14 Reasons Why Men Lose Interest In Relationship

Sometimes, women think that things are going really well with their man, only to find out that things weren’t as good as they seemed. It is really heartbreaking when this happens right?


You wonder one minute, you two are hanging out, having great time together, etc. The next, he’s completely freaking you out, and you have no idea why the sudden change.

You’re left confused and alone, wondering what went wrong along the line and when it actually happened. Was it something you said? Was it something you did? Was it caused by external influence? Did he meet someone else? Whose fault is it that things ended this way? Is there anything you could have done to prevent this or was it a hopeless situation caused by attitude? Etc.

It might not be easy to read a guy’s mind and figure out why he gave up on the relationship, but here are 14 possibilities he lost interest in you.

1. Your values are different.
This has to come first. Aside compatibility, love and others, the place of value cannot be over emphasized. What you place value on is a reflection of your true self and it simultaneously plays out sooner than later.

When you first meet, you only get a small picture of his personality. You can’t know everything about him at first sight, and he doesn’t know much about you as well. But there’s a feeling that you have few things in common, and what’s a relationship without common interest? So you give it a try.

“Value is as important as love in a relationship”

With time, one or both of you might realize that you actually value totally different things, and therefore, you’re just not compatible any longer. It’s no fun when value is misplaced, but it does happen every now and then.

We build up an idea of who someone is in our heads before we really get to know them which is okay, but then, we’re disappointed when we know who they really are. So if he realizes that you actually care about totally different things, and your views on life are just not on the same page, he’ll probably slowly begin to lose interest.

2. He met someone else.
This is obviously one of the major reasons for breakups. Okay, this scenario really hurts, but it’s so true. This is one of the reasons girls have serious trust issues. You meet a new guy, you hit the road pretty hard, you’re having a great ride. You’re happy hanging out with this super duper guy. But suddenly, he’s not picking your calls, your texts don’t get replied or he replies several hours or days after.

You hangout every weekend, but now he’s just nowhere to be found. He gives flimsy excuses for not been available.

The shocker: One day, you’re scrolling through social media when you realize something striking - a picture of him pops up and guess what? His arms around another cutie, and you’re heartbroken. Sometimes, a guy disappears because he met another girl and lacks the guts to tell you.

Yes, it’s difficult to accept but the best way out here is to move on because he really doesn’t deserve your effort.

3. He can’t stand your flaws.
A great first impression is important to a guy but he thinks it’ll remain in this perfect state for like ever. So, you’re fun, you’re flirty, you look adorable even when you’re not, the world spins when he thinks of you.

But as time passes, you reveal deeper parts of yourself which is normal in every relationship. You tell each other about your dreams and aspirations, your hopes, your fears etc. You talk about difficult situations from your past and present.

Funny enough, you might really open up to a guy who you really like only for him to stop calling. Some guys decide they can’t handle your flaws, so they basically take a flight. They don’t want to be a game changer in your life and instead, take a walk. Though it’s childish and immature to pack your bags and run off. No one is perfect, and every girl has her own flaws just like you.

Flaws don’t make you a bad person, and it doesn’t mean that no guy will ever accept you as you are. Be patient, work on yourself and Mr. right will come knocking soon.

4. He’s into your best friend.
With reference to #3, he just might be into your friend, not just your friend, but your best friend. Gosh! That’s gross…

It’s one thing for your guy to be into another girl and it’s another for him to be into your best friend. Could it be as a result of your flaws? Well, it’s very possible and it ‘s possible that’s not the reason.  With this fact, we now know that a guy might ghost you because he’s into another girl that he likes better or seems closer to perfection than you.

Just maybe this girl is a total stranger or maybe she’s in your music class, or who you’ve seen a couple of time in your neighborhood or maybe your next door neighbor, etc. that’s gross right? Now imagine it’s someone you know pretty well and probably dear to you. That’s super gross!

What if he’s into one of your friends – your childhood best friend? This must be a worst case scenario right? Sure it is. It makes you feel less of a woman. It feels like your whole world is crumbling. Note that a good friend won’t do this to her best friend especially if she knows she truly likes him which she does anyways.

But if this happens, the best thing for your friendship and that is if she’s considerate and in her right senses, you two should just let him alone.

5. You hurt him.
Often, we like to think that we’re not at fault for the problems that we face in our relationships. It’s really easier to push the blame off on someone else, right? But that show your level of maturity. If you so desire a healthy relationship, you must always accept your fault and apologize for your wrongs.

Now you blame the guy you’ve been talking to for every little problem in your relationship, you transfer work related aggression on him and irritated at the slightest provocation. You complain a lot that he’s not attentive enough, He’s expecting too much from you, He didn’t ask how your day went, He doesn’t call you regularly, etc and you felt ignored.

When problems start popping up in relationships, you have to take responsibility for your actions – that’s maturity.

Probably you were rude to him at a time when he was trying to work things out peacefully with you or you took out your anger about other problems on him. Hmmm, did you ignore him at a time he really needed you? If yes, you might have hurt his feelings pretty bad.

6. He has too much on his mind.
We all have a lot going on right? Our schedules are really packed these days. We’re always on the run and sometimes it feels like we have no spare minute to catch our breath.

It’s really exhausting running round our commitments, sometimes it can be really hard to maintain a social life let alone a relationship and in most cases, this is where our partner get it all wrong.

So if the man in your life constantly seemed like he’s on the go, which alone might be the reason why he lost interest in the relationship. If he already has a ton of responsibilities and trying to meet up with them, he might feel like he has more important things to focus on than getting into a relationship which is another responsibility added.

7. He doesn’t want a relationship yet.
Dear, lots of guys these days don’t want a relationship at all. Are they missing out? You tell me. But there’s nothing much you can do to change how they think or reasons why they decided to stay out of relationship.

You have to look for a guy who actually wants a commitment like you do and yes, they’re definitely out there. Are they few? Hmm, maybe. In reality, yes! So don’t lose hope just yet!

Hence if a guy suddenly loses interest, it might be because he knows that you want commitment in the relationship and he doesn’t buy that idea yet. You need to find someone who values the same level of commitment that you do if you really want to enjoy your relationship.

8. He wants to impress his friends.
Guys sometimes do things that are not really in their best interest just because they want to impress their friends. I’m sure you know girls do this too. But for some reasons, guys seem to go out of their way to look cool in front of their friends quite often. It’s so stupid right? Or maybe not.

Why would you do that to a girl you like just to prove a point to your friends. If a guy does this to you, it’s better you walk out of the relationship. You don’t need any of these childish behaviors. You sure deserve someone who is mature and understanding and not just another big baby.

9. You’re not is type.
Time after time we fall in love with people who are at different place/level in their lives than we are. Perhaps he’s graduating from college, but you’re still in high school. Perhaps he just got a job and love career path, but you don’t dream of having a degree.

Sure, this doesn’t stop people from having feelings for each other, but this difference in our life can cause complications in relationship.

The most important thing to consider when getting into a relationship is the maturity level of the person you’re interested in. For instance, if you have very little life experience while he/she is already building their career, they might want to be with someone else on that level. Though this might not always be so – Maturity is the key.

It’s terrible if a guy does not think you’re mature for him. Same if a lady feels same for a guy. He might try not to tell you at the early stage of the relationship but he’ll eventually end up losing interest in you.

10. He’s bored.
It seems everyone gets bored easily these days. Is it related to work stress, economic meltdown, peer-pressure or a generational thing? Back in the days of our grandparents, they would get married young and live happily ever after! Now take a look at the 21st century couples/relationships. Yes, girls get bored with guys easily these days too.

It happens every now and then - you meet someone who has been hurt in his previous relationship and now ready to try again. He walks up to you and says his ex broke his heart, but he’s ready to move on and you really want to be a better girlfriend than his ex ever was and you’re so excited to be his source of joy – can you play that in your head? It’s cool hun? You're the next super hero.

But just when it seems everything is going on as it should be, his Ex sees him happy with someone else, and she starts popping up everywhere he goes like MTN. Suddenly, you notice he’s texting his Ex again, and her name is all over his social media accounts like wildfire.

Like big baby that he is, he finally breaks the news and tells you he misses her, forgetting she shattered his heart like broken glass and he wants to try to get back together with her – that’s love though, but needs to grow up.

Sure, it’s a big slap in the face, but everyone don’t move on at same pace.

12. He dreads commitment.
Most people are afraid of commitment. Many people don’t want a relationship but hook ups. They don’t want to label someone as their significant other. They want to do their own thing and hook up with whoever they please. This is not the healthiest approach to any relationship, but whether we like it or not, this is what’s popular in this present generation.

This generation does not seem to take dating very seriously. If a guy senses that things are actually getting serious between you two, and he doesn’t think he’s ready for it, he might just go off the radar and that is very wrong. If you want out, let your partner know.

As a lady, meeting the friends of your significant other is like meeting his mum. If his friends don’t like you, you’re in deep trouble – like deep s**t.

You may think that girls are the only ones who spend time talking boys and relationships, but that’s not true. Guys do spend a lot of time talking girls – like girls talk. And yes, this includes girls who their friends are dating or checking out.

That's if you’ve been with a guy over two weeks, there’s a likelihood that your name has come up among-st his friends few times – wink!! Guess what? If they don’t like you, they’ll probably be brutally honest with him about you – deep s**t.

If he suddenly drops off the face of the earth after meeting his friends, ask yourself what his friends think of you? How did they act when you were around at first? If it seemed like they didn’t like you or they didn’t chat much, seems like there was nothing to talk about etc, there’s your answer.

14. He’s taking it easy
Some people like to take “dating” pretty slow and you can’t blame them for who they are. They meet someone, and they become friends, hanging out, talking, and getting to know each other as friends, then sometime in the future, they’ll take it a step further.

If you meet a guy like this and you come pretty strong on him, he’ll probably get a little scared of dating idea. This doesn’t mean they don’t love you, you just need to meet someone who feels the same way as you do.

It’s disappointing to figure out that your strong emotions were a turnoff for a guy that you truly liked, but it’s not the end of the world and you'll find someone who approaches relationships the way you do.

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