How Relationship Changes After Marriage

Name one couple who didn’t experience partial or total change after walking the aisle. Some if not all, are inevitable. They just must happen.


You will likely not know all about your significant order until you say ‘I do’. The real you start manifesting a few days after saying ‘I do’. This is why you are encouraged to tell your partner as much as you can about you while dating. This will also help them have a picture of your real you 

If you don’t like been disturbed while watching football, let your partner know. You fart uncontrollably, let them know. Wink!!
Even your love fire might change. That is why date nights are important to rekindle the once burning flame.

Here are some of the changes to expect

1. Way more unwrap
Sure, everything changes when you become husband and wife. Some of the good feelings include feeling more united and having a support team. Your relationship also changes in other more surprising ways too like your partner start living the toilet with the bathroom door open which might be a new experience for you. You will definitely see each other at your worst more regularly, but equally, at your best too.

2. You'll look at each other in a different way
After tying the knot, your partner becomes your next of kin and your emergency contact, which they hadn't been before. Sharing a surname means you become each other's main concern on a whole astonishing level, which is really comforting. You suddenly felt like family (new family springing up). However, once you have a baby…, that's a whole new story.

3. New levels of passion are unlocked
Surprisingly after tying the knot, couples actually unlock new levels of passion in some way. Being close to someone who knows your body intimately is seriously sexy, right? The bond of marriage feels exciting and like a whole new chapter for newlyweds.

4. You will feel less tied down
When dating, intending couples do certain things together. Like want to read the same book not bothered about their distance apart. Now that they're married, they're much more relaxed. One might decide swimming on their own while the other goes off running, which means they enjoy their time both together and apart.

5. New traditions are introduced
It is normal for couples to introduce various traditions into their marriage. This is to help them stay stronger. Some of the traditions could be related to their belief while others is to help them remain intimate and keep the spark. Some of such includes scheduling date nights. Date nights gives you something cute to look forward to.

6. What’s your spouses’ name
One of the main changes for most couples will be the sudden reality of getting used to referring to your partner as 'my husband or my wife'. You just won’t refer to your spouse calling their names like they mean nothing to you especially in public. It also feels like you became more of a unit after you got married is sure.

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