15 Ways To Live Your Passion

People always feel stuck in life at one point or the other. So do you feel stuck in any area of your life? You just don’t feel inspired by anything.

When stuck, we’ll wish we could live with more passion and rediscover our sense of self.
Do you feel unsafe and unsure how to make a connection and meaning in your personal and professional life? What about hobbies?
Many people feel this way. They feel stuck in a job, a relationship etc that suffocates them so deep it gets to their soul and at a point you want to ask if their mind is still in one piece.
Lack of connections and satisfaction can ruin emotions; break you down to the extent you lose your mind especially if you have no idea where to start.
Mastin Kipp - “If there is an outcome you fear and you do not take action, you will produce the outcome you fear.”
I’ve learned a lot about how to be fulfilled, derive happiness and what steps we can take to get there. Though it could really be challenging but it starts with first; identifying what brings you joy and secondly; actively seeking it at any given opportunity.
Note that your quest might go on for several days and even months. But just keep searching. You’ll actualize what you seek in no time.
Here is a list of ways to live your passion

1. Identify and live your beliefs
What you believe is seen by what you say and do. Align yourself (mind) with your beliefs. When you live your beliefs, you’ll naturally share them with passion.

From research, the more connected you are to your core values; the easier it will be to live them daily.

2. Identify your values
With reference to #1, everyone have a set of unique traits at their disposal. These values are your driving force.

They may be different from those closest to you, so it is important to maintain a separate identity. When you live your values, you are in alignment with your best self.

3. Detach your hobbies from your passions
You may love to cook, play football with the boys on Saturday morning or even read books, but it doesn’t mean you want to make a living out of it.
Most persons get confused about finding their life purpose because they assume their hobbies are things that would bring them joy full-time. Nope; they’re so wrong. These are two separate entities.
Our hobbies provide us a sanctuary from our chaotic lives. Our hobbies help us to relax our nerves, catch-up with friends, breathe fresh air, do other things outside our jobs etc. But they aren’t always part of our life purpose.
Passion is a stronger force. It has a stronger hold on your being. It’s so strong that it keeps you up way into the night with inspiration. Even while you’re emotionally, financially or otherwise down, you keep thinking about your passion and how to actualize them. Yes, this could be tough sometimes, but you just derive strength somehow.
You just have to learn to separate the two so you can move forward with more clarity.

4. Follow with pleasure
With reference to #3, ask yourself what brings me joy? What am I inquisitive about? What inspiration keeps coming to me over and over again?

These are obviously your intuition telling you which way to go.

5. Ask better and related questions
“The questions we ask will determine their answers”.

You must ask the right questions for you to get to the right answers. Sometimes, asking the right questions might require you getting out of your comfort zone.

Sometimes, we get too comfortable to ask opposing questions. It’s nobody’s fault, its human nature.

If you’ve been asking questions like “Why can't I find my passion?” probably you're focusing on what isn’t working well enough.

Instead, ask questions, like “What can I do to follow through on my inspiration?” You've not found your passion yet because you bluntly follow through on your inspirations, maybe for FEAR of the unknown.

Asking better and related questions regarding your inspiration will help you quickly realize your burning passion.

6. Do something about your inspiration
With relation to #5, it doesn’t stop at asking better and related questions on your inspiration, you most act on those ideas.
Most often, we focus on how long it would take, cost involve, time factor, energy etc that it’ll take to produce that goal.
If you’re really passionate about your inspirations and goals, you’ll have to take action.
7. Ask what you can give.
We feel trapped if we don't make any difference in the world or around us.

Try this trick when next you feel stuck: ask yourself “What can I give?” You’ll realize there’s a core desire to help and serve others. It’s inherent.

Can you give your time, money, or energy to help others? If yes to any listed, why not plan a trip to an orphanage home close by? Go help those having disaster issues. Send relief material to IDPs etc and tell me how it felt like.

8. Take deep breaths
We’re all in a rush day in day out. More than 80% of the worlds population don’t meditate. Meditation has so many advantages. It can improve quality of life.

Set time aside as often as possible to take deep breath and focus on something.

You can try that out right now. Take five minutes out and see how refreshing it is.

Obviously, happy people attract happier people. Sad people will drive smiling people away and probably keep the sad ones. Which side do you belong?

Smiling is a powerful attractive force and it’s a great way to improve your day. With your genuine smiles, people that would be of help to your passions could be naturally attracted to you, give you all the help you need even without asking.

10. Focus on the good side
Gratitude is one of the best ways to improve your life and actualize your goals. Be grateful each day for something. It could be what you’ve achieved or some good deeds from a friend etc.

When you live a life filled with gratitude, people will always be willing to give you a helping hand.

11. Connect with your childhood experience.
I’m sure there was a time in your life when you felt really free, happy, and always joyful.

Ask yourself what made feel free, happy and always filled with untold joy. You have to revisit your childhood/youth memories, bring them back to life and take note of what you were doing and who you did those things with.

12. Go on a trip with friends/colleagues.
Trips are adventurous and fun. They take your mind of any form of depression or anxiety. They’re also exciting because you get to learn something new and be creative.

They can open up your mind to a totally new side of life.

Sure, you don’t want to leave the job you so much hate because you are horrified you’ll fail.

Instead of focusing on the fear, try focus on what step you can take towards achieving your desired goal.

Taking action diminishes fear. Note: You’ll do this gradually with calculated steps.

14. Nourish the push.
We all have inspirations and opportunities coming our ways each day. What are you doing with those thoughts? Regarding your career, business and in relationships.

You need to start nourishing those inspirations by following through on them gradually with determination and of cause FOCUS.

15. Self investment
Self investment is a necessity but requires discipline. It’s a life-long investment.
You can access numerous books both on and offline for your consumption. Go on a course of your choice etc.

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