Relationship Guidelines for a Healthy Relationship

Everything is governed by lay down guidelines or rules. Some people might call it law. It is true; to achieve success, you most play by the rules. You want to be successful like the Ex basketball player Michael Jordan or a footballer like Cristiano Ronaldo, you just have to play by the laid down rules for the game. 

Rules for relationships

Our relationships could be bed of colorful and sweet smelling roses if only we make deceive effort to play by these guidelines.

To many, healthy relationship sounds more of a mirage. They think those that say their relationships are healthy are only daydreaming. Well, don't blame them; if only they could play by these guidelines. True love can only be true when you experience it and you can only experience it when you play by the guidelines for healthy relationship.

Relationships are to be enjoyed and to enjoy your relationships, you must pay the price. Though not too expensive as you don’t need millions in your bank account to learn these relationship guidelines and put them to practice in your relationship. These guidelines seem pretty easy but they really require some conscious effort from you.

Here are the Relationship Guidelines for a Healthy Relationship

1. Love your partner wholeheartedly and think from your partner’s standpoint
This definitely sounds really selfish. Some people I discussed this with were really against it. That they can’t do that. Some were okay with thinking from their partner’s standpoint and not loving wholeheartedly. How will you achieve a healthy relationship when you cannot love wholeheartedly? You must love your partner completely and be ready to think things through from where they stand. This means they can object your opinions etc. But try as much as possible to think things through from where he or she stands.
2. Regular sex
This cannot be overemphasized. It is one of the most important aspects of relationship. Though it also have a negative impact on relationships when it becomes too much. One thing is to know the sex drive of your partner. We all don’t have same sex drive and energy for sex. So you have to consider the level of sex drive of your partner so you two will enjoy having sex.
3. Hugs
Hugs should be a regular way of showing love, affection and gratitude to your partner. Give your partner a warm hug for a job well done etc. who doesn’t like a hug?
4. Don’t let argument linger
Whatever you argue about in relationship, don’t let it take the whole day. In other words, try to put an end to any form of argument you have with your partner. Not abruptly please because this will still mean you are angry. Though you might need to compromise here by saying okay, you are correct. Just to let the tension calm and then revisit the pending issue when you have a calm environment.
5. Communication
One of the most important relationship guidelines or law is good communication. Communication is so important that a little break in it can ruin a relationship completely. Communication includes the use of body languages. Study your partner to know how best to communicate with them.
6. Healthy boundaries must be created
Any relationship with no form of boundary in place will soon become a story. That means it will soon not have a future. Healthy boundaries are needed for the survival of relationships. This does not mean you are not in love. Just that there is a time you or your partner just want to be alone. Don’t just feel like talking.
7. Gratitude / Compliments
Most often we see couples who started well with appreciating each other for any little effort and always smiling soon stop doing that. This could be as a result of over familiarity which is actually common among people when they have been together for some time. Do all you can in your power to avoid this as it has the potential to course relationship anxiety.
8. Avoid arguing in public
How you compote yourself outside your home is as well important. People could write a book from your display outside. This does not mean you cannot disagree outside but your tone should be low and quickly agree on something.
9. Regular dates
Many believe once married is forever married without realizing that they have a stake in keeping the marriage. Love dies with time if nothing is done to keep the fire burning. Love like fire can go dim if not fueled on a regular basis. Fix dates as regular as possible. Friday nights are always the perfect night to hang out.
10. Dress smart look smart
Marriage doesn’t mean looking untidy or shabby. There are places in the world that majority of their ladies don’t take care of their looks once married. They feel they are married and no need for those dress sense anymore. Dress smart look smart, it attracts greatly.
11. Respect begat respect
Learn to respect your partner both indoor and outdoor. When you respect someone, they in turn will give you your desired respect. Don’t talk to your spouse like you own her. The moment you start talking to her like she is your property, you start losing your respect.
12. Memories with dates
Memories are forever. Create loving memories and celebrate them. Such memories include birthdays, special dates like when your spouse got promoted or when you had a family car etc. you could have those memories recorded with various devices for future references.
No relationship will be healthy without forgiving one another. As two entities come as one toe must and will be stepped on. Your ability to forgive your partner when they hurt you is very important. When you harbor un-forgiveness your partner will sense it and this may lead to anxiety. True love is often associated with forgiveness.
14. Create time to be friends
One of the attributes of friends is that they always find one way or the other to be together playing. You could decide on games you can play together. I love hide and seek ‘wink’
15. Trust
Hmmm, trust should be one of the top 5 relationship guidelines. It is so important in every aspect of life. Where there is trust love thrives greatly. Trust in your partner could make you healthy.
16. Avoid nagging
It is annoying nagging. If you have any issue you feel is not well resolved, nagging is not the best way to address it.

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Nobody is above the law, so also is no relationship is above relationship guidelines especially if you so desire a healthy relationship. You don’t go to your garden to harvest these laid down rules, you work them out gradually until they become part of you.

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