6 Causes and Solutions for Relationship Anxiety

Anxiety in Relationship has a major either positive or negative outcome or impact on your everyday life.

anxiety in relationship

Several people are afraid of the unknown. Anxiety is simply FEAR but many people prefer to use WORRY.

Love is so powerful that it has life. Love is a supernatural force. Love is a strong unseen bond that binds people of like minds.

Everyone has a thing for love in our heart. No matter who we are, when it is time to love, it happens naturally. It is instinct.

Since love is the world’s strongest emotional attribute, Anxiety should not be far off.  But then it depends on you. It depends on your definition for that relationship. How well you want the relationship to work. You two must decide on the kind of relationship you want to have and stick to the plan.

Positive Anxiety is a good one when used for the better good. Everyone tries to stop anxiety once noticed in their relationships. Truth be told, Relationship Anxiety has different meaning to each person and it is as well complex.

6 Causes of Anxiety in Relationships


 Love should come first but I decided trust. In every type of relationship, be it with your spouse, colleague at work or friends in general, trust is always an issue. Childhood friends decide to path ways, if investigated you will discover it is as a result to trust.  A successful musical group breaking up is as a result of trust. Unsuccessful marriages have 80% of trust related issues.  Don’t take little things for granted in anyway because we have to earn trust in our relationships. Broken trust is not easily rebuilt.

Solution: Develop and keep trust in your relationships like Diamonds 


 At the early stage of our relationships, we easily express love to our partner. For some people, after the first child the expressed love starts diminishing. Gradually the one we call several times daily becomes just a phone call to let them know we are on our way home.

Love is like a burning forest, the forest is fiercely burning and gradually the fire subsides but when more fuel is poured, it reignite and burn greatly.
Lack of expressed love can lead to Anxiety in relationships.

Solution: Express Love as often as possible


 This refers to too much of intake of alcoholic substances. When your partner discovers you get drunk too often could lead to Anxiety which will have significant impact on your relationship.

They feel unsafe been around you since that moment you are drunk you are not really yourself and can do something you might end up regretting later.

Solution: (1) Work on your habit (2) Get a professional help


 It is normal to have arguments in our relationships but it should not result to fighting. The moment there is a fight; there is every tendency that another fight will occur someday.
This can result to significant Relationship Anxiety.
Fighting is as a result of accumulated Anger.

Solution: Work on your Anger


 A lazy spouse in a relationship can ignite anxiety. When the whole responsibility is on one side is not a too good idea. This is different from when your pay is not much. I mean lazy to do anything like getting a job or house chores.

Solution: Change your mindset quickly

6-Work place design

 I have laid emphasis on this previously. This idea is ignored in most quarter. Your work place design can contribute greatly to your emotions which will have adverse effect on your relationship. Imagine your office chair or table, not well designed makes you have body pains which can result to stress thereby leading to anxiety which may affect your relationship.

Solution: Get a proper work place design.

Other Solution to Anxiety in Relationships Includes:

1-Hit on the Brake Pedal

 Pulse and have a rethink. Check what has gone wrong or what you have missed or the cause of your anxiety.
Be it Love, Trust or your partners’ life style. You need to talk to them about it. Have a one on one talk with your partner and start all over like you just met: by introducing yourselves to each other.
‘Hi, I am Victor and you are?’
Funny right, But it do work.
Build back the trust you once had and rekindle your love if that is the cause of anxiety.

If it is alcohol you might want to get a professional help for this because it can be treated as addiction.


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