he would much rather walk out of the relationship than work on the issues causing his mind to drift gradually.

Unfortunately, you can’t force him to change. All you can do is encourage him to change his ways. But if he's completely focused on something else, it simply means he's done with the relationship and he’s waiting to take a walk.

5. He’s withdrawn to his shell.
With reference to #4, one of the sure ways to know your significant other is focusing on something else is when he withdraws to his shell.

You observe your man is completely keeping to himself lately; He takes his time to respond to you or try to keep busy to avoid having a moment with you. He's not willing to come clean over what happened, he doesn’t want to talk about the challenges in your relationship and is instead holding onto some negative emotions. You're probably getting the signal that something is definitely off as he has been a little bit quieter than usual especially if this is not part of his personality.

The joy that once filled his face merely stirring at you is completely gone. Like he just woke up and threw all that out the window. Seems he's holding onto something serious deep within his soul. You try hard to reach him deep down his mind but you just can’t. This might be a new person that entered his life, taking your place like wildfire consuming him or a desire to get out of the relationship and he’s confused how to go about it – there comes the attitude and if he's not willing to open up on what's holding him back and he’s not ready to work on the relationship, then there is nothing you can do.

6. Mistrust has sneaked into the relationship
Distrust or mistrust is one of the strongest relationship killers ever. The moment your significant other loses trust in the relationship, that moment everything begins to fall apart like the novel ‘Things Fall Apart’.

It's incredibly hard to rebuild trust when it's broken. That's why it's important to make sure that trust is maintained throughout any relationship.

If you're getting the vibes that your partner mistrusts you, then everything is about to nose-dive.

7. He doesn’t listen anymore.
Naturally, you don’t listen to people you don’t trust even if you were wrong. If he won't listen to anyone, even you, then something is up. He knows he’s wrong but the last thing he wants is for his partner to complain about everything he's doing wrong while he's still not willing to change.

Relationship is worth the while if your partner listens to you. Your opinion counts as theirs. Hence; if he's so used to always being the one in charge that he's not about to listen to anyone about how headstrong he is, if you think constantly reminding him about everything that he's doing wrong will work, it totally won't. it’s a waste of precious time.

He's going to keep on doing his own thing like you’re not there. What’s the hope in the relationship if he won't acknowledge your opinion?

8. He’s not accountable / the lies are growing.
Aside distrust, deception is another relationship killer. If you notice that the lies in your relationship are only growing stronger each day, you can’t even recall the last time he told a lie because even his “Hi” is a lie. Then the relationship is nose diving and it’s going to crash soon if you don’t pull up.

He's so deep into deception that he forgot you’re partners and he’s not willing to be honest with you anymore as he thinks that won’t be of benefit to him.

The never-ending lies in the relationship will cause everything you've worked for to come crashing down. Though you might want your partner to tell the truth by pushing  him. There’s no guarantee that he’ll open up.

At this point in time, you might have to come to reality with the relationship.

9. He keeps disappearing.
Isn’t this obvious enough that he doesn’t care? We can't handle our partners constantly disappearing from the relationship. One moment everything is going well and the other, things are falling apart.

For your partner to disappear out of the blue anytime they feel like clearly shows that they have not invested in the relationship. It hurt to see a partner go ghost mode on us randomly. We all need a partner who we can depend on no matter how little they can offer.

If your partner disappears whenever they feel like, it’s wrong. It's time for him to realize that he can't just run away whenever things get tough. You both are to fight it out, stay strong and keep sailing.

10. He feels unappreciated.
Why would he stay with someone who doesn't appreciate him for who he is and his effort to be a better man in the first place? He might feel pressured to constantly change and improve himself while you look the other side like it doesn’t count. You won’t know what he’s going through if you don’t ask and be observant because he might not tell too.

Note that no one wants to be with someone who always put them down for not being good enough or meet up to standard. Appreciate your man for who he is.

11. He’s pompous.
With reference to #1, if he has had an issue with self-confidence where he was put down maybe by a bully and has worked hard to rebuild himself, the last thing that he's going to let slide is his partner trying to change him. Though he can change but it’s going to require something more than patience.

There is little or no chance that you'll be able to change him if he's full of himself. He couldn't care less about changing his bad habits as he's completely blind to them and what he expects from you is to gladly
accept him and flow on that level with him.
Pompous people will always look for ways to hold on to who they’ve become.

When you’re pompous, you’re blind from seeing the truth about yourself and all you see is the wrong about others. How insignificant they are and can’t stand you, blab la...

That's the reason why there is no way a relationship will last if one person is consumed by pride.

12. He doesn’t think it’s serious yet / he’s selfish
Are you two exclusive? Ok! While you might've thought that you two were exclusive, to him that was far from it.

He's not willing to settle down unless he thinks that it's the best course of action for him and not you. You’re clearly not in the picture.
The last thing you want is to be with a guy who isn't open to making things official if you feel it’s time.

He's going to keep on doing what's best for him, as that's all he cares about – which is true. It's pretty evident that the most important thing to him is his own well being, not yours.

If you're getting the signs that your partner is starting to withdraw, the relationship is probably over.

He's certain that he's not being fully appreciated, loved, respected by his choices and instead should look for a partner who's going to love every part of who he is than one who wants the best for him.

On the contrary, go tell your man how much you actually adore him if you want things to work out. If not, get ready to say goodbye to your relationship.

“Changing a man for good is not the same as changing diapers”. It requires a whole lot of patience and if you don’t have any don’t bother to change him – just flow.

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