10 Essential Ways to Save a Struggling Relationship

A healthy relationship is one were both partners display a considerable level of maturity. Every relationship is bound to experience a stormy sail at one point or the other. It is never going to be a smooth sail all through.

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Nevertheless, it’s commendable to believe in the distinctive power of your relationship because every form of relationship is distinctive in its own way. It is wiser to realize that no relationship gets to its bed of roses without first working-out the thorns. This take a lot of time and energy and one must therefore consider if the relationship is worth saving if you are currently struggling in it.
Here are the 10 Ways to Save a Struggling Relationship
1. Re-evaluate how you communicate
Remember you want to save your relationship. Therefore re-evaluation of how well you communicate is very important. Every individual have their best way of communicating and one of such ways for virtually everyone is by asking the relevant questions at the appropriate time while you listen and proffer solution or let out your opinion on the issue. Asking relevant questions also mean conversing in their interest. Asking questions that matters the most to them. This will make your partner open up easily and ensure to be part of the conversation by giving signs or using words to show you are on the same page. It is important not to raise serious issues in stressful times. Give some time for a calm atmosphere then approach the pressing topic.
2. Re-evaluate the reasons you’re in the relationship
This will sure produce some strength within you when you re-evaluate why you are in the relationship and realize those things you cherish or are cherished about you are still in place. The best way of carrying out this evaluation is by asking what in the first place drew you to this person. What qualities do they possess that that got my attention. Re-evaluate the reasons you’re in the relationship reminds you of the reasons to remain in the relationship. It is important to be open to constructive criticism and be willing to improve in any area if need be.
3. Re-evaluate the amount of quality time you have together
If you really want to save your struggling relationship then you must check how much time you spend with your other half. This could be hard in a struggling relationship, but you can do it if you want a win over the situation. Take time out of your busy Schedule and go on a date. You could go fishing, even walking, just ensure to spend some time quality alone with your partner. Try making time out to be with your partner. You could have a set date in your calendars to be alone and if you have kids, get the nanny to stay with them while you get your love life reignited.
4. Re-evaluate external influences on your relationship
I don’t blame couples who keep family and friends at arm stretch so they don’t have negative influences on their relationship. If partners are left alone, they will understand themselves faster and better. External influences only want to dictate what happens in your relationship without giving it time to grow. Many partners have parted ways today because of external influences. External influences play a strong role in how well our relationship will thrive. To save your relationship, you must re-evaluate how much damage external influences have done to your relationship and find a way of solving the problem. One of such ways includes keeping your relationship as private as possible and give away as little details as you can to friends and family.
5. Re-evaluate the boundaries with each other
I have written extensively on boundaries in relationship. It’s essential to set boundaries in relationships just like the one you have with your friends. These boundaries are put in place to check you both. It is like a guarding rule for you to achieve a healthy relationship. You must be sure to keep your end of the boundary ones set. In order word, don’t set a rule or boundary you cannot abide to. It also promotes a sense of security and trust.
You want to save your relationship? Have you tried forgiveness? To forgive is to disconnect from anger or and anything causing any form of delay or taking your relationship backward anytime you want to move to the next level. You do yourself more good than harm when you forgive. Forgiveness has a healing power. Try not to accuse your partner for wrongs of the past, you have to let go and move on in your relationship. It does not mean you will not talk about it. This is necessary to avoid drag in your relationship. Though this could be difficult, especially if you are currently struggling in the relationship. Do all you can to forgive each hurt as they come. It is better to forgive each hurting moment than pile them up and don’t forget that forgiveness is always a process.
Recall when you started dating? How you used to go to favorite places and doing special things together? What happened to that? Memories are good at reigniting how love. They remind you of those great times. It is important in relationships to always reconnect to where we fell in love. Probably you both love making the dishes; you could try something special with it.
Partners having some nice time all alone

 8. Talk about your little secrets and refer to (6) above
This is funny right? But it does work wonders. Certain things should be kept to ourselves, I know. But could trigger wonders in your partner’s opinion of you if done in a honest way and seeking forgiveness.
9. Gratitude
You could save your relationship by been grateful. Let your partner know how much you appreciate them for their contribution towards the relationship and how they have impacted you positively and also been there for you when you needed them the most. The feeling of been appreciated produces overwhelming result.
Appreciation in relationship is key

10. Counseling
Many people don’t like the idea of visiting a counselor. There is nothing wrong with it. It is in a bid to get the problem solved and it should be accepted by all. It gets to a point in troubled relationship that a counselor will have to step in. It is normal to go through ups and downs in relationships. But it’s the ones who are open to constructive criticism and committed to working on their own faults that come out strong.
 Not giving up on someone and trying our very best to make it work are honorable tasks to undertake.
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