What Is Wrong With My Pet Name And What Does It Mean

In a close and loving relationship, it is common to accept all kind of showoff of affection that communicates how you feel towards your significant other. This could turn up in acts of kind-heartedness or generosity, positive and outgoing body languages, or by the use of pet names.

pet names and their meanings in relationships

In as much as pet names could be how you express your inner feelings, don’t just take whatever your other half calls you behind closed doors. Your pet name could reveal a lot about how they view you and it is so unfortunate that many don’t know.

Pet names are usually, but not always restricted to a single word. Generally, pet names reflect affection and love, and because of their personal nature, they are frequently used behind closed doors.

There are creative pet names and traditional ones. But whichever your significant other decides to call you, there is lot more behind them than a simple throwaway sentiment. In other words, pet names have peculiar meaning to the one who originated it.

The meaning behind pet names

Want to know what your pet name says about your relationship and how your partner views you? Then read on.

1. Boo or shorty/shawty

If, however, you’ve mistakenly thought that this term is a modern, hip, and happening variety of the usual kind of pet name, then I really have to put you in the picture. This pet name unfortunately indicates a lack of respect for you and your intelligence. It shows that they see your relationship as very much a temporary date, and they would probably jump into bed with your best friend without a moment’s hesitation.

This pet name has popped up quite a lot in recent years and it is a favorite of the rap and hip-hop community. It will amuse you to know that this same community is also known for referring to women as b***es and h**s. If this is the kind of impression you’re happy having your other half associate you with, fine.

2. Cutesie pet names

This is seen among younger couples, especially younger ladies. They love to use cutesie pet names for their significant other. Examples are: pumpkin, sugar-bunny, love puppy, shnookums, honeypie etc. Congratulations because you will constantly keep your lunch down when you are accosted with such sweet offerings. These names are not always as positive as they may seem.

Love puppy might seem cute and loving, but in a way, it’s just as dehumanizing as boo. It shows they don’t really take you very seriously, and that you’re more tied up with some kind of weird fantasy about what romance is supposed to be, rather than tied into their heart strings.

3. Prince/princess

Obviously, this pet name indicates a fairly healthy relationship. It shows that they hold you in great esteem, have a huge amount of respect and trust for you, and see you as an important part of their lives.

However, although the top notes are all there, but something is still missing. Sure, a prince/princess will want to cater for your every need and spoil you at every opportunity, but could lack some amount of passion in how they view you. If you’re happy being called such names, then that’s just great.

4. Babe

This sits between (1) and (3). It is not as unconcerned a term as boo but it does still show a lack of seriousness. It shows a casual level of appreciation. Babe means they are attracted to you but more of your physical attributes/appearance than anything else you could ever offer.

The name shows you are more than a friend and nothing more.

5. Sexy

This speaks for itself but better used alongside other compliments and terms of flattery. If so, then it fulfills a role in your partner that the physical attraction is as much there as the emotional.

But, if this is the only pet name you have, whether in private or public, then you need 
to question your significant other about the future of your relationship.
This could be hard for some. But truth be told, every relationship needs some level of physical attraction, but if that’s all there is, then the future doesn’t look bright.

6. Mixed pet names

This is a love idea. A variety of pet names, from the traditional to the creative to the cute, could mean either one of two things.
Most likely, it can display your partner’s awareness of what a pet name mean to you and how it’s important to keep you interested and feeling special. And this is done by alternating what he /she calls you.

This is a sign of someone who understands the importance of keeping the spark alive and altering pet names is one of the sure ways to do this.
Although, it can be the hallmark of a good player, someone who knows how to play his cards, someone who has a game plan and are specific about the pet names they call you which helps them get you in exactly the position that they want. In other words, they manipulate you via pet names. Playing your emotions for their gain.

7. Yearning pet names

These are pet names that ways back to an earlier experience or conversation of you two, and shows that your partner has thought very carefully about your pet name and about your personality. A strong sign that love is still thriving.

8. None

Oops , You don’t want to be here. If they have not got a pet name for you yet, then you are probably wondering why. Well, at the beginning of a relationship, they may feel that it isn’t appropriate to use one yet, or they don’t know you well enough to choose the right kind of pet name which could be wise.

If you’re way into the relationship and they still haven’t got a pet name for you, then it is a sign that their feelings for you is surface.

It becomes extremely bad, if they have had a pet name for you, but it has fallen out of use. This is a serious pointer that the sparks of love is gone and hence you both need to talk about the future of the relationship.

9. Darling/dear/honey

These are so traditional and have been around for ages. Our grandparents used them, our parents too and this current generation isn’t having plans of dropping them anytime soon. They are so traditional that they can be used in public without causing a stir.
There is nothing to worry about if your significant other uses such names only at public places and calls you another in private. Your other half is probably just grasping at an opportunity to show their love for you in front of others. *WINK*

10. My love

This pet name is another traditional one. It is powerful yet casually romantic. It can be used in a regular conversation and always delivers with great impact. It shows that your significant other has deep romantic and soulful feelings towards you. He/she believes you are meant for each other and do all they can to see the relationship work. In real meaning, you have scored yourself a custodian.

It should now be understood that your partner’s choice of pet name for you is a whole lot more than just a term of flattering. Talk it over if you don’t like the pet name given to you from the list above.

Remember your pet name represents a lot in your relationship.


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