What Does a Good Relationship Look Like?

How well are you enjoying your relationship? Are you wondering if your relationship is sinking gradually? A healthy relationship is one with well-defined means of proper communication.

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I have written on relationship problems and best solutions which communication top the list. Good relationship must exhibit certain features like respect, quality communication, trust and honesty. Partners must respect each other privacy and should also be able to make their own decisions without fear of reprisal.

Here is a look at what a good relationship look like

1. Communicate with no fear

Communicating with your partner with a little bit of fear is not communication. You should be able to talk to your partner as a friend. Just the way you express your thoughts and feelings to your friend, it should be same way with your partner. You should not be afraid to let out what you think and how you think it. If you feel you both communicate just about everything, then it is a good sign it’s a good relationship.


2. Trust

Trust in a relationship is outright sign to know if your relationship is healthy. Trust also mean to respect your partners boundaries and feelings in a honest way. Many people think trusting your partner means trusting them not to cheat only. If your partner trusts your opinion is a good sign too.


3. You feel good being with them

Do you feel loved and in love being around your partner? Do you feel relaxed? Do you feel bad around your partner? How does your partner treat you. Does your partner see you as a companion, a friend or a soul mate. Having a feel good feeling around your partner is a good pointer of the health of your relationship. This also give room for more intimacy.


4. Feel physically safe

Every good relationship must also feel safe. You don’t feel uneasy or afraid when you are with your partner.


5. Encourages hangouts with friends

If your partner wants to isolate you from your friends is not healthy. A healthy relationship then will be one where partners don’t get jealous because you hangout with friends but encourages you to keep a healthy relationship with them.

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