What You Must Know About Fear and its Consequences

Fear is a universal disease and it is common in both old and young. Fear has the power of both life and death just like the tongue. Fear is a reflex action of an Impending danger. 

fear and its results

Fear as an emotional response has all manner of negatives attached to it someway. A lot of people are afraid of the unknown. They have no idea of what is coming and therefore continuously live in fear.

Problems are part of humans; there will be problems at your place of work, if not maybe in your relationship. It could be with family or friends.  Good health could be the problem. Maybe the health of your partner or the kids is seriously challenged. As these problems arise, your ability to refuse to be afraid is a positive signal of victory over the situation.

The consequences of fear are so terrifying and you must do all within your reach to avoid / conquer your fears. The more you fear about a situation might be why the problem / situation keeps reoccurring and funny enough, your fears will not bring any solution to the problem so why fear?
Fear has destroyed so many lives, marriages, relationships, friendships and homes.

The consequences of fear are enormous and here they are

1- Fear Isolates

Ever been afraid of something? We most of the time isolate ourselves when we are afraid of something instead of getting help. Isolating yourself because you are afraid of something could lead to other health or psychological problems.

2- Fear drains out courage

Fear has varying levels. There are levels of fear you attain that your courage is thrown out the window.  Your bone and marrow quivers. This may include the inability to stay alone in a dark place.

3- Fear kills joy

Some people are happy this moment and next moment they are sad. They cannot celebrate for long because they keep reminding themselves of the problems they have not resolved in the office or at home. They might be happy now and when the doorbell rings, fear sets in and they don’t even know who is at the door.

4- Fear kills peace in relationship

The moment you let in anxiety into your relationship, that moment your relationship begins to sink. Fear in relationships most often sneaks in undetected until it has done enough damage. Fear will also lead to mistrust in relationships.

5- Fear equals Aging

Quick aging could be attributed to fear (Deep fear). When your mind is not always at peace and your nerves are always at alert, your heart beat rate is on the high, grey hair is just at the corner. Wrinkles will show up when you least expect them because of constant worry. I don’t mean it is wrong to be grey headed but at the right time.

6- Fear blow things out of proportion

Fear is so strong that it blows things out of proportion with serious magnitude. Fear cast big shadows on small and irrelevant things and put us off-balance. As a result of fear, you overreact to little things that don’t matter and probably have over looked at the past.

7- Fear blindfolds its victim

One of the greatest consequences of fear is to blindfold its victims. Fear will over shadow its victim so they cannot think clearly on the best possible way out of the problem. Fear is crocked that it places a situation to your problem right in front of you and at same time blinds you from seeing it.

8- Fear damages health

Fear makes health deteriorate very fast. You put your health in great danger when you are afraid of virtually everything around you. You hear a little sound, your heart skip. You see the grasses move, you are afraid. You endanger your heart unnecessarily all because of fear.

9- Fear decreases creativity

Creativity is an important aspect of our daily lives. We need creativity in our marriages, at work, you just name it.  When fear is in place, there is no amount of effort you try to put into something that will yield creativity. When you are troubled / afraid of something, creativity will not come.
To achieve positive creativity, you must live above fear.

10- Self defeat / surrender

Fear is self-defeat in disguises. Fear will make you surrender even before been challenged by a situation. Fear will give you the reasons why you cannot do it and then make you give up easily. Giving up easily is one of the consequences of fear.

11- Nervousness

Nervousness as a consequence of fear will make you make more and silly mistakes that could have been avoided. When you are nervous, you cannot think straight. You cannot make the right decision at this point and you might not be able to take any information given to you.

12- Fear has the power to limit your talent

Talents are meant to make ways for us. It is funny to know some people have talents and are aware of their special gift and are sure it will take them to stardom but they are afraid of the commitment or effort they will need to put in to achieve success. Some are afraid because their talent is different from the talents of others in their neighborhood. For instance your friends are talented in something similar like dancing and singing while yours is completely different, some people will hide this special talent so they don’t look and think different from the crowd.

13- Fear enslaves

Fear is like a prison. It locks the emotions of its victim. It keeps one from doing anything meaningful in life.

14- Loss of focus

When fear is in place, the point of focus shift

15- Fear paralysis

Fear will make you stop where you are in your relationships. Fear put a barrier against one moving forward in life. Fear is like a chain in the neck of its victim. It is like a dog chained somewhere and the dog is making efforts to break free but cannot. That is how fear is.

Constant fear of a negative thing always going to happen could result to losing of material things. For instance: having fear of losing your job and eventually losing it. Fear of having health challenge could be why you are experiencing challenges in your health.

The beginning of fear in your relationship is probably the gradual sinking of the relationship.
Fear is the misuse of your imagination.

[‘A man was working in his farm, he heard something in the bush, supposing it to be a wild animal, he prepared to run, as the thing drew near, it became a man, assuming the man to be an enemy, he prepared to shoot. When the man came nearer, he discovered it was his brother and then prepared to embrace’] quote by Dr Daniel Olukoya 

That is how powerful fear is.

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