How to Build Trust in Relationships

It is a pity most relationships around the world are built on deceit and various degrees of lies. People no longer see anything wrong living a life full and based on deceit.

building trust 

No relationship on earth can stand the test of time if built on deceit and lies.
Relationships are broken largely because of lack of trust; the issue of trust in relationships is very crucial hence, this article. Growing and building trust is not only for  intimate relationships per say, but cuts across all forms of socialization among humans.

Relationships is essential in humans, even the beast of the forest have relationships. But trust for humans is a very big question.

Trust is earned. You don’t just deserve to be trusted because she is your wife or husband, you must earn it. You must work to show or prove you can be trusted. There are qualities a person must possess for He or She to be trusted. You must exhibit some amount of good character to prove you are reliable which trust is also. This is a factor in every facet of life. 

trust is earned

 Trust in relationships is more focused on been faithful to your partner.
Dishonesty can also be described as unfaithfulness in any relationship and this will raise the question of trust.

It is evident in a relationship when your partner doesn’t have your best interest anymore. They just find themselves not caring as usual, keep late unusually etc. and this will result to mistrust.

For every type of relationship, trust is present at the initial stage and that is what gave birth to friendship but along the line or journey of love, certain factors can cause mistrust .
Some of these factors include the following:
1 Age difference among spouse
2 change of lifestyle
3 Promotions
4 Environments
5 Inability to express love / care
6 Addictions {Drugs, Alcohol etc}
7 Money / Finance {Transparency}
8 Forgetfulness
9 Suspicious motives / agenda which will raise the question of intentions in the relationship {what could my partner be hiding from me even when there is nothing}

If trust has become a question in your relationships or about venturing into one, the following tips will help you build trust in the relationship. But always have it in mind that trust is earned and not automatic. 

1- Communication

I have not heard of any healthy relationship where they don’t communicate. Communication in relationships can not be over emphasized. No communication, No relationship: simple Once communication is broken, mistrust is at the door knocking pretty hard. Communication, I don’t mean texting or making phone calls. No please. I mean coming together and talk face on. Pour everything bothering you and your relationship out. Talk about any issue at all times, that is why you are partners for crying out loud. If communication was not broken in the first place there will be no reason for unnecessary Anxiety in the relationship.

For your notice: Mistrust leads to Anxiety in relationships.
When there is proper communication in a relationship, mistrust can not easily creep in.

communication is vital in relationships
2- Growth and Maturity

Healthy relationship / marriages did not get to where they are overnight. Efforts were put in, arguments and so on, but they are successful today because they gave room for growth and maturity in the relationship.

Once communication is in place, growth and maturity will not be a problem. One of the significant ways of ensuring growth and maturity in a relationship is by spending quality time together. Go on a date at least once a month, go to the beach together, go for a walk at evenings, to the movies and so on. Just be creative enough for both of you to be together.
From personal observations and experience, once together, communication line remains open.
Note that growth does not mean there will be no arguments, but don’t let it linger. Growth also mean you been a source of inspiration and encouragement to your partner and ensure to keep it real.
This is a real trust booster.
growth is necessary

3-Secrets Equals Mistrust

There is no relationship that will survive keeping secrets. The truth is that your partner will eventually know you are keeping something from them {equal mistrust}. Secret keeping has not and will never help any relationship.

Those things you dimmed fit to keep to yourself may eventually spring the root of suspicion. Trust in relationship demands no secret keeping. In other word, openness is one of the keys to building trust in a relationship. 

4-Don’t Say NO When You Mean YES

You saying NO and that is not what your mind is saying is an error. Your partner will know and give room for mistrust to creep in gradually. Let your NO be NO and your YES be YES. Your mouth and mind should say the same thing. In relationships body language is essential and sometimes expressed unconsciously but seen by your partner.


5- Understanding Your Partner and Their Emotional Changes

We are all from different backgrounds with different stories and so facilitates the need to understand your partners point of view concerning issues as it relates to your relationship. Sometimes you might have to put yourself where your partner stands, with this they will trust you the more knowing you understand them and really want to help. Also take note of their emotions.
Do this with love and see how they will respond to it and respect you.
communication and understanding
Last note: That your covering of falsehood may apparently and conspicuously be transparent; The person you think you are deceiving may be seeing you all through.

An african adage: says  that lies always travel for a long time but it takes a few seconds for truth to catch up with it.

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With love. 
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  1. Relationships need good communication. Agreed.


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